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Travel Center UK: Customer Services Contact Number – 0844 248 3492

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Opening Times for Travel Center UK

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 10pm
Tuesday 8am 10pm
Wednesday 8am 10pm
Thursday 8am 10pm
Friday 8am 10pm
Saturday 8am 10pm
Sunday 8am 10pm
Travel Center UK
38 LG Riding House Street
  • Business Name: Travel Center UK
  • Phone Number: 0844 248 3492
  • Opening Times: 8am-10pm, 7 days a week
  • Head Office Address: 38 LG Riding House Street, London W1W 7ES, United Kingdom
  • Website:
Travel Center UK: Customer Services Contact Number - 0844 248 3492

All contact information for Travel Center UK can be found here

Travel Center UK Contact Numbers

Travel Center UK Numbers
Head Office 0844 248 3492
Customer Services 0844 248 3494
Flights 0844 248 3495
 Hotel 0844 248 3496
 Travel Extras 0844 248 3498
 Promotions 0844 248 3604

Travel Center UK Head Office Opening Hours

Travel Center UK Opening Hours
Head Office  8am-10pm, 7 days a week

Travel Center UK Head Office Address

Travel Center UK Address
Head Office  38 LG Riding House Street,
London W1W 7ES,
United Kingdom

Travel Center UK – 0844 248 3492

Travel Center UK pride themselves on making sure they provide the safest and best-trusted travel products that can be offered at the best price to their customers. They make sure that all of the Travel Experts that work for them are aware of the measures that will be taken in-house to make sure their customers will enjoy a safe travel experience. Travel Center UK always work towards delivering the best planned worldwide travel products so that their customers will always have everything at the highest quality that can meet all of their desires at incredible rates.

Travel Center is a leading Pan-European travel brand from Moresand Ltd that has a cumulative travel experience from over three decades. It is known for having the most affordable and all-inclusive travel solutions, as they always make sure to use their wide travel network that they have established over many years to make sure their customers from both the UK and the rest of the world are always receiving the highest quality products that can be offered.

Travel Center own an ATOL certification that was issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, which therefore guarantees that the majority of their flight arrangements and also their flight-inclusive packages will be financially protected. Although some of the holiday packages and other travel services that they provide with third party suppliers aren’t considered under Travel Center’s ATOL protection, they make sure that all of the travel suppliers that they work for is a pioneer in their industry and has a proven track record of well-protected service delivery.

They are also an IATA accredited agent which means the company can have access to all leading international and domestic airlines that ensure fair and uniform standards while booking flights for their customers.  They have teamed up with over 150 leading airlines, 65,000 hotels, insurance companies and other travel suppliers to allow their client base to choose from the most impressive travel solutions, as they pride themselves on being the official travel agent for over 84 international airlines.

Flights – 0844 248 3495

Arranging for flights with Travel Center UK is incredibly easy if you visit their website. All the information you need to begin booking a flight with the company is the destinations you will be flying to and from, what cabin class you would like to fly in, the dates you will be departing and returning, what airline you would like to fly with and how many passengers there will be (including if they are adults, children or infants). With this, you can easily sort out all of the flight arrangements that you might need to make so that your travel can be easily and quickly arranged with a travel company that you can trust. When you browse their website, you can also look through the destinations that they have available for you to travel to, so that you can be sure your planned destination can be reached through Travel Center UK or, if you are just browsing, you can begin to get ideas of holiday destinations that you might want to travel to. You can also look at the airlines that Travel Center UK works with, which helps you to understand the service you may be offered and the possible airlines that you can fly with depending on where your destination will take you. With the chance to browse all of this, you can really be certain what kind of service you will be getting from Travel Center UK if you choose to book with them, so it is definitely ideal to browse their selection of travel options before booking.

Hotel – 0844 248 3496

If you are looking for a hotel somewhere, then you can browse through the hotels that Travel Center UK offer easily, by using their hotel booking taskbar that only asks for the city or airport that you will be going to, the dates of your intended check-in and check-out, how many rooms you will need to book and how many guests there will be in each room, including how many adults, children and infants there will be. From here they will direct you to all of the best deals and offers they have on the most luxury hotels they can find in the region you are searching for. With a wide variety of hotels to choose from, you should have the best chance to browse through an extensive selection of hotels, which will make choosing the location for your holiday or temporary stay much easier and appealing.

If you are looking to book both flights and hotels with Travel Center UK, it may be infinitely easier to browse their holiday’s options, as here you will have the opportunity to book your flights and hotel together and be able to find any offers and opportunities that you might miss if you book them separately. When you visit the holidays page, you can have the chance to book flights, hotels, or even flights, hotels and a car altogether. This can be incredibly useful for anyone who might be wanting to book their own personal transportation for their trip, which is good for both holidays and business trips, as it can sometimes be a lot easier and cheaper to rely on yourself for travel rather than public transport.

Travel Extras – 0844 248 3498

Travel Center UK offer multiple travel extra options when you visit their website. If you are visiting a country that requires a Visa to enter it, or you would like to find out if you will need a Visa before you travel somewhere then you can use their website to find out if you will have to apply, and what kind of Visa you may have to apply for. They also offer the chance to purchase travel money, as they will convert an amount of money over for you to the currency and amount that you wish for to travel with. The travel money option directs you to the currency club site which will provide you with amazing tourist exchange rates and will help you to know how much you should change.

When you look through the multiple options in Travel Center UK’s travel extras, you have the chance to find access to airport lounges, providing information on what each lounge will offer and the chance to buy access to the comfortable lounges while you wait for your flight, no matter what class you are flying in.

Travel Center UK also offer the opportunity to book for things like car hire for your holiday, which asks for details of the airport you will be arriving at, and what dates you will be arriving and departing, along with the time you will be dropping off and picking up your hire car and how old the driver of the car will be. You can also find the chance to book travel insurance for yourself and everyone who is travelling with you easily, as all you will have to do is fill out some simple information about you and your travel companions, and they will provide you with the best insurance options they can find for your situations.

Promotions – 0844 248 3604

Travel Center UK’s promotions page allows the company the chance to display the best promotions and offers they currently have available to their customers. All of these promotions include information on where the flight will be departing and arriving from, what airline they will be flying with and what number the prices start from. Promotions like this allow Travel Center UK to prioritise certain offers and flights as they can sell greater numbers of flights and holidays with offers and opportunities like those advertised, as well as offering many people the opportunity to find a flight at a reasonable price that they might not have been able to find or afford by themself.

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