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Opening Times for Viagogo

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 8pm
Tuesday 9am 8pm
Wednesday 9am 8pm
Thursday 9am 8pm
Friday 9am 8pm
Saturday 10am 7pm
Sunday 10am 7pm
VGL Services Limited
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street

If you use secondary ticket sites to purchase your in-demand event tickets, you will probably have tried Viagogo. This means that it is highly likely that you will need to contact Viagogo about your ticket order.

  • Business Name: Viagogo
  • Phone Number: 0843 178 3778
  • Opening Times: 9am – 8pm
  • Head Office Address: Viagogo AG, Rue du Commerce 4, 1204, Genève, Switzerland
  • Website:

About Viagogo

Viagogo is a global online marketplace for secondary ticket sales. It offers a platform for people to re-sell event tickets for whichever price they choose. When an event is sold out, customers can still find tickets, depending on how much they are willing to pay. Viagogo collects some of the fees it charges to the buyer from the seller’s payment. The co-founder of StubHub, Eric Baker, founded Viagogo in London in 2006. It now operates around the globe, shipping tickets to anywhere. The Viagogo Guarantee states that buyers will definitely receive valid tickets in time for the event. Otherwise, Viagogo will issue a refund wherever they can’t find replacement tickets. They also guarantee that sellers will be paid for the orders they fulfil.

Viagogo Contact Numbers

Contact Viagogo by connecting to their helpline numbers seven days a week.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0843 178 3778
(Mon – Fri) 9am – 8pm
(Sat – Sun) 10am – 7pm
0843 178 3779
(Mon – Fri) 9am – 8pm
(Sat – Sun) 10am – 7pm
0843 178 3780
(Mon – Fri) 9am – 8pm
(Sat – Sun) 10am – 7pm
0843 178 3781
(Mon – Fri) 9am – 8pm
(Sat – Sun) 10am – 7pm
Corporate Services
0843 178 3782
(Mon – Fri) 9am – 8pm
(Sat – Sun) 10am – 7pm
0843 178 3784
(Mon – Fri) 9am – 8pm
(Sat – Sun) 10am – 7pm

Customer Services

Contact Viagogo customer services on 0843 178 3778 if you need help with an order or sale. The hotline is available for customers whose event is within 3 days. You must enter your order ID number before you can speak to someone. Make sure that you have all the details of your order to hand before you call. You can call about an order up to 3 months after the event. If there is a problem, Viagogo might call you first.


You can purchase tickets online and enter your payment details. Viagogo accepts all major credit cards and payments through PayPal. If your card is declined, you will have half an hour for Viagogo to process your payment before they cancel the order. Call 0843 178 3779 if you are a buyer having problems with payment. Sellers can also call if they have not received their payment 5-8 working days after their event.


For many events, tickets are not shipped until as late as 5 days before. If a seller needs to then ship these tickets on to you, you may not receive them until very close to the date. Change your address at any time before the seller ships the tickets if you’re travelling. Call 0843 178 3780 if you don’t receive the tickets in time. Sellers can get help with the delivery arrangements if there are any issues with the website or UPS.


If you think that a seller or Viagogo has acted inappropriately, call 0843 178 3781 and make a complaint. This includes failure to provide goods or refunds as promised. You could also complain about the quality of customer service. Be firm with your complaints and keep going if Viagogo does not respond. Contact your bank if it is possible to cancel transactions. Reach out to the Fanfair Alliance for advice and support.

Corporate Services

Are you a busy professional, or does your company regularly need event tickets for staff or clients? Then you could benefit from some VIP treatment through Viagogo’s Corporate Services. Unlike general buyers, corporate buyers can purchase tickets via e-mail or phone call. Viagogo will book and monitor orders for you, sourcing large numbers of tickets for groups. Call 0843 178 3782 or e-mail


Viagogo deals with customers attending live events in over 150 countries, speaking around 30 languages. You could work in any of their operations centres around the world. They require employees in areas such as database administration, translation, IT and engineering, and customer service and operations. You can apply for vacancies and graduate placements online. Call 0843 178 3784 if you have more career queries.

Other Ways to Contact Viagogo

Contacting Viagogo by post or visiting their head office in person might be difficult. Their website states that their registered office is in Switzerland, at Viagogo AG, Rue du Commerce 4, 1204, Genève. Viagogo does operate in the UK, under the parent company VGL Services Ltd. Previously, the UK address was 90 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6XX. In 2017, around the time of a parliamentary enquiry, they moved to a new registered address. This is Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AF. However, Viagogo also operates from a “secret” office at 71 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4HH. Since Viagogo seems to be a very secretive company, it is unlikely that they will allow visitors into their offices or respond to mail.

The only other ways that you can reach them besides the phone is by logging in to your Viagogo account to access the online help centre. You can also send e-mails directly to Press enquiries can go to This address will not respond to customer service queries. You can try to escalate a complaint by sending it right to the CEO of Viagogo at


Andrzej Brusikiewicz

Please contact as ASAP! We need help with the tickets to The Rolling Stones concert in Sweden! We already sent an email but got no answer…

G Lewis

Please contact me asap with regards the tickets I’ve bought for a concert please .

M Williams

All different numbers on internet for contact with VIAGOGO end up in the same answering machine message. We bought tickets for the 17th/06, received tickets for the 16th/06 and after waiting 5 days for an email reply, was told sorry we can’t do anything about it!!!!! Luckily paid by credit card so will get money back but will have 4 very upset teenagers

Leila Jones

Hi Sheilena,
We have tested the phone number and it goes to Viagogo customer services. If you’ve bought tickets from them, press 1 and you’ll be asked to enter your order confirmation number. We hope this helps.

Catherine Smith

We bought tickets advertised for U2 in Rome on *15th* July. Tickets arrived for *16th*. I have bought hotel and flights relying on 15th being the day of concert, and for 5 days noone is answering my 2 emails sent with regard to resolving this. Tickets missold and noone interested in customer service. Several numbers listed, all go to the same recorded message to hit ‘1’ for purchasing and ‘2’ for selling tickets. Unless the event is in 72 hours your booking reference is rejected. While this event is a month away I have cancellation fees / amendment fees / additional hotel expense to find. After spending hundreds on tickets I find this lack of customer service quite alarming and extraordinary. I will not use Viagogo again.


I am still waiting for Robbie Williams tickets next week, why have others received them and I haven’t heard anything?! Starting g to get worried and every phone contact number you have goes through to the ridiculous answer machine that is NO help at all!! How do I speak to a human being to get some answers?!

vanessa richards

waiting for adele tickets in a weeks time. received 2 still waiting on 2. getting extremely worried. especially after reading these other reviews

John Prestifilippo

Did you ever receive these? I am waiting on 3 tickets as well. Did you get in contact with them and how?

sheilena Mcdonnell

I totally agree… I’m taking my despite to fairgo which is a TV program here in NZ , it exposes crooked companies and rip off arse holes like Viagogo


I sent my tickets to VIagogo PO BOX last week, it wasnt been sold and now I cant collected from Viagogo as they did not provide their collection address ! I would like to get my teckets back ! Helo!

Steve Churton

Urgently need to contact Viagogo as trying to arrange for USA buyer to meet me at Wembley for me to hand over tickets personally – as no time to post the tickets to USA. Ridiculous recorded message which goes nowhere. Buyer will be disappointed – and it is completely the fault of Viagogo. I will not use them again.

John Prestifilippo

HELP ME!! I am traveling to the UK and still have not received my tickets. What’s going on? Please contact me!!!


HELP ME!! I am traveling to the UK and still have not received my tickets. What’s going on? Please contact me!!!


I sold 4 tickets for a concert, which took place almost 2 weeks ago. I still do not receive money. please contact me, i need help

Lee Welsh

Absolutely disgraceful service. Sold tickets through these and received an email saying the payment was ready. When I clicked the link was informed the transaction no longer exists. So these con artists have stolen my money, charge ridiculous fees and then keep the money and ignore you and don’t answer emails within 24 hours like they claim and do the have a contact number to speak to anybody.

arie tourgeman

yesterday I sent an email regarding a problem I found at my tickets I purchased cards and came to me for confirmation of the site appears sitting on chairs 8-9
and cards I got home appears sitting in chairs 9-10 !
I want to make sure that the tickets I have are the right one ?

Thank you
Arie Tourgeman
Director Of Beaches
Tel : +972-8-9568178
Mobile: +972-53-7506804
Fax: +972-8-8545162


Urgent! Viagogo required me to ship my ticket to my buyer before 12 July. But what I got is an e-ticket from my buyer through viagogo….I cannot upload my e-ticket to my customer, since there are no “upload e-ticket” button on my page, only have” ready to ship” button….I don’t what to do now, cannot get any help, but the date is coming…

Please feel free to contact me by email, I am really need your help!!! Thanks!!!!


Please can you contact me urgently. I have called every number and only get the voicemail. I have sent a Facebook message and contacted Manuela Suhner, Customer Service Manager via LinkedIn but i have had no success in getting through to someone. Please can someone contact me


Ive tried to contact by phone & email a bogus account was set up using my details to sell tickets for a concert ..i recieved an email which had all my personal info & credit card details attached. I am very concerned & worried as it is saying if i fail to deliever tickets i will be charged by viagogo .. please can someone contact me with regards to this i need to know how to cancel this account as all my details are on it.!!!

Craig Uttley

I have bought tickets to Laver Cup. There is no row number and I am afraid that I may not get tickets in time. Please reply.


Hi, i sold tickets to the Connor Mcgregor press conference which took place on 14th July 2017 and i am still awaiting payment. I have emailed 3 times with no response. Please get back to me ASAP as this is unacceptable.

Wendy Pugh

I bought some tickets for the Paul Weller concert next February. I asked Viagogo to sell them for me. They confirmed that they had and I have been asking them where the money is. Its looking like they expect me to send the tickets to the new buyer. But I don’t have the tickets. I have contacted the theatre and they said there have been problems with Viagogo selling thickets more than once. I am afraid that both I and any new buyer have been ripped of and that I will be liable for the new buyer’s loss.

Ken Auker

absolutely disgraceful service all number answer to same robot no way get through to answer my questions over Arch Enemy tickets will not be buying from you again and will advise all my friends to not touch you with a barge pole

John Cannon

I put my rearranged Phil Collins ticket up for resale as I am unable to attend on the 26th November. I received an e-mail advising it had been purchased and then the sale was cancelled, but my ticket was not returned to the ‘listing’ page. I am now unable to access help as it is saying the concert date has passed and I have no listing. It is impossible to navigate the help desk on Viagogo as it is not allowing me to amend my account. Useless.

nichola Hill

purchased tickets, but wrong email was given so i need to change the email address but cant get through to anyone to help resolve the problem.

Courtney Goodall

I want to be contacted as soon as possible I am so angry with being charged for no reason without even selling my tickets

Matt Fielden

Bought 5 tickets and no longer need so trying to resell but the tickets do not seem to be listing. Followed instructions to get in contact with the help centre but of the 4 queries asked only one answered and tkts still not listed and no reason as to why. Must say the customer experiencing is extremely poor and frustrating and I would not currently recommend this company.


I bought 4 tickets for Austria – Serbia football match, I still didn’t received it and there are no infos about sector and seat numbers. I’ve tried to contact customer service on but you E-Mail service is not active, this is unacceptable (you are online company). Please contact me.


I can’t believe what a pathetic website and customer service Viagogo offers. I’m trying to change the delivery address for my NFL tickets – the website doesn’t work!! No way to contact anybody via ANY of the numbers listed!! No email responses from the customer service!! this is such a disgusting service!!

A woolley

I purchased 2 rolling Stones tickets for Amsterdam Arena.we noticed on the tickets 75.00 euros +7 50 euros each and on my order total charge 578 55 euros I would like to know how this amount came about please

H Chapman

Urgent!!! Please contact me, a mistake made on our tickets (Nitro Circus) that we booked and paid! Please contact me ASAP

charles johnstone

this is a very poor service regarding contact co phone lines all go through to one ans machine eith 2 options surely they have workers who can ans phone at some point it is a very big co who takes your money but wants no contact with when are you going to sort this out pls ans phones and make us all happy


Ed Sheeran Hong Kong concert has been cancelled per every new report and per ED himself but Viagogo calls it postponed so no refund and allows no way to contact them for clarification considering we haven’t even received the original tickets!


This is a fraud. Dont trust viagogo.Viagogo have stolen us 800€ and they havent answerd their emails.Where can i get a lawsuit againts them?

Chris Tickner


Just wanted to send a big thank you to Viagogo and in particular to Megan, she not only resolved our issue but upgraded our seats, my 15 year old daughter and her friend were ecstatic and had a wonderful night at the O2 watching Little Mix on the 26th October, thank you once again.


If this comment is truly from a happy customer, can you give me Megan’s contact details as they owe me money for selling tickets and I cant get a hold of anyone to make a payment to me. The people they sold the tickets to enjoyed the concert next to me, viagogo got their money… and kept mine!

Claire Harling

Viagogo have made every step to make the refund process for me impossible.
We live in Vietnam, travelled to Taipei to see the Ed Sheeran concert, which was recently cancelled. We left Taipei with the tickets, 1 week later Viagogo have emailed saying unless we return the tickets they will not refund the money. They address to return them too is a PO BOX address, DHL, FedEx, Post Service will not deliver recorded delivery to a PO BOX address! great, how do I return them then?
Why do they need me to return them? They’ve emailed me to return them so they know it was me that purchased them, the concert is cancelled so I am not going to be able to use the tickets anywhere else! what is the point!?
If they are emailing me to tell me to return them, why don’t they just refund me the money. They have sent me an address of a Ms Lu with a PO BOX, who I assume the tickets first belonged too. Get the money back from her, then send me the refund. Why is that hard?
Massively disappointed, so much stress and money spent on this Ed Sheeran Concert and its turned out to be an absolute disaster and so difficult to sort out.
So angry!

Jen Franklin

Viagog fulfilled their promise. Paid well over the odds but e-tickets came through and were acceptedwhen scanned at 02 for Steely Dan concert 29th October.
Seats weren’t great for the money but we got to see our favourite band. Yeah

Thanks Viagogo it was a truly brilliant night


please could someone contact me ASAP about my tickets that I purchased for a j lo concert

Hanneli van Tonder

Need to confirm that the tickets for Cat Steven – tonight at Coca Cola Dome are valid? Do not want to get there and be embarrass by a scam? Please can i get some conformation on your compony?

Valerie Ridout

Have been waiting for some tickets to arrive for an event this month and am losing patience as I paid for them weeks ago. I need those tickets ASAP.

Andrew Simpson

Hi could you please send me e mail confirmation when the tickets I purchased on the 31st August for the would darts championship at ally pally will arrive please as I cannot find your e mail to say when they will arrive

victoria Andrews

Can someone contact me ASAP please, i believe i have been scammed with rugby tickets for THIS SUNDAY. Thanks


When will my Jingle lol ball tickets be arriving? My friend booked on the same day as me and had an email on the 25th November telling her that her tickets are on the way, but I haven’t had any emails
Please respond ASAP

Sarah Rees

My daughter advertised two Morrissey tickets for sale on your website on 19th Nov, since she is now unable to attend the concert.
Yesterday (4th Dec) she received an e-mail from you (sent 3rd Dec)
saying that you had had to cancel her sale, and that you would therefore be charging 40 pounds to her card as a cancellation charge (and you then took the money off her card). YOU cancelled the sale, and did not explain why. I consider your behaviour is unacceptable and expect an immediate refund. I have been trying to contact you ever since, sent you an email at 0943 on 4th Dec, but have so far received no reply. Please contact me urgently to sort this out.


I sold tickets and for months have been chasing this company. The phone numbers basically go to an automation where no matter what you do it says they cant help by phone and directs you to email them from your account… an account that they cancelled after I gave them the tickets… so effectively there is no way to contact them.

ivo costa


The Carla Bruni concert in Lisbon, 25.01.2018 was canceled, because she is seek…I want my money back!!

I havereceived no information about that!

Id: 15413768


So on (31/01/2018) I bought some tickets from Viagogo for Eminem for the stated price of £180 each. This was my highest limit I could stretch too for the two tickets. So all the way through putting my card details and address into the sections it remained £360. I was informed at the point I should have seen a ‘break down’ of the price, I did not. I confirm my purchase for the £360 and it says ‘order confirmation: total: £500.77’!!!!!
They added £70 onto each ticket without warning me. I am a very strapped student and my limit was £360 (having the other person pay their £180) so my limit was £180. I ended up paying OVER £250. I am so upset that they didn’t mention the money rise to me until it was too late, that money if for food while I am at university! This is so wrong and it is fraud!!!

My bank are aware and they can’t touch the case until the money has left my account (still hasn’t as yet). I feel so violated and their ‘no return’ policy is so shady and you can see why as they are obviously conning people out of money they physically don’t have.
I have emailed them to express how distressed they have made me and have put me into SERIOUS money problems, they said ‘no return policy’ basically in a very passive aggressive way.

Please help me get my money back this is an absolute nightmare for me, I am in the middle of my more important essays and I can concentrate, i feel sick and I cant sleep.

This website needs taking down. I feel so exploited. A nice concert has turned into my nightmare of fraud.

Please please please help me fight for a refund!!

They charged me of £500.77, when it said previously I would be only charged £360 (£180 x 2 tickets)

my last screen before I paid.. no sight of the totally amount now changing to £500.77!!!

I beg of you, please help me! I can’t afford this to be out of my account! It’s causing me serious health problems as stress I do not need!!

I have spoken to Twickenham Staduim where the concert is happening and they said that it is way too much for two tickets and it seems to be a scam and they wouldn’t ever sell tickets for that much. That confirms this is a scam and I have been a victim to fraud.

The only email I’m receiving back is ‘we don’t give refunds’ when it’s fraud you should!


I have ordered two tickets but I have not yet received the tickets.
please follow
the ordering number is 15415199

Marcus Hayward

VIAGOGO. What a joke!
How is a company like yours able to operate legally?
Every aspect of our transaction has been a joke from the price we paid through to the show being rescheduled.
We are unable to contact you. Phones dont get answered, email replies are generic.
Surly your Company operating days are numbered…
All we want is our money back and to never hear the word ‘Viagogo’ ever again…


I am contacting to you about my order Order ID: 15055207.
Please answer my questions below ;

1)Did the game is being played between Beşiktaş&Bayern Münich played or not?Order ID: 15055207.Normally this game will be played on 14.03.2018.

2)Did your customer(me) confirmed the tickets or not after sale operation?
3)After you cancelled the sale’s Order ID: 15055207.Did your customer(me) contacted you and told you that he can provide the tickets asap or not?(please check the history you can see easily)

4)Did the buyer has any damage due to he can not go to the game??Answer this question after checking the history what I ‘ve written yo you?Did I tell you that I can provide the tickets or not??

5)Is it fair that you cancel from my account 1353,37 TL without confirmation of me??Is this money what you cut from me is a honest earning or is this value what you cut from me is a easy money earning?

6)I’ve sold the ticket 1710TL and you’ve cut from my account wihout confirmation 1353,37TL.How did you calculate this amount?Show and proof in detailed.

7)Is it fair that you earn money from me and earn money from the selller twice.Is this earning right according to the law’s?Is this earning legal or illegal according to the laws?Why did I pay the Money of the buyer and you earned unfair Money from bothsides where nobody has any damage?Is it right according to the laws?

8)I’ve send you many emails that I can provide the tickets after your cancellation rougly 2,5 months before the game will be played?Did the buyer and Viagogo A.G had any damage after you cancelled my sale?If there’s a damage tell in details that I know?Did the buyer could not enter the game?I think a game which will be played 2,5 months later will not damage someone?Right??

9)I sold many tickets from Viagogo.I sent many emails to you informing that some customer’s have no passolig card.Many buyer’s who do not have passolig card entered the game after my effort.I always send you reminding .I always behaved as a human being.
Do you show your customer’s who behave as a honest human being like cutting money and earn unfair money?

I warn you to send 1353,37 TL about Order ID: 15055207 to my account back and stop earning unfair money.
I want anyone who’s able to understand the situation from top management and I want them to write the answer of the questions ,open and clear answers.
I wrote several times to Viagogo help center but they resist to send me the official document of charge which they cut from me.They also know that this is not legal.
If you do not send the money I will search my rights on the court’s.I also have psychological damage,this will also be announced on the court.


I bought a ticket for Ed Sheeran concert in Tokyo 13 April 2018 from Viagogo. I paid 160000¥ ( 1500$) and today I received at home a fake ticket with completely different date and price( 31.10.2017)!!! I need help to contact them pls. If anyone knows the real nr pls text me at


I bought a ticket for Ed Sheeran concert in Tokyo 13 April 2018 from Viagogo. I paid 160000¥ ( 1500$) and today I received at home a fake ticket with completely different date and price( 31.10.2017)!!! I need help to contact them pls. If anyone knows the real nr pls text me at


Website glitched and confirmed an order I did not want.

Really horrible customer service too. Avoid at all costs.


Hello, I’ve relisted my tickets for HK Rugby Sevens 2018 and sold them via viagogo. Received the e-mail that the tickets will reach the buyer before the event in time, but they arrived to my address. Now I don’t know how to post them back or to the buyer as there is no such option available under Sales menu. Tried to call via US, UK and international phone numbers – cannot be assisted via the phone.

Order ID

Please contact me directly by e-mail.


I bought VIP tickets over 2 months ago for Pinks concert in 2 days, in Boston. Received the tickets in record time, but there is no mention of VIP on these tickets. I have been trying effortlessly to get clarification on this and no one has answered nor returned my emails.

This will be my first and last experience with viagogo and I’ve spent over $1500 for these tickets


I am still waiting for my Bryan Ferry tickets for Manchester the show is on Friday I’m getting more than a little concerned other people I know have theirs no number to get to speak to someone

Elizabeth Belles

I bought tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert for me and my Fiance and when we showed up they said they were fraudulent. We paid €407.45 for these tickets and then had to buy new ones on site to get into the concert. We filed a claim directly with Viagogo. We received an email they would call the same day to discuss the issue but never called us. We have tried to find a contact number to receive assistance in order to get our money back but none of the numbers work. Please assist us as soon as possible!


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