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Very: Customer Services Contact Number – 0844 826 8480

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Very

Day Opens Closes
Monday 07.00 23.00
Tuesday 07.00 23.00
Wednesday 07.00 23.00
Thursday 07.00 23.00
Friday 07.00 23.00
Saturday 07.00 23.00
Sunday 07.00 23.00
Skyways House
Speke Road
L70 1AB
  • Business Name: Very
  • Phone Number: 0844 826 8480
  • Opening Times: Monday – Saturday: 7am-11pm
  • Head Office Address: Skyways House, Speke Road, Speke, Liverpool, L70 1AB
  • Website:

Very is an online retailer, based in Liverpool and specialising in the sale of clothing, luxuries, electronics, gardening goods and homeware, among other products. Originally founded as a branching arm of Littlewoods, Very became an independent brand in 2009 and has spent its time since then accumulating valuable celebrity endorsements, establishing a number of exclusive fashion collections and ranges, and sponsoring popular cultural events like V Festival and, since 2014, TV such as “Through the Keyhole” on ITV.

Very Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0844 826 8480
Head Office 0843 557 5204
Complaints 0843 557 3635
Products 0843 208 7673
Helpline 0843 208 7674
Careers 0843 208 7675

Very: Customer Services Contact Number - 0844 826 8480Very Customer Service – 0844 826 8480

Very is a UK-based online retailer (or “e-tailer”) which sells a huge range of goods, clothing and fashions. In order to buy from Very, you’ll need to make a Very Account, which can be set up on their website, and then process your order as normal. Once it’s all set, you can choose a number of delivery options, and then pay and “check out”, before the item or items will be sent to you. This provides a wide range of possible reasons for calling a customer service line, particularly once you take into account that most of the Very product line is in the form of fashion, bought online, and therefore unable to be tried on for size.

You may need to call the Very customer service line for any reason pertaining to, but not by any means restricted to, problems with the website, issues with stock or sizing, problems with the order process, problems with the payment process, issues with the product selection, issues with the delivery option selection process, a missed delivery, and inaccurate delivery, the delivery of the wrong item, the item failing to turn up at all, making a return, receiving a faulty item, disputing a charge, applying for a Very card, or making a complaint for whatever reason to the Very head office.

That leaves a lot of wiggle room for an issue to crop up, so it’s very lucky that the Very customer service lines are open from 7am to 11pm, from Monday to Saturday (the staff get a well-earned rest on Sundays) to deal with any problems you might have. Of course, like all customer service departments, they aren’t just a complaints department, nor are they simply there for troubleshooting – they also serve that vital function of helping customers and bystanders to gather information and make enquiries about the company, its products and its operating procedures. If you have any questions about upcoming fashion lines, the operating manuals for the electronics or gardening goods sold at Very, or any other aspect of their company, products or processes, you can call the Very customer service department on the numbers shown and ask away!

Very Products – 0843 208 7673

To make it easier for customers to navigate their website, the Very team have organised it into major categories, then sub-categories, generally listed as things like “Fashion” – sub-categories “Men”, “Women”, “Sports” etc, then “Home” subcategories “Electronics”, “Garden” etc. If you need something more specific or you need to look for a particular item, you can also do that by using their search function, which operates on the same principle as Google or other famous search engine functions – allowing you to search for a specific item by name, by entering a description of the item, or by entering the item’s ID code, if you know it.

Very Head Office – 0843 557 5204

Very: Customer Services Contact Number - 0844 826 8480The Very Head Office is the central hub of the digital empire that forms Very’s retail arm. Like its predecessor, Littlewoods, Very is based in Speke, in Liverpool, where its progenitor started and where it put down roots. Not one to abandon the family home at the first glimpse of bright lights, Very has stayed put in Speke even with the lure of London, Dublin and St. Helens growing stronger, and continues to employ hundreds of people in its home town. The Very Head Office is a buzzing nerve centre of activity, where fashion designers mingle with corporate strategists, communications experts and chic marketing gurus brainstorm together and the fashion world meets the digital age. Coordinating Very’s online sales, the Very head office is also the home of their front-line customer service team, who can work hand-in-hand with the specialists in the rest of the office to keep the customers happy, no matter what their problem may be. By having the ability to transfer a call instantly up the ranks, no issue is too great and no problem too complex for the Very head office – not with the full force of the head office’s brainpower behind it!

If you need to get in touch with the Very head office, you can do so by calling the numbers listed on this page any time between 7am and 11pm, any day of the week – that’s how dedicated Very is to rapid-response customer service. If you need to call outside office hours, please note that it will never be more than 8 hours until lines reopen, and those hours are across the darkest point of the night – the time when the world is sleeping. However, if you really need to get in touch during this blackest night, you can use the social media channels listed below.

Reasons to call the Very Customer Service Line – 0843 208 7674

Your reasons for calling the Very customer service line are as many and varied as the products they sell and their delivery options – they’re basically limitless! However, like all internet retailers, and fashion retailers especially, the same problems tend to pop up over and over as a matter of course for the industry. These problems generally focus on the issues innate to a delivery-based economy and one where the only customer experience with the brand prior to receiving it is in the form of an internet catalogue, or a few customer reviews.

Your reasons for calling the Very customer service line may include, but will not be restricted to, the following:

  • You need to register a complaint with Very
  • Your Very order has not arrived or is damaged
  • You received the wrong item from Very
  • You need to make a return on a faulty or ill-fitting item
  • The Very website is giving you trouble
  • You want to make enquiries concerning work with Very
  • You have been incorrectly billed by Very
  • You successfully made a return to Very but have not been reimbursed the cost of the item
  • Your Very item did not arrive or arrived defective or damaged
  • You are hoping to make enquiries into upcoming Very ranges
  • You need to contact Very to discuss a promotional offer or voucher
  • You had trouble using a discount code
  • The Very website is not working
  • The Very contact channels are unresponsive or obstructive
  • You would like to register for a Very customer card

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive collection of your reasons for grievance with Very. If you need to call the customer service line for any reason, that reason is your own – although, if you do come up with a reason that isn’t on the list, which you think could help others in a similar situation, don’t be afraid to drop us a line so we can upgrade our list to reflect your experience! You may also need to call for deeply unique or personal reasons, in which case the Very customer service team will be happy to help you.

The Very customer service contact line is available between the hours of 7am and 11pm, every day of the week, so whenever you need to call, you can rest assured that the connection can be quickly made. The customer service teams on the other side of the line are trained and experienced professionals, working on the edge of their seat to ensure you can resolve any issue you might bring before them. If they run into a problem that is too complex or involves too much corporate authority to resolve correctly, then the position of the Very customer service department within the head office itself means that the staff can easily transfer your case through to more experienced or more niche members of Very head office staff, even going as far as corporate executives, legal experts and designers if need be – whatever it may take to resolve your problem can be approached and appropriated to ensure a good resolution.

Very Complaints – 0843 557 3635

If you need to make a complaint to the Very team, you can do so by calling the numbers listed on this page, any time between 7am and 11pm, any day of the week. As an online retailer, the complaints process is vital for the progress of Very’s business and its relationship with its customers, since without complaints, it would be difficult for the disparate, online entity to know how its customers are reacting to it. However, with a healthy flow of communication from customer to company, not only can Very update itself to suit the times and move with what the customers want; it can affect change on the personal level, helping customers who have been given less-than-excellent service or suffered a grievance to resolve their problem as effectively as possible.

Whatever your reason for complaining, from problems with products or problems with the website, payment system, deliveries, sizing, pricing, condition of goods, or service received, you can get in touch quickly and easily by using the numbers listed on this page. Alternatively, you can use the social media or online links seen below to get in touch, or send a letter to the Very Head Office address listed at the top of this page, old-school. Good enough for thousands of years of human history, good enough for you. However, we recommend the use of the contact phone line – unlike social media or a letter, a phone call is an immediate communication method, which cuts reaction times down to zer0 as soon as the dialogue begins. When making a complaint, prompt reaction can make the difference between a successful resolution and more heartbreak, so this is a crucial step that is sometimes missed by customers and companies alike.

The Very complaints line is staffed by expert customer service professionals, like those who staff the customer services lines in peacetime, and they also have the connection to the Very database that makes the customer service agents so valuable. With that connection, they have access to all the information that Very needs to sort any customer service problem, from design specs for products to customer accounts, troubleshooting, technical documents and internal memos that can answer important customer questions. As well as this, the Very customer service and complaints department are empowered to resolve most issues on their own, including refunds, fixes to buggy accounts or any number of other issues – so if you need to get in touch with Very to make a complaint, the complaints line is the way to go!

Very Social Media

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Very Online:


Kerry Guy

Disgusting company to shop with…don’t do it I ordered garden furniture in MAY and still have not received it, tried using the query message on my account only to get a message saying they will get back to you and do not.. The courier could not deliver as a part was missing so sent it back to very, only for very to re-send it to courier again the next month. I escalated to a complaint and they cancelled order and re-ordered and the same incomplete order was sent again, my incomplete furniture is going backwards and forwards but no one actually deals with it. I have contacted Financial Ombudsman now as I tried the very complaint line during office house and NO ONE answered!!! The customer service is shocking and to top it off I have £900 less credit available as this is interest free despite the fact they cannot supply the goods I originally ordered at the beginning of may – I have been a customer of Very for years but they can no longer offer a service to the public – Shop elsewhere nothing they supply is complete, delivered on time and customer service is non existent. Perhaps 3 months is not enough time to order garden furniture ready for the summer!! – start ordering Christmas presents now!!

Andrew Sharpe

I need someone to contact me from Very as I’m waiting fore my bedroom furniture to be delivered . This is the third week of waiting. And third day off work. Never going to shop with this company again.


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