Virgin Media Contact Phone Number

0844 826 0291

Why Call The Virgin Media Customer Service Telephone Number?virgin media contact

  • Fault with services or general inquiries
  • Upgrading to Virgin or moving home
  • Troubles with billing or payment
  • Troubleshooting for internet, television or mobile
  • Move services to a new home
  • Upgrading or downgrading your Virgin Media package

What Does Virgin Media Do?

Virgin Media is one of the largest companies in the world with a £4.1b revenue. Virgin Media started in March 2006 following a merge of Telewest and NTL, a further merger with Virgin Mobile UK in July 2006 made Virgin the UK’s first television, internet, mobile phone and fixed-line telephone service. The service as a whole was bought by Sir Richard Branson at the end of 2006 and the whole company was rebranded as Virgin Media. It has a variety of diverse services including the following:


Virgin Media offers cable broadband and wireless internet access to its customers. In 2013 Ofcom reported that Virgin’s broadband speed was the fastest in the UK. Two years later it even improved its speeds at a cost of over £100m and now boasts speeds up to twice as fast as it’s competitors thanks to their extensive network of fibre optic cables. Virgin Broadband also won big in the USwith Broadband Awards this year. They won the Fastest Broadband, Best Broadband Provider and Best Customer Rated Broadband awards.Virgin, furthermore, won a contract to provide free wi-fi on London Underground services until 2017. Existing customers are able to have full access for free while non-Virgin subscribers will be able to use it on a restricted or pay-as-you-go basis.

Virgin’s broadband advertising campaigns which have made creative use of high profile athletes including Usain Bolt and Mo Farah as well as Richard Branson himself have attracted a lot of attention.

virgin media customer service contact number

If you want to join Virgin Internet or are having problems with your broadband/wireless service call the Virgin Media contact number. Virgin have also recently launched their big bundle broadband package which features unlimited data at superfast speeds using their New Broadband Super Hub.


Virgin Mobile was the world’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator launched in 1999 in a joint venture with One2One (which late became T-Mobile). They provide various packages of contract, pay-as-you-go and mobile broadband services starting from only £10 a month. Virgin’s VIP mobile contract which starts from £22 offers unlimited, calls, texts and mobile data. The Virgin Media contact telephone number will be able to provide you with information about these packages, help you upgrade or deal with any problems you might be having.


Virgin TV is the UK’s second largest paid TV service with 3.6m customers. It was formed following the merger of NTL and Telewest in March 2006 and was rebranded as Virgin TV in early 2007. Originally a digital and analogue service, it has now turned off it’s analogue services and now offers over 50 digital HD channels all of which are recordable with their TiVo service. It is also the country’s largest video-on-demand provider with thousands of hours of content. VOD shows can even be watched on the go via Virgin TV Anywhere. All of Virgin TV’s boxes now come with 3D compatibility.

The History of Virgin

Virgin is owned by Sir Richard Branson, an British entrepreneur who built the Virgin brand from nothing into a  global brand comprised of more than 400 companies and worth billions. Virgin began in 1970 following Richard Branson’s sale of his student magazine he went on to set up a mail order record business before two years later setting up his first Virgin records store in London’s Oxford street. Today Richards Branson is the UK’s 6th richest man with an estimated net worth of £2.7 billion.

Virgin Media Customer Service Helpline Opening Hours

The contact number for Virgin Media customer services is open from 8:00 am until midnight everyday excluding bank holidays. The Broadband tech support line is available 24/7.

Virgin Media Struck With Yet Another DNS Outage

July 9th 2014

TV and broadband provider Virgin Media has amazingly been struck with yet another DNS outage just yesterday – the second in the spaceVirgin Media customer service number of a week.

The telecom giant’s customers were again left with no internet access after Virgin Media’s DNS servers were said to go offline, according to a report from PC Pro. In the same vein as before, customers were also left with no explanation as to what the cause might be, or any idea as to when the service would be running again.

Just like this time last week, the social media networks were flooded with angry customers venting their complaints.

One customer tweeted: “@virginmedia your DNS servers keep timing requests out (has been a problem on and off for a week or so). Are you on the case?”

One way to get around DNS server errors is to re-establish a connection using Google’s DNS servers – an easy task for those tech-savvy users.

In one tweeter’s response to another, it was suggested that this has even become his go-to method of avoiding internet problems on the Virgin network.

“@NerdManGeek @virginmedia I use Googles. :)” he posted.

Of course however, this nifty trick will seem like utter voodou to the majority of surfers, and certainly shouldn’t be regarded as any kind of long-term solution to the problem.

DNS issues are said to have been an ongoing issue for Virgin Media and other providers for some time now, with last week’s failure affecting both BT’s and Virgin’s services.

BT was criticised for failing to react quickly enough, only admitting their had been a DNS problem a day later.

Virgin Media followed the same suit in this case, initially assuring customers there was no problem, before changing tack and acknowledging the situation just this morning. Although PC Pro tried to contact the company to obtain details on what had happened, Virgin had failed to respond at the time of the report being published.

And its not just DNS errors causing havoc for Virgin customers. At the start of this month, residents of the UK’s Lincoln, Gainsborough, Sleaford and Grantham areas were cut off from their TV, broadband and telephone lines for 24 hours before regaining access.

The disruption was caused by damage to cabling on the Virgin Media network nearby, which is also used by the Sky Broadband network. A spokeswoman said that engineers had been working on the issue all night in order to get things running again.

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