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Wireless Festival Customer Services Number – 0843 178 4020

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Wireless Festival

Day Opens Closes
Monday 10am 6pm
Tuesday 10am 6pm
Wednesday 10am 6pm
Thursday 10am 6pm
Friday 10am 6pm
Saturday N/A N/A
Sunday N/A N/A
Wireless Festival
19-25 Argyll Street 2nd Floor
London, United Kingdom
  • Business Name: Wireless Festival
  • Phone Number:0843 178 4020
  • Opening Times: 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • Head Office Address: 19-25 Argyll Street 2nd Floor, W1F 7TU London, United Kingdom
  • Website:


Wireless Festival Customer Services Number - 0843 248 2274

Wireless Festival Customer Services information can be found here.

Wireless Festival Contact Numbers

Wireless Festival Numbers
Customer Services 0843 178 4020
Head Office 0843 178 4021
Tickets 0843 178 4022
Wireless Festival Information 0843 178 4023
Jobs 0843 178 4024
Merchandise Helpline 0843 178 4025

Wireless Festival Customer Services Opening Hours

Wireless Festival Opening Hours
Customer Services 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Wireless Festival Customer Services Address

Wireless Festival Address
Customer Services 19-25 Argyll Street 2nd Floor,
W1F 7TU London, United Kingdom

Wireless Festival – 0843 178 4021

Wireless Festival is an English music festival that takes place in Finsbury Park in London. The festival has been active since 2005 and has previously been located in Hyde Park and Harewood House in Leeds. The festival has changed owners a few times through the years with O2 sponsoring it until 2009, when it was run by Barclaycard util 2013 when it was sponsored by Yahoo!. New Look sponsored the festival in 2015 and added on an extra day for the festival’s 10th year. The festival will run between the 7th and 9th July in 2017. You can sign up as an ambassador and sell tickets to friends to earn a free ticket for yourself – for every 7 tickets you sell you can claim 1 free ticket.

Tickets – 0843 178 4022

When buying tickets for Wireless Festival there is a large selection of tickets you can choose from, for a variety of different services. The actual festival tickets include Day tickets, Multi-day tickets that can be sold for the 3-day weekend, or for a two-day combination of the three days (i.e. Friday and Saturday, Friday and Sunday, Saturday and Sunday). You can also buy tickets that can improve your overall festival experience like coach tickets for any travelling you may need to do to the festival (day returns and day returns with a Wireless Festival ticket) or a locker ticket for each day. There is also a link to Seatwave, where you can buy and sell tickets for a chosen price, meaning that if the Wireless Festival site is sold out of certain tickets you can easily check Seatwave to find your ticket online instead.

VIP Tickets

Their VIP tickets come in a variety of options that can be explored. The main options are: Club VIP, VIP, Sky Deck VIP and Corporate Hospitality. Each of these has specific features that you canWireless Festival Customer Services Number - 0843 178 4020 find on their tickets page and have different price ranges to fit the added luxuries that you can find in each choice. VIP tickets are booked separately from usual Wireless Festival tickets and must be requested in time as their availability may run out.

Wireless Festival Information – 0843 178 4023

There is a lot of festival information you can find on the Wireless Festival website and it is advised that you view all of this information before you attend the festival to ensure that you can follow all of the rules and regulations and find out any information that can only improve your time at the festival.

Ticket Info

The ticket information page provides any details about tickets that you might be interested in before you purchase your tickets for Wireless Festival. It lets you know any tickets that may have been sold out already so that you can plan your weekend around that, and it also advises you on unauthorised ticket agents so you can be sure not to buy any tickets that might not be official if the day you wanted to go for has been booked. If you have booked tickets under your name for Wireless Festival you need to have ID with you to pick them up to ensure that they go to the right person. The page also provides information on VIP tickets and gives a description on the types of VIP tickets that are still available and what the packages include. Lastly, there is an appeal for ambassadors to work on the street team to help sell tickets, with the incentive that every seven tickets you sell will earn you one free ticket for yourself and friends.

Event Info

The event information page includes a wide range of information that you need to check before attending the festival. Firstly is a list of the dates and times that the festival will be active for, including the times the gates open for the festival and the times the acts will start and stop. Information on age restrictions is included, stating that any children under five years old are not allowed to attend the festival, and anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Anyone who looks under 21 must provide ID to enter the festival, especially if they are planning on buying alcohol and tobacco at the festival. There is a list of things that you should and should not bring to Wireless Festival, which is a good idea to check before you attend the festival to ensure you do not bring anything that isn’t allowed within the festival. There is also a description of the types of food and drink you are allowed to bring into the festival, as well as a copy of the event’s terms and conditions for you to check.

Personal Safety

The personal safety page includes an extensive list of ways to take care of yourself when you are attending Wireless Festival. There are care and safety and care and safety on site pages for you to check to find the ways you can protect yourself best and what you should do if you are injured or find yourself needing help. There is also a description of welfare facilities that are available to anyone attending the festival. This page provides information on the security that will be at the festival and the roles they can play in ensuring your safety, as well as what you should do in an emergency if you find yourself in trouble. Lastly, there is a page on drug use and legal highs which highlights that these are not accepted within the festival and asks you to not bring anything to the festival that could make you or people around your unsafe or unwell.

Travel Info

The travel information provided on the site is extensive as it tries to highlight the best ways for you to travel to the festival to ensure you will not encounter any struggles. Immediately they intend to let you know that Finsbury Park Station will be having major works done this year so you should avoid this station for travelling to as you may find extensive waiting periods. They also inform you on the fact that there is no parking at the festival and that there will be road closure around the festival that will interrupt driving and public transport. The festival itself is located at the South end of Finsbury Park, so you should be ready to travel to this area on the day(s) you attend the festival. Wireless Festival have partnered with the Big Green Coach for its coaching services (which you can buy tickets for conjoined with your festival ticket) which aim to create a more environmentally friendly method of public transport and is the best way to travel to the festival. The train services to the festival show that travel between Finsbury Park Station to Kings Cross Station takes only six minutes which is quicker than the tube and therefore one of the quickest ways to travel to the festival. Tube journeys are best travelled down the Picadilly Line to Manor House Station which is the closest to the festival, as the Victoria Line’s access to Finsbury Park Station will be disrupted by the work taking place.

There are buses available from central London, but their access to the park will be disrupted by the road closure and will therefore only run from Station Place after midnight. There will be black cab ranks by Finsbury Park Station that will help you to travel to and from the festival if that is your easiest method of transportation, as there is no car parking except for a very limited amount of blue badge parking. There is a journey planner on the Wireless Festival website which can help you to find the easiest and cheapest way you can get to the festival, as well as another page that will help you to find places to stay if you will be staying in the city (as Wireless Festival is not a camping festival). At the end of the night you will not be leaving the festival grounds the same way you came in, so you should make sure to check which way you will be leaving and how you can access transport from here.

Access Info

Their access information has a lot of details on it as it is important to ensure that those who need extra accessibility can get this as easily as possible. To apply for access requirement you must fill in the form, that is made available about two months before the festival and must be filled in after you have bought your ticket for the festival. The closing date for applications for access help is between two to three weeks before the festival, so you should make sure to fill out the form as soon as you have bought your ticket. There are no separate tickets for disabled access, you must simply buy an ordinary ticket and apply for access help. You can find any information on PA/Carer tickets on the Wireless Festival website, as well as information on accessible travel i.e. parking and public transport. The distances you may need to travel are also listed on the site, so that you can be sure to plan ahead for any plans you may need to make in relation to your travel around the festival grounds. Accessible facilities are listed on the site including information on the entrance, viewing platforms/arenas, seating, toilets, wheelchair charging, deaf customers, special effects and medication – any medication should be declared beforehand and you should bring a doctor’s note with you so that Wireless Festival staff can ensure there will be no extra medication smuggled into the festival. There will be airport-style metal detectors at the entrance for the festival so if you have any health problems that may be affected by these you should consult your doctor before attending the festival. There are no special requirements included for those with temporary impairments including broken bones and pregnancy and therefore any extra help you may need must be arranged by yourself prior to attending the festival. The website includes contact information for those seeking help for accessibility, as well as a chance to download the disabled access information for yourself.

Finsbury Park Residents

There is information on the Finsbury Park residents on the Wireless Festival site, including Residents contact information, details on noise containment while the festival is active and the chance to apply for resident tickets.

Staying Green

Wireless Festival are interested in creating an environmentally friendly type of festival, which is why they have an overall aim of reducing the environmental impact of their festival on the park it will be hosted in. They specifically booked Big Green Coaches to ensure that the travel services they have hired will be environmentally friendly as well as providing waste services like recycling and composting, cup and bottle deposits and an incentive to bin your cigarette butts. They also provide free water for anyone to access during the festival period.


There is a list of contact information available on the Wireless Festival website. If you wish to call to speak to anyone about the festival you can use any of the numbers above to access someone who can help you. There is also the opportunity to ask for any information you may need at You can also find specific contact information on the website for: press & media, advertising or sponsorship enquiries, catering traders, corporate hospitality and festival photography.

Jobs – 0843 178 4024

If you’re hoping to find a way to attend Wireless Festival and earn money from it, then you can easily find jobs at the festival in a variety of different ways. There are multiple sites that advertise jobs at festivals, such as festaff, hotboxevents and e4s, and with these sites, there is the opportunity to find a variety of different ways to apply for a job or volunteer to work at the festival to gain experience. Working at festivals is the best way to attend the event and be sure that you will remember it all and you won’t have to spend a ton of money on tickets and alcohol and food. Festival jobs are the perfect experience for a variety of hospitality careers and can start you down a road that you might love if you continue to spend your summers working in a place surrounded by music and entertainment from dawn til dusk.

If you have any questions about applying for a job with Wireless Festival or what kind of jobs there might be available, you can call 0843 178 4024 where someone will be happy to answer your queries and direct you to the best way to apply for a job with the festival.

Merchandise Helpline – 0843 178 4025

You can find all Wireless Festival merch here, which also allows you to buy the merchandise online as well as buying at the festival itself. If you have any ideas for merchandise for the festival you can call 0843 178 4025 where a member of staff will be happy to answer you as quickly as possible. All of your ideas are valued as Wireless would like to create the perfect lasting memory for you and your friends after visiting the festival.

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