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All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Wowcher

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 5.30pm
Tuesday 8am 5.30pm
Wednesday 8am 5.30pm
Thursday 8am 5.30pm
Friday 8am 5.30pm
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed
Wowcher Towers
12-27 Swan Yard
N1 1SD

Shoppers who love a good bargain will probably need to contact Wowcher at some point. Whether it is about vouchers, services, or refunds, use this information to contact Wowcher from Monday to Friday.

  • Business Name: Wowcher
  • Phone Number: 0843 557 4605
  • Opening Times: 8am – 5.30pm
  • Head Office Address: Wowcher Towers, 12-27 Swan Yard, Islington, London, N1 1SD
  • Website:

About Wowcher

Wowcher is a British online marketplace, similar to Groupon, but it only operates in the UK and Ireland. It sells vouchers (or “wowchers”) which customers can spend on discount products and experiences. Users in 52 cities can take advantage of deals from local merchants. Around 15 million members use Wowcher to save up to 80% on shopping, entertainment, food, travel, and beauty treatments. Wowcher launched as a “deal of the day” website in 2011, and DMG Media bought the company. The pitch is that it helps to make the luxuries in life more affordable. It also encourages people to try new things they wouldn’t normally do.

Wowcher Contact Numbers

Find the right helpline you need to contact Wowcher during the week here.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0843 557 4605
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 5.30pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
0844 249 1187
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 5.30pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
0844 249 1797
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 5.30pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
0844 249 2113
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 5.30pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
0844 249 2114
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 5.30pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed

Customer Services – 0843 557 4605

Call the customer services team at Wowcher on 0843 557 4605. They can answer general enquiries for new and potential customers, or help out current subscribers. Remember to have your order number and Wowcher code ready whenever you contact Wowcher. Get technical support if you cannot log in to your account. Call if your Club Wowcher points aren’t being converted into Wallet Credits for you to spend on the site. Your Club Wowcher points will expire after 6 months if they are not converted. If you decide to unsubscribe from Wowcher, then call to request that they remove you from their mailing lists completely.

Purchases – 0844 249 1187

If you are having trouble redeeming a Wowcher, call 0844 249 1187 for help. Please read the terms and conditions for every Wowcher before you buy. Merchants can set restrictions on the deal, so make sure you know what you are buying and how long delivery could take. You can contact the merchant directly with questions about availability or booking reservations. Call Wowcher on this helpline if you can’t place an order or redeem your Wowcher for any reason. You may not receive an e-mail with your Wowcher code and instructions. You could be unhappy with the deal, or unable to tailor the product the way you wanted.

Refunds – 0844 249 1797

Refunds are generally only available for unredeemed Wowchers. If there is a problem with the product or the service, you must contact the merchant using the details on your Wowcher. Contact Wowcher in the event that you cannot come to a solution with the merchant. Call 0844 249 1797 for assistance with any returns or refunds. You cannot get a refund if your Wowcher expires. When you change your mind about a Wowcher before redeeming it, just request a refund within 14 days of purchase. You can request a cash refund or Wowcher Wallet Credit, which you can spend on other Wowchers. Call to chase up your refund.

Merchants – 0844 249 2113

A daily deals marketplace can’t exist without the businesses offering the deals. Wowcher is an alternative option to traditional marketing. Since businesses pay nothing upfront, it is free advertising even if they do not sell anything. Wowcher customers who do purchase will spread the word about their experience. This helps to generate a stream of revenue. Call 0844 249 2113 or e-mail to get started with negotiating your Wowcher account. Influence the copy and set start and end dates for your deals. Existing merchants in need of support should contact their Wowcher Account Manager directly.

Careers – 0844 249 2114

According to Wowcher, “the future is pink.” They aim to become the leading daily deals website in the UK.  Why not work for Wowcher if you can help them to achieve this? The head office, Wowcher Towers, has a relaxed yet engaged culture. There are also Wowcher offices in Manchester, Glasgow, and Derby. Search the jobs website for current vacancies and submit an application. You can also call 0844 249 2114 and ask to speak to the recruitment team. Enquire about opportunities in other areas if you do not see a job listing that you like. Find out more about the benefits of working for Wowcher, including office activities.

Other Ways to Contact Wowcher

Rather than calling, you can always reach Wowcher on social media. If you have an account, then send them a message on Facebook or Twitter. The Wowcher teams can help you on these platforms between 8am and 4.30pm on weekdays. You could also get in touch through the Live Chat, which is available from 9am to 5.30pm from Monday to Friday. There is also the option of sending an e-mail. All customer queries should go to and any media enquiries to Finally, it may take much longer for a response, but you could send a letter with a written complaint to the head office.


Kirsty Mason

Hi I perchesed a daddy canvas it still has 9 hours left so I brought one for my boyfriend for Father’s Day I tried to put the code in to get it delivered and it’s saying it’s either Invalid, expired or reached it usage limit but I only tried putting the code in once I really wanted it and now it’s not letting me can I either have my money back or could I have another code please


Hi there, what email address can I use for items (purchased in may) that still haven’t arrived? Many thanks

Heather oneill

Could you please change my glamping wowcher voucher into a wallet credit I have been unable to get through on the no. You provide its £49

Oliver mao

Hi I bought a jumpsuit on 10th June , it said will deliver 5-7 working day , but over 3weeks now I still not receive it ?

Ange W

Under a recent purchase from BeJealous. They sent me the wrong size dress. Responded initially to my feedback but are not taking any action to remedy their error. Can you please advise how I get them to take action. Thank you.

Stephen James

I ordered Cooling Pillows about 4 weeks ago, however, I am still awaiting delivery of items?

irene calvert

i cant copy and paste i bought the three sports bras and cant get them tell me how and i cant copy and paste so please dont ask me to irene calvert

sue yung

Please unsubscribe me from Wowcher. You do not have an unsubscribe button which is very unprofessional.

Kay O'Hara

I have tried to unsubscribe three times from wowcher but I am still receiving emails all the time even though it tells you on the screen you have successfully unsubscribed. Please take my email address off your listings and please don’t send me any more emails.

Hilary Phelps

How do I contact a company if there is a problem? I have ordered 2 hover board go Kart attachments and the boxes are badly damaged on arrival. As they are presents this is unsatisfactory but cannot find out how
To progress my query.

Mrs Christine Norman

I am trying to book 7 vouchers that you have for Hollin Hall Hotel, 2 nights for £159. I have tried for three days and tried different cards, but it constantly gives a message saying ” trouble processing card” this is not the case, all my cards are valid. Please could you sort this out for me.

Carrieanne Molloy

I have had this twice now! It says not processed however the money goes from my bank! It took me several calls and emails to get my money returned (wowcher saying they hadn’t accepted it when bank released it) this has just happened again for an amount of £140 on a Friday evening and it is for a 21st birthday on Tuesday!! Wowcher are only contactable Monday to Friday! I am very frustrated right now! A 24 hour business with office opening hours!?



I ordered a couple of things to be delivered and they have still not yet come within the 5 – 10 days as stated?

Sammy davis

I ordered the 3 piece black perl set three weeks ago It no longer a birthday present it’s a sorry I missed your birthday now !!! Ps your costumer service is non existent all phone numbers are the same long long long messegeses hour and a half spent waiting and still no answer !! Not good at all

Andrea Batty

I purchased a hotel stay for 2 people for 2 nights for Monday 16/10, I used the Confirm button to place the reservation on 28 August and it was confirmed by yourselves on 11 September. When I tried to re-confirm yesterday (13 October) directly with the hotel, they had not recieved the booking/reservation. I spoke to one of your colleagues who was supposed to sort out by phoning or emailing me by CoP yesterday but has not. Your helplines are not manned over the weekend so now I am left without it being sorted and without my hotel booking. Extremely disappointed with the service from yourselves and you have ruined the surprise that I had planned for my partner. I do expect someone to contact me on Monday, without fail, with an explanation & an apology.

Janet McTaggart

Hi , I bought 2 4-stone bangles made with crystals from Swarovski in the 30th sept, the money was taken from my bank on the 2nd Oct and I still haven’t received the bangles. Can you look into this for me?


Hello I ordered a sign from acrylic I didn’t receive the product! PayPal have refunded me the delivery charge as I did not receive the goods but I would like a refund of the product-I did not receive it and wasted my time and money!!!!

Jane Russell

Been chasing a refund since July 2017 re case 03152445, 11 calls plus emails still waiting.
Each time I have been promised a call back from Customer Relations and been let down every time, still waiting for my call back from Tracy which is now 5 days overdue!!!!!!
Enough is enough yesterday I have contacted Tesco to enquire about the process in issuing a dispute hopefully this will put an end to my frustration and very poor customer service!!!!

Jane Russell

While typing this been holding to try and speak to someone still holding, yet again no live chat available no one available……poor poor poor service…..

Mercedes mackenzie

I can’t believe Wowcher is allowing a company to still use them to have people over by not sending goods, it’s been going on since 2016! I can not contact the company who was sending the order so unable to get refund. When I went on the website so many people have complained about this company! Wowcher you really need to look at the people who use your company and ban them from using your site

Kirsty Henderson

Ordered a Hoover, broke after using it, co pant refuse to give me refund and your ignoring my emails. I want a refund for my item and removed from your mailing list. Disgusting customer service


I to purchased the code for a DecoMatter 10”x10” canvas deal and as soon as I tried to use it it says the deal I am using is not applicable. Please may this be resolved so I get the canvas or I will be requesting a refund?

Saima Hanif

I am a chasing up a fraud of £700 since September 2017. I have rang customers services several times but I have been left hanging with no response. Absolutely appalled at such customer service from Wowcher

Will Never User Wowcher Again

This is the first and last time I use Wowcher, ordered product 5th October, still waiting for it to arrive. I’ve made several complaints… to no avail, only to get fobbed off and passed around. No one willing to help resolve the issue. Extremely poor customer service.

Liz bell

I purchased a Wowcher for a candy Grabber game for my nephew but unfortunately he already has one. How do I use the voucher towards another purchase please?

Lucinda McMenamy

I purchased a necklace for my daughter and paid for delivery but it never arrived. I contacted wowcher who said I needed to contact the supplier directly. I emailed them, as no phone number, twice and received nothing back. I have since contacted wowcher again but have had nothing back for days. The item should of been delivered on or before 2/11/17 so is now almost a month late. I will not be using wowcher ever again.

Teresa kelsall

I am really annouyed now i ordered a tablet back in october you took money out my account 1st nov and ive still not recieved it the redeem code doesnt work its invalid ive tryed for 2 weeks to get thru on fone ive emalidd god knows how many times you dont even reply give me my money back or send the bloody item i orded

Mrs. ma wreford

I purchased a Hoover-Ffreedom F22G- 001 from u on 20th nov £79. 99. Which was taken from My Bank on 21st nov, I still have Not received this Product. WHY “”” After trying your Phone lines at great expense, for 3 days And Looking at all the Complaints of people not receiving there Goods I Think this Company is dealing Frauduently. And stealing peoples money. I have Contacted my Bank who are gonna deal with This. But will contact Tradeing Standards . Now Dec 3rd Still no Sign, of Goods.

Mrs. ma wreford

Hoover freedom F22G-001 Ordered on20th nov. Money taken from Bank on 21st Nov. goods still not Arrived. And after expensive of Hanging on ur Phone lines and reading All the Com[plaints from Customers. I believe this is Fraud. I have Contacted my Bank who are going to Deal with this, Plus Trading Standards. This is very bad on People. Still no sign of My goods. DEC3rd.

Jasmin burton

I still haven’t recieved two of my orders and I’ve been on hold to your customer services line three times for 20 minutes each time will someone get back to me ASAP

K Hrwitt

I’ve order goods, voucher has been redeemed and goods to be delivered by no later than 4th Dec, nothing has arrived. I’ve tried to email the third party and they haven’t reaponded. Could do with knowing what is
Going on, feeling like i’ve Been scammed!!!

Mr Yates

I have been trying for over and hour today, yesterday and 2 hours on Friday to get in touch with someone on all of your phone lines……..would be really helpful if firstly you either answered your phone lines, or replied to emails.
Starting to get severely infuriated by your lack of response, when your website is charging multiple times for purchases!!


Renew electronics sent me a broken phone which I sent back for repair replacement and now they have my phone and money and all I’ve had for weeks is that they are chasing it up! Disgusting!


I’ve brought two products off this website and have never received anything. Absolute joke!


I made a purchase from you the beginning of June, from a company called Verso Fashion. It was a play suit I had ordered for mr holidays. It has never arrived and we are a month later from the ‘depatch’ date and still nothing. I have emailed the company on various occasions and recieved no reply. I have decided to take the matter further as money has been taken from my account, is there anything you could help me with?

Elaine Clarke

i ordered a swing seat in July ,which took a while to be delivered, and was not the one I ordered. On looking at said swing it was an accident waiting to happen ! The wood holding the main weight of the person to use it, was split and had been botched together with nails and then sticky tape [ which is so old it has gone brown, dry and partially brittle]. Talk about health and safety!! The eyelets used were in the most part rusty and the sewing used when making the canvas part of the swing was dire, [ it was not finished off and bits of cotton hanging throughout]. A very unproffesional item. Contacted the actual co. with no response then Wowcher, who could only offer a refund in the form of a credit [not what I wanted]. Despite numerous emails am still no further forward.Wowcher refused to answer emails and kept me waiting for at one point over 1/2 hr, only to be told yet again they could do nothing only send yet another e mail to merchant. Pointless!. First and last time I’ll ever use them.


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