Vodafone Customer Care Phone Number

0843 320 9658

Opening Hours
The Vodafone customer number is available from 8am-9pm Monday to Friday and 9am-6pm Saturday & Sunday.

Head Office Address

Vodafone Group Plc
Vodafone House
The Connection
RG14 2FN

Vodafone is one of the UK’s leading telecommunications companies, and supports hundreds of thousands of customers. Their customer support lines operate at all hours to help their customers out when they need them, and can provide advice, contract services and financial services to any customer calling in.

Useful Vodafone Numbers:

VodafonePhone Number
Vodafone Head Office0843 320 9658
Repairs and Upgrades0843 320 9658
Payments and Billing0843 320 9658

About The Vodafone Contact Number

The easiest and most reliable way to contact Vodafone is on their dedicated customer care line, 0843 320 9658, This line is open 24/7 for emergency calls such as stolen phones, and for non-emergency calls can be reached from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Failing that you can call, email or tweet at the company, which is covered below.

Vodafone Call Number

Why call Vodafone?

The line is open 24 hours but only for the reporting of lost or stolen phones outside their main business hours. During normal business hours the number can be used to enquire about any of the following:

  • Handset replacement, upgrading or troubleshooting
  • Resolving issues with your Vodafone bill
  • Network problems
  • Upgrading or downgrading
  • Joining Vodafone Red if you’re travelling in Europe
  • To find the best tariff or contract for your needs
  • To get technical support regarding your mobile
  • To switch your tariff or payment plan
  • To upgrade your phone
  • To pay an outstanding bill or query a recent bill.

Vodafone CSG Contact

 Vodafone customer service:

The Vodafone team can help you choose the most appropriate telecommunication service for you your family or your business.

They have pay-as-you-go and monthly payment plans for those looking at mobile phones. Each comes with the option of a handset, many of which are made by other companies but some that are made by Vodafone. The most popular is the Vodafone Smart. Call the Vodafone customer number if you wish to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan or if you are a current customer and have questions about your device.

If you’re soon to be travelling abroad with a Vodafone network or handset, the Vodafone customer service team will be able to provide you with advice about their Red service. This is a service that offers a single daily payment for text messaging, calling and internet usage while you’re outside of the UK so you don’t have to worry about racking up an enormous bill.

Vodafone can offer you various security services. If you have questions about their products and services you can call their customer care team on 0844 826 0198. Make sure that you have your phone number and 4 digit Vodafone PIN available as this will allow them to find your account information more quickly.

Vodafone Customer Care

Vodafone Phone Number

The easiest way to get in touch with Vodafone is on their dedicated contact line, 0843 320 9658. This line is open 24/7 for emergencies and will get you talking to a customer service agent as quickly as possible. Where calling is impractical or impossible, it may be better to use an alternative method.

Alternative ways to contact Vodafone

If you don’t want to use Vodafone’s contact telephone number you may also contact Vodafone via email at consumer@help.vodafone.co.uk or via their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Alternatively you can contact Vodafone via post at: Vodafone Group Plc, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN, England.

Popular Questions About Vodafone:

Why is my Vodafone Bill so High?

Reasons For Your High Vodafone Bill

Vodafone does warn new customers that their first bill might be higher than expected because it covers more days than a ‘normal’ bill. This includes things like advance line rental for the month ahead, and extra charges from the day you signed up to the day you received your first bill (such as calls, texts and add-ons).

However, the introduction of various price hikes during 2011 and 2014 have also not been kind to customers. Both hikes had the potential to raise customer bills by 10% or more, and involved increased charges for those who did happen to go over their inclusive monthly allowances; not to mention increased standard rates. Since May 2014, Vodafone charges were ramped up as follows:

Calls: Raised from 40p per minute to 45p per minute
Texts:Raised from 15p to 18p
Data: Raised from £6 to £6.50 for 250MB.

Vodafone did offer customers the option to jump ship if their monthly bill was set to increase by 10% or more as a result of the price hikes. If this was the case, customers could contact by June 28 expressing their wish to leave and would not be charged the standard early-exit fee.

But here’s the kicker. While a large number of Pay Monthly customers’ tariffs wouldn’t increase by 10%, users on Money Saving Expert’s forums calculated that this would still mean a 10% bill increase for many people, thanks to their high usage and the increased out-of-bundle charges that would be slapped upon them. Therefore, Vodafone were still putting many customers in a less-than-ideal situation…all while coming off as the good guys.

What You Can Do About It

If you’re a Vodafone customer on a disappointing Pay Monthly contract, there are things you can do to lessen your pain. Whether you’re close to finishing your contract or are trapped in for another year, we can help take a load off.

1. Check Your Usage

It sounds obvious, but the first step to take is to check your minutes, texts and data and see what you’re really using. This way, you’ll know whether your current tariff is in fact right for you.

You can check your monthly statements by logging in to your Vodafone online account, or use an app like bill monitor. Remember you should ALWAYS check your bill (even if you pay by direct debit), as this helps you to monitor your usage.

Take note of what you use most of (is it minutes, texts or data?); when you use it, and how often you go over your limit. If you’re frequently venturing outside of your allowance, it may be time to think about another tariff.

2. Switch Your Tariff

If you think there’s a better tariff you might benefit from, its time to call Vodafone and haggle a better deal. Remember, its always better to have a tariff that gives you a higher allowance than you are likely to use. Even if you’re paying slightly more each month, it can work out cheaper if it saves you the costly over-usage charges.

You can reach Vodafone by calling the number above, or 191 from your mobile phone. Once through to a member of the customer service team, explain that you are not getting the best from your current plan, and would like to switch to a new plan.

The Vodafone rep will probably do one of two things: they will either agree to finding you a more generous/less costly tariff, or they’ll tell you you’ll have to wait until your contract runs out. If its the latter, you can try and push the rep a little more by saying you’re not happy and will not be renewing your contract with Vodafone after its end. It could even be helpful to peruse tariffs on other networks, so you’ve got some ammunition when it comes to making your case. Most networks don’t want to be beaten by value for money, so this usually gives them an incentive to help you out.

3. Cancel Your Contract

So the rep’s not playing ball, and you can’t bear the thought of seeing your Vodafone contract to the end with your current lousy tariff. Therefore, it may be better in this case to simply cut your losses and cancel your plan altogether.

Cancelling midway through your contract may incur an early exit fee, but this can be the lesser of two evils if your average monthly bill is setting you back substantially. Call the Vodafone Customer number or 191 from your Vodafone phone, and tell them you wish to cancel. You agreement will end 30 days from the day you call, and remember to ask for a PAC code if you want to take your number with you to another provider.

Other Things you can do to reduce your bill

If you’re happy to make the best of what you’ve got until the end of your contract, there are a couple of things you can do to minimise unnecessary expense.

  • Customers on Vodafone are charged for paper billing – £1 for a summarised bill; £2 for a fully itemised bill. eBilling is always the better option, so if you’re not receiving your bills via your online account or by email, its time to switch now. This could save you up to £24 a year.
  • Check how much data you are really using. This one’s a biggie because most users aren’t aware of when they’re actually using mobile data, or how much. Be vigilant about hooking up to free wifi hotspots wherever possible, and check your online account regularly to check your usage. Check out guides to familiarise yourself with just how much data it takes to read an email or check Facebook. And remember this will likely increase when you go abroad.
  • Is it cheaper to make your calls at a certain time of day? Can you use an alternative to text messaging, like Whatsapp? Look at the ways in which you communicate with your loved ones and see if there’s a way to do it cheaper. (Apps like Whatsapp will use some of your data, so this is still something to keep an eye on.)

Where is Vodafone 4G coverage?

Vodafone’s 4G network reaches over 85% of the population. It is spread across 848 larger towns and cities, as well as smaller communities. There are plans to cover 98% of the population as soon as possible.

Vodafone: Where to top up?

There are several ways to top up a pay as you go phone. You can top up online using your credit/debit card, using the My Vodafone app, buying a top up voucher from a shop, by setting up an automatic top up, in a Vodafone store, with a swipe card or lastly, at a cash machine.

What’s Vodafone Data Test Drive?

Data Test Drive gives you unlimited data for two months when you join Vodafone/upgrade, so you can see how much data you require.

Are Vodafone upgrades unlocked?

No, as with most networks, phones purchased from Vodafone will be locked to that network.

How Vodafone Sure Signal works:

If you live in an area with bad reception, you can use Vodafone Sure Signal to boost the 3G signal in your home. It fits straight into a plug socket so won’t take up much room.

Vodafone for business

Vodafone is known for being one of the leading go-to business networks in the UK. By offering a number of business-centric communication solutions such as One Net Hub, Red Sharer and Red+, it has enabled businesses of all sizes to strengthen their internal communications systems and enhance the service they give to customers.

Typical Vodafone Business products include:

One Net Express

One Net Express enables leaders and employees to add a landline number to their mobile phone, so they’ll never be at risk of missing a call.

Red Sharer

Red Sharer allows workplaces to pool the individual data allowance of every employee, meaning they can get more out of their data during work hours. The business will receive one single bill no matter what device or plan its employees may be on. It also offers free unlimited calls and texts to UK mobiles and landlines.


Red+ will grant a whole payment plan and data allowance to one team, whch can be dispersed across several devices and up to nine different ‘sharers’. Data will be capped when it reaches the agreed limit for each sharer and leaders can purchase more data at any time.

Vodaphone contact image

About the Vodafone Network

Vodafone operates networks in over 26 countries and as a result of their expansion also has partner network operators in over 50 more countries, make it one of the biggest network providers in Europe. It is also listed on the London stock exchange. You can get in touch with the Vodafone operator either by visiting their website or calling the contact number. The Vodafone operator number can help you out with a series of queries, such as if your mobile phone has stopped working, or you would like to upgrade your phone and you want advice on which is the best one to choose. The operator not only provides mobile phones capable of texts and calls, they also provide excellent data coverage. which you can choose depending on your internet usage. If you are travelling abroad and use the Vodafone network you can enjoy a discounted use of internet and calls for as little as 5p, so you can still stay connected even when there is no wifi around. If you would like to know more information about how the network operator is progressing in terms of revenue and sustained growth then a yearly report is published on their website. With more than 400 million customers choosing Vodafone, their operator has a job to ensure that each customer is satisfied and that each customer has a mobile signal in their local area. They believe that some of the world’s problems can be solved by the use of mobile internet and so they dedicated themselves to making sure it is accessible to many. If you find that the coverage in your area is limited then please call the Vodafone contact number where something can be done to resolve the issue. Whilst using a mobile phone requires good signal strength, which in turn needs mobile phone masts, Vodafone also makes it the job of their network operator to ensure that mobiles are used safely with as little damage to health as possible. They are aware that whilst most people will encourage the expansion of networks and services, there are some that will be concerned when a base station is erected, so are determined to find that middle ground when it comes to people involved.

A Brief History Of Vodafone

Vodafone was formerly a subsidiary of Racal Electronics, the UK’s largest provider of military radio technology, and was known as Racal Telecom. In 1991, it broke free and became Vodafone, its name an abbreviation of Voice Data Fone. It’s now the world’s second largest telecommunications company behind China Mobile with 439 subscribers across 30 countries. They also have a registered charity that have provided their telecommunication services to various initiatives. These include Learning With Vodafone which allows teachers in India to use multimedia, and the Safe Taxi System that gives taxi drivers in Portugal a direct line to the police if they are assaulted. Vodafone also sponsor McLaren’s Formula One team.

Vodafone News


How do I get Spotify Premium with Vodafone?

When a red value bundle is purchased on Vodafone, user’s can get up to 24 months free access to Spotify premium, where you can enjoy as much advert-free music as you like. The sim only red value bundle, and red value bundles purchased with 2GB of data only, are unfortunately excluded from this offer. Activating Spotify Premium with Vodafone is easy; Vodafone will send you a link to activate your subscription in a text message, or you can go online and activate it that way, following the instructions. If you are already a member of Spotify premium, you will need to cancel your current account and re-join to enjoy the advantages of the red value bundle. On Vodafone’s Red 4G plan, you are entitled to 24 month’s worth of free Spotify premium access, which when expired will allow you to continue your usage for just £9.99 per month thereafter.

What are Vodafone Delights?

Vodafone delights  are little bonuses you can receive through your contract with Vodafone. Both Vodafone pre-paid and post-paid customers are eligible for the benefits of Vodafone Delight, which involve exclusive offers and discounts on cinema tickets and dining as well as health and beauty. Offers include things like buy one get one free pizza’s from Pizza Hut, and free one-day gym memberships. To find out what offers are available to you, visit the Vodafone website where they are all listed. Deals vary from time to time so keep a look out for any that might suit you. There is definitely something for everyone. My delights will ask you to select where you are in the country and the deals will be tailored to your location. offers with up to 90% off are available. Happy shopping!

How do I use Vodafone re-charge?

If you have a pre-paid phone with Vodafone, it will need to be recharged after 90 days. Re-charging your phone is simple and can be done online, either by entering your mobile number or using a credit or debit card. You can also re-charge using Paypal. After your first re-charge of a pre-paid service, you will be given 395 days to re-charge again. If you do not in this time, your service will expire. If your service expires, you will lose your number and your phone will be disconnected. If you want to continue your phone usage, you will have to re-join with Vodafone. The quickest way to re-charge is online using the ‘express recharge’ service. To check how long is left on your account’s activity you can call the Vodafone customer care number or sending a text to 1512.

Can I call another Vodafone user for free?

Vodafone have a handy tool on their website that allows you to test how much it would cost to call any number. Standard, out of bundle call charges are 45p per minute for any UK mobile and 45p per minute to video call any other Vodafone UK mobile. These charges are changing at the end of this month (23rd July) to 55p per minute. If you would like free calls for your convenience, you can join Vodafone as a family group. It is possible to become a Vodafone group member if you are on pay as you go, depending on what price plan you have. A group of 6 costs £7 per month where they will get free calls for the first 60 minutes, to any user. In order to benefit from the deal, Vodafone group users have to register for Vodafone family, which can be done by calling 191, visiting an adviser in store, or logging onto ‘My Account’ via the Vodafone website.

Who owns Vodafone?

Vodafone holds the title as the world’s third largest telecom’s company and has presence in almost 30 different countries but it all began in Berkshire, United Kingdom. Racal Electronics plc and Millicom inc partnered to form Vodafone in 1984. It was established as a completely independent company in 1991.

How much is Vodafone worth?

As of may 2016, Vodafone is thought to be worth 87.3 billion dollars which is around 66 billion pounds. They have a total of 444 million customers. with around 19.5 million in the UK alone. They employ 13, 000 people, just across the UK.

Is Vodafone part of EE?

No, Vodafone is an independent provider of telecommunications. EE was formed when major networks T-Mobile and Orange merged together . They are the largest mobile network in the UK, closely followed by o2.

Is Vodafone a GSM carrier?

 No, Vodafone does not accept applications for GSM gateway operations on its network as they are aware of the legal uncertainty that surrounds the process. Please note that if you do connect to a Vodafone network using a GSM gateway it will be in breach of their policies and they have the right to withdraw SIM cards as they may be being used illegally.

Customer Service Guru is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Vodafone. The direct contact number for Vodafone can be found in the public domain or on their official website.