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Utilita: Customer Services Contact Number – 0843 816 6753

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Utilita

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 10pm
Tuesday 8am 10pm
Wednesday 8am 10pm
Thursday 8am 10pm
Friday 8am 10pm
Saturday 8am 10pm
Sunday 8am 10pm
Hutwood Court
Bournemouth Rd
Chandler’s Ford
SO53 3QB
  • Business Name: Utilita
  • Phone Number: 0843 816 6753
  • Opening Times: 8am-10pm every day
  • Head Office Address: Hutwood Court, Bournemouth Rd, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3QB
  • Website:

Utilita is a UK-based utility company entirely based around the premise of “Pay As You Go” energy supplies. Rather than bothering with unreliable and inaccurate traditional billing for utilities, the way their competitors do and the way the every utility company did in the past, Utilita began its life with a revolutionary idea: the idea that energy could be paid for before it is used, that the meter in the home or business may not just be for recording energy already consumed but instead may be used as a valve, to control the flow, operated by money.

These meters were perfected in the early 2000’s and with the assistance of a support network of corner shops, newsagents, and other stations where customers could “top up” their energy meter using a key, they spread across the UK. Considered by many to be a rip-off, Utilita insists that its pay-as-you-go energy meters are anything but, and can be a great way to save money on your energy bills.

Utilita Connection Numbers

Department Number
Utilita Head Office 0843 816 6753
Utilita Customer Service 0843 816 6754
Utilita Complaints 0843 816 6754
Utilita Accounts Management 0843 816 6755
Utilita Helpline 0843 816 6756
Utilita Smart Meter Helpline 0843 816 6757

Utilita Head Office – 0843 816 6753

Utilita: Customer Services Contact Number - 0843 816 6753The Utilita head office is a bustling hub of activity, much like one of the Utilita smart meters would be if you could see the busy little electrons inside it. However, at the Utilita head office, the difference is that it’s a building instead of being a smart meter, and instead of busy little electrons, it’s people rushing around keeping the machine going! The most important part of the Utilita head office, besides the other parts, of course, is the customer service department, which exists to receive customer calls and make sure that surface-level annoyances, issues and problems are adequately taken care of, without recourse to the more involved members of the company.

With the ability to effortlessly and seamlessly transfer you to a more dedicated member of staff, even going so far as the executive wing of the Utilita family, the head office contact number is a uniquely accessible means of contacting the highest of the high and the fiercest of the fierce in the field of Utility Management.

Utilita Customer Service – 0843 816 6754

Utilita customer service is here for one thing and one thing only: keeping you happy. So long as you’re happy, they’re happy, and that’s the way it is. As a result, when you aren’t happy, you can call them, and they’ll make it their business to re-happy you as quickly as they can. Experts in dealing with all manner of customer service, these highly trained staff are also perfectly able to access the Utilita head office contact system, gleaning information from accounts, digital files and the like to provide a tailored experience unique to you. When they come across an issue too thorny for them, too, they can simply pass you up through the ranks of the head office until you get to someone who can help. Simple as that!

However, that isn’t to say that the Utilita customer service phone line has no claws: far from it, adventurer! The Utilita customer service number is a bastion of powerhouse customer comfort tactics, making sure that no customer goes unnoticed in the eternal battle of Good Customer Service vs Bad Customer Service. With the help of the Utilita customer service line, you will be able to ask any questions that might be plaguing you, inquire as to any of the problems you are facing as a Utilita customer, look for solutions to problems you are already coping with, report problems with your account, your meter, your electricity supply, your other, more private troubles, your internet connection or your energy prices. You may also register a complaint, arrange for the installation of a Smart Meter, renegotiate your contract or resolve other issues with your membership with Utilita.

Utilita Complaints – 0843 816 6754

If you need to make a complaint against Utilita, don’t worry about it becoming a whole awkward thing or being a traumatic or complex experience. It’s really much simpler than you’re allowing yourself to believe it will be because of your innate drives to avoid confrontation. It won’t be a confrontation, and even if it was, you would win, because the Utilita customer service teams are here to help you, not hinder you. The Utilita complaints line is staffed at all the hours of the normal connection lines to make sure you don’t miss a chance to complain, and the experts in conflict resolution and customer satisfaction that man the lines are dedicated to making sure that you walk away happy as a clam, which works as a metaphor if you think clams can walk.

The Utilita complaints department is an especially delicious fish to fry if you have experienced problems with your electricity supply since switching to Utilita, but had no issues before. Perhaps you keep running out of credit, or you are experiencing a shaky electricity connection or low power levels. Perhaps you have decreased internet speed since your Utilita pay-as-you-go meter was installed, or you are discovering to your horror that the energy is significantly more expensive per watt that what you previously enjoyed. Either way, you are riled up, feisty and ready to complain, and you shouldn’t let anything stand in your way. When on the hunt for justice, everything else is just a distraction. In order to find the best results, you should call the number for the Utilita Complaints department, as soon as you can.


Utilita Accounts Management – 0843 816 6755

To manage your account with Utilita, you can call the line listed in blue above, taking care to place the numbers in the order they are shown – NOT ascending, descending or numerical order! Once you’ve successfully done that, taking care to use a telephone or fax machine that is active, powered, and connected to the requisite telecommunications cables and network, you can begin to manage your account with the utmost efficiency, dealing with your customer details, name, address, preferences, contact details and other identification aspects of the account. You can also use the account to manage your subscriptions, make account-linked complaints, report bugs, malfunctions and other issues, upgrade your Utilita experience, inform Utilita of errors and problems with your Utilita smart meter, your Utilita pay as you go meter, and other Utilita services, wherever you need to. With the Utilita Accounts helpline, accessible at all the ordinary phone line operational times, you can make changes to your account whenever you like, quick and easy, no muss no fuss. Use the Utilita Accounts Helpline to access your account information quickly, update your Utilita avatar, change your profile picture and more. While you are a customer of Utilita, your account will be your identity with the company – the first and last port of call for determining who you are and what you like, the ultimate arbiter of your individuality and your distinction from the madding crowd – without your Utilita identity, it is possible that you will be impossible to distinguish from the next pleb over, stuck in an endless cycle of identityless, nameless confusion. But with your Utilita account, you can trust that your utility company will know who you are.

Utilita Helpline – 0843 816 6756

The Utilita helpline is here to help you in the quickest possible time concerning the widest range of possible problems. Need help with your Utilita meter? The helpline is there for you. Need advice concerning your meter? The helpline is there to help. Meter giving you trouble? The Utilita generalist helpline can help you out. No matter what’s ailing you, the Utilita general-purpose helpline can resolve the issue, either by using their own wily smarts or by transferring you quickly to the people who can help – namely, the experts seated at various large, well-connected chairs throughout the head office at Utilita, the very same experts referenced in the opening statements of this piece. These head office experts are there for one reason and one reason only: to sort out your thorny problems. No matter the issue, they are there to sort it out, take it in hand, wrestle it to the ground, resolve it, and just generally sort it out. There are even different departments for different problems, like a legal department who only deals with legal problems, a marketing department that only deals with marketing problems, or a customer service department which only deals with customer problems.

As a result, even if your problem is actually a little too fiddly for a generic helpline like the Utilita Helpline, you can still find the release you need in the arms of higher-up members of staff. It’s as simple as calling the number on this page, arranging a quick, easy swipe around and finding the people who can help you! Alternatively, if your problem is the sort of thing that can be resolved with minimal stress and trouble, then the helpline may be able to help you without recourse to more powerful sentinels of Utilita.

Utilita Smart Meter Helpline – 0843 816 6757

If you have a smart meter, it is frankly unlikely that you have it with Utilita – as Utilita is a specialist company in Pay-as-you-Go electricity meter technology. However, on the chance that you do have a Utilita smart meter, and in the event that it gives you trouble, you can fix that trouble by calling the line above – the Utilita smart meter helpline. Manned at all ordinary operational hours by trained staff who have been extensively briefed in the workings of the Utilita smart meter, this helpline will be able to resolve the vast majority of issues emanating from a faulty, misprogrammed, error-prone or inaccurately-used smart meter, and the staff on the other end can talk you through a range of troubleshooting tactics such as installing updates, correctly synching to a mobile device, computer or tablet, resetting, rebooting and reconfiguring your smart meter, or correctly installing malware protection, anti-virus software like Avast! and McAfee, and Norton, or switching operating systems.

The Smart Meter helpline can also assist you with topping-up, if you need to make a phone-based top-up on your pay as you go meter, or if you find yourself unexpectedly out of energy at a crucial juncture. Don’t just sit there in the dark – do something! Call the Utilita Smart Meter Helpline and arrange to top up your electricity meter today.




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