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Trainline: Customer Services Contact Number – 0844 453 0167

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Trainline

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 10pm
Tuesday 8am 10pm
Wednesday 8am 10pm
Thursday 8am 10pm
Friday 8am 10pm
Saturday 8am 10pm
Sunday 8am 10pm
50 Farringdon Road
  • Business Name: Trainline
  • Phone Number: 0844 453 0167
  • Opening Times: 8am-10pm, every day
  • Head Office Address: 50 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3HE
  • Website:

The Trainline provides a service online and over the telephone selling tickets for travel on British train services. The company was created in 1997, with online ticket sales starting two years later in 1999. The Trainline was formerly part of the Virgin Group but is now owned by private investors, information of whom you cannot find online.

In the last eight years, the business has expanded rapidly after it was able to acquire its main competitor Qjump from the National Express Group in 2004. To this day, The Trainline is the leading independent retailer of train tickets online. Its services are accredited by the rail industry.

With some tickets costing a fraction of the upfront cost, commuters and travellers can purchase tickets months in advance for destinations all over the UK. Their most popular choice for ticket buyers is the Trainline website, a link to which you can find above.

If you have purchased tickets and are having issues, or you have a query for the Trainline team, call any of the helplines below.

Other Trainline Phone Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Trainline Customer Services 0844 453 0167 8am-6pm
Trainline Head Office Helpline 0844 249 1709 8am-6pm
Trainline Products and Services 0844 249 2011 8am-6pm
Trainline App Services 0844 249 2296 8am-6pm
Trainline Live Departures Helpline 0844 249 2297 8am-6pm
Trainline European Rail Services 0844 453 0167 8am-6pm

Trainline: Customer Services Contact Number - 0844 453 0167Trainline Customer Services 0844 453 0167

The Trainline prides itself on being able to help customers find the best deals relating to their travel needs. Some customers need tickets months in advance due to work commitments and predetermined travel dates. However, the company also understands that these dates and times can change over the course of time. If you need to talk to someone from the Trainline team about cancelling or postponing your travel, call the Trainline Customer Services and someone will aim to help you as fast as they can.

You can also use this number if you have general inquiries about the Trainline and their services. If you have a more complex question, you may find the numbers below are more suited to your needs.

Here at Customer Service Guru, you will always be directly connected to a human being, no automated services can be found on the site – and someone will always aim to help you directly.

Trainline Products and Services 0844 249 2011

The Trainline is an online booking forum for train journeys. If you wish to get live service updates for a train you have booked online, simply call the number above to be transferred to the Trainline Products and Services Helpline. The Trainline have also recently released a live departures board on their website. Here you can find out all about the departures from Train Stations all over the UK. This is great if you are aware or travel restrictions or halted journeys, and would like to keep yourself updated.

Alternatively, the Trainline provides services to people who wish to travel immediately by train but still, want great prices. Some of these services include the ability to book tickets for a specific journey online or over the phone, live departure and arrival information, live platform number information and the ability to plan your journey. Once you have planned your journey, you may be able to use website to find a hotel near to your destination. These can be found under the hotel tab on the website. Simply search your destination and find a number of hotels related to your destination. With the Trainline, you can also book hotel stays through the official website and receive confirmations straight to your email without having to print out anything.

If there are going to be any disruptions to your journey, you can rest assured that Trainline will elect to inform you of any interruptions via their website or the app as soon as possible. You may also receive an email with any disruptions if your services are booked in advance with the Trainline.

Trainline App Services 0844 249 2296

The Trainline offers apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices. It has a number of features, including:

  • The ability to plan journeys
  • Search for train times
  • Purchase tickets up to 10 minutes before boarding time
  • View the booking information for tickets that have been bought on your phone
  • See ticket information from web bookings
  • Get a list of nearby station list and maps
  • Get information about stations
  • Save your favourite and most regularly taken journeys
  • See your “next train home” – which shows you your next available train home from your current destination. Your location settings on your device must be switched on for this feature to work
  • See live departure boards and the live progress of your train on its current route. This is great for when you want those few extra minutes in the house without having to worry about missing trains which could be delayed
  • View the live departures board for the station nearest to you
  • Check the status of TfL tube, using live updates from the Trainline app
  • Save your results of journey plans to view offline when you need to the most


Trainline Live Departures Helpline 0844 249 2297

If you’re having any issues with your Trainline app, especially with the live departures section – you can use the helpline above to contact a member of the Trainline team who can help you fix any glitches you have.

If you are currently on the Trainline website and are having trouble using the live departures feature, this may be a glitch in the current coding. You can find immediate help with live departures for certain trains using the number above. If you are looking for the live departures board in order to track a number of times and departures, you can check the likes of the Trainline twitter account in order to find current and up to date information on troubles with the online system from Trainline. You can also Tweet the company directly about issues you are having on the site – someone from the Trainline social media team can help.

Trainline European Rail Services 0844 453 0167

With Trainline you can also book tickets to European destinations. Simply search the Trainline website for their European ticket offers. Here you can buy a ticket on the Eurostar to Paris, as well as other destinations throughout Europe such as Berlin. With these tickets, you can also use any travel pass you may have bought for UK rail services.

With its European services, Trainline combines the prices of Virgin, Eurostar, and may other well known European travel agencies, to give you the best price towards your tickets abroad. You will also be given the option of different timed trains and other forms of transport if a train is not available, such as coach and bus transfers.

In terms of Paris Travel, Trainline has teamed up with Paris Pass to ensure the best prices for you when you visit Paris. When you book everything separately with different tourist guides, you may be booking tickets at higher prices than you would like to pay. Paris Passes are can be bought through the Trainline, and ensures that you are paying the correct prices for your tourist attraction tickets. You can buy the Paris Pass for an all inclusive price which can change depending on your tourist agenda.

The best price for your plans will be available to you on the Trainline website. With the Paris Pass, you can skip the queues to most major attractions such as the Louvre and other amazing sites the city has to offer. You can also save money on metro travel and food with exclusive discounts to Paris Pass customers. For more information, or if you have an issue with your Paris Pass, you can contact the dedicated Paris Pass team from Trainline on the number above.

More about Trainline 0844 453 0167

The Trainline is an online booking forum for train journeys in the UK and around Europe. If you wish to get live service updates for a train you have booked online, simply call the number above to be transferred to the Trainline Products and Services Helpline. The Trainline have also recently released a live departures board on their website. Here you can find departure information for Train Stations all over the UK. This is great if you are aware or travel restrictions or halted journeys, and would like to keep yourself updated.

The company has a dedicated App, from which customers can see their tickets, scan codes and see live departures from their current location, as long as their location services are turned on. If you’re having any issues with your Trainline app, especially with the live departures section – then the helpline is available to assist you with anything.

Like many companies, Trainline has up to date social media accounts and the company even have a dedicated Instagram account. Customers can use these accounts to contact the social media team with any issues or questions regarding a service available from the Trainline. If problems occur when using any of the services from Trainline, we suggest trying to contact them on social media first and foremost.

If you have done so, and have yet to receive a reply from a member of the team, you can call a member of staff directly from any of the numbers above. If you have a general inquiry, you can call the Trainline Customer Service Team, the number of which you can find at the top of the screen. If you have a more specific query, they will connect you to the correct department who can deal with your query. You can also call any of the departments above. Again, if a member of the team knows the correct department to connect you too, they will transfer you.

If a letter of complaint is your preferred method, instead of talking to someone over the phone, then please address it to the head office after you have written it, including your name and contact details. Once your letter of complaint has been received, you can expect a response within twelve working days.



Kadiatu Kanneh

I have the online app (mobile) and need an any bank card collection as I buy lots of train tickets for my children at university. How do I arrange this?

Michael Crawshaw

i coontract trainline on monday to have a refund for 30th December 2017 and 2rd january 2017 my ticked was ££18.60 each way that was £37.20 the train said i will get £17.00 thery said £10.00 for the ticked they thery and bak two lots of £10.00 that is not on that lots of money i would like if you could look in to this for me has i am not happy i would uesding train again

Carol Faries

Today 18th Nov 2017 I travelled 1st Class Virgin Train from Euston to Limestreet Liverpool departing at 10.07am. Unfortunately the train was so full they had to abandon the First Class Service I was told I would be eligible for a refund please be kind enough to look into this request for me. Thank you


Just spent 51 minutes on the phone waiting for someone to answer only to check on this page and to find out that the helpline closed at 10pm!! Its now 22:38. Surely they should have informed that the helpline was closed. Way to make more money!


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