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Ticketmaster: Customer Services Contact Number – 0843 658 0898

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Ticketmaster

Day Opens Closes
Monday 09.00 18.00
Tuesday 09.00 18.00
Wednesday 09.00 18.00
Thursday 09.00 18.00
Friday 09.00 18.00
Saturday 09.00 18.00
Sunday 09.00 18.00
Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
9348 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills
Los Angeles
  • Business Name: Ticketmaster
  • Phone Number: 0843 658 0898
  • Opening Times: 9am-6pm
  • Head Office Address: Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., 9348 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Website:

Ticketmaster is the UK’s primary events coordination and ticketing agency, operating largely online and promoting events of all sorts all across the UK. From gigs and concerts, to festivals, sporting events, ticketed speeches, talks and seminars, if tickets are involved, Ticketmaster is involved.

No matter what the event is, Ticketmaster can get you in, so if you like getting your kicks, you’ll need them. As a result, if you’re any kind of fan of any kind of thing, it’s possible that you will wind up calling the Ticketmaster customer contact number at some point, for any number of reasons. When the time comes, you’ll know what to do – you’ll be able to pick up the phone and call the customer service numbers on this page, get straight through to the Ticketmaster customer service department and resolve your issue with ease! Hopefully.

If you would like to contact Ticketmaster regarding general inquiries or to make a complaint you can the customer service team to speak to an advisor on 0843 557 3674


Ticketmaster Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Ticketmaster Customer Services 0843 658 0898
Ticketmaster Head Office 0843 557 3674
Ticketmaster Deliveries 0844 248 2168
Ticketmaster Services 0844 248 2169
Ticketmaster Complaints 0844 248 2171
Ticketmaster Careers 0844 248 2172
Ticketmaster Speak to a Human 0843 178 3846

Ticketmaster Customer Service – 0843 658 0898

As the UK’s premier events promoter and ticket sales agency, basically every ticketed UK event goes through Ticketmaster. From Lady Gaga’s latest sold-out tour, to the nostalgia bombs of Robbie Williams, the fury of professional American wrestling, the roar and drama of heavyweight boxing championships and the shredding and screeching of the deepest, blackest metal that Hell can provide, Ticketmaster are there, with the tickets you’ll need to get past the burly security guards.

As a result, you may eventually need to contact Ticketmaster, for one reason or another. For example, if you have bought a ticket and it hasn’t turned up, or if you received the wrong tickets for an event, or the wrong date. If your ticket has defects on it or has not arrived at all, you may also need to call – or your call could simply be for information-gathering purposes, and nothing more traumatic than that. Perhaps you simply need to know more about an event, or about a ticketing service. Maybe you’re scoping out Ticketmaster as a potential employer. Maybe you’re asking questions to carry out some sort of ticket heist.

Whatever your reasons for calling, you can get in touch with the Ticketmaster customer service department quickly and easily using the number listed above on this page, or via any of the social media found below. You can also use a traditional post-service approach to carry a literal physical letter to the Ticketmaster head offices – although, in the event that you are getting in touch regarding and approaching event, it may be wise to choose a faster, more immediate contact method, like the contact phone line found on this page, or the internet-based options available at the bottom of the site.

Ultimately, the contact phone number is the fastest and most effective way to get in touch, and by far the surest method to assuage your doubts and resolve your issues. A conversation cannot be resumed after some weeks, the way a correspondence can. It cannot be misplaced or misdirected. It simply is.

Ticketmaster: Customer Services Contact Number - 0843 557 3674


Ticketmaster Head Office – 0843 557 3674

If you need to get in touch with the Ticketmaster customer service number, you may also find it worthwhile to look into the advantages of calling the head office. With a customer services department of its own, the Ticketmaster head office is located in picturesque West California, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, in the politically wracked and wrought United States of America, located in the northern hemisphere of the western hemisphere of the planet Earth.

Originally founded in Hollywood due to its incredible diversity of live performances and events, Ticketmaster quickly realised the potential in its earliest forays into events promotion and ticketing, which, in those days, were entirely based around telephone orders and magazine advertising, since the internet was still simply a DARPA communications network, as yet unknown to the general population.

When the internet did burst onto the scene, Ticketmaster were on it like a fox on an isolated chicken, grabbing it with both hands and riding it right to the top of the heap. With a new, much faster method of communicating with both venues and customers, Ticketmaster were able to establish themselves as the go-to ticket sales agency on the global scene, and even today, they are the first to be notified of upcoming ventures by live performers and events organisers of all stripes and from all corners.

The Ticketmaster head office is the perfect choice for calling if you can’t get the help you need from a standard Ticketmaster customer service representative or mobile agent, since it is home to much more capable and authoritative company executives and live performance engineers from all sides of the spectrum – the hub of all Ticketmaster’s events, the nerve centre of their operation. Therefore, the experts there are more likely to be able to help you than any ordinary customer service representative. However, don’t simply skip over the normal customer service department – doing so may simply result in being bumped back down to the bottom of the heap for wasting the time of more powerful executives.

Instead, if you call the customer service department, they will put you through to head office executives upon your request or after you cannot resolve your issue or adequately answer your enquiry with them.

Ticketmaster Services – 0844 248 2169

Ticketmaster is, simply put, the largest and most pervasive tickets service on this good earth. From Hollywood to London, from Beijing to Toronto, and from Delhi to Amway, if there’s an event on, and tickets are required to enter that event, Ticketmaster will be there, a fistful of tickets in one hand, a big smile and a bundle of change ready to go.

The basic function of Ticketmaster is to act as a go-between for ticket sales, lubricating the narrowest crevices between the customer and the venue or organiser, so that the customers find it as easy as possible to buy tickets, and the organisers find it as easy as possible to sell them.

Every aspect of the purchase of these tickets is available online, and can be viewed on the Ticketmaster website. Several options are available to personalise your order, and once it is complete, your tickets will be delivered to you in one of two ways.

If the event demands specific physical tickets, you will have to provide Ticketmaster with your physical address, to which they will deliver the specialised tickets, usually printed in such a way as to make them very difficult to forge and used by high-brow or exclusive venues.

If the event does not demand such stricture and instead prefers simple, breezy efficiency, you will be able to print your ticket yourself at any printer, assuming you have a connection to the internet, which we assume you do have since you bought the tickets in the first place.

Once the tickets have been bought, a downloadable .pdf version will be sent to your provided email address, which you can then print at your leisure and present in physical hard-copy form at the event. As most events mark tickets with a stamp or by tearing them, it is not possible to simply show your smartphone with the .pdf of the ticket on it, as a smartphone cannot be torn a little bit by door staff to show that it’s been used already, and in any case, the .pdf could be duplicated by thieves and jackals.

Your reasons to call the Ticketmaster customer service contact number may also include, but will not be limited to:

  • Buying tickets for an event which you are interested in attending
  • Making enquiries into events which you are interested in attending, provided that that event will be ticketed
  • Making enquiries into the dates, times, and locations of Ticketmaster events
  • To change an aspect of an order you have made, such as your address
  • To register a complaint against Ticketmaster for whatever reason
  • To report an issue with ticketing
  • To report an issue with the Ticketmaster website
  • Leaving feedback for the Ticketmaster team
  • Making a request for ticketing at a specific kind of event
  • Requesting a refund or reimbursement
  • Making a complaint

Ticketmaster Complaints – 0844 248 2171

If worst comes to worst, you may need to actually register a complaint against Ticketmaster. This is not uncommon – millions upon millions of tickets are sold every year, and if even a tiny fraction of a percentage point of those require a complaint, that’s still hundreds of thousands of complaints.

You may be calling to complaint about the service received online; about the quality of the Ticketmaster website service and experience; about the way you were treated by a member the Ticketmaster staff; the price of the tickets; tickets not arriving or turning up late, wrong, or damaged; or any number of other reasons.

Whatever your reason for complaining, you can do so easily and quickly on the Ticketmaster customer contact number, which has a dedicated section of its customer service department entirely based around the prospect of handling a complaint as effectively and completely as possible. This makes it by far the quickest, least stressful and most direct way to get in touch with Ticketmaster concerning a complaint, considerably beating the speed of mail, the responsiveness of social media and the stress levels of storming into the offices in person.

The agents on the other end of the Ticketmaster phone lines are experts in handling complaints, and have years of experience between them in making sure that customers walk away from any interaction with Ticketmaster feeling vindicated, satisfied, and comfortably full. Each of the customer service departments used by Ticketmaster is also a complaints centre, as the two are inseperably linked, and interdependent on one another. Therefore you know that when you phone the ticketmaster complaints line on the number listed above, you’ll be able to get through to an experienced professional who knows their trade, knows what they are doing and knows how to resolve your issue – or, at the very least, how to ensure that you leave feeling as though the issue has been comfortably replaced in your mind with a feeling of satisfaction.

Ticketmaster Speak to a Human – 0843 178 3846

Sometimes, you just want to speak to a human being. This is understandable, call 0843 178 3846 and we will connect you with a human who can assist you with any issues you are having with the Ticketmaster service.

Ticketmaster Social Media

Ticketmaster Facebook:

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Ticketmaster Online:


Stuart beck

Been calling for nearly a full day and keep getting disconnected, I have a valid query and need to speak to someone ASAP

B chatwin

contacting ticketmaster is impossible by phone.
Will never book with ticketmaster again

B chatwin

Ticketmaster customer services is useless. Unable to make any real contact at all.
Will never book with ticketmaster again

c cunningham

I have been trying to contact Ticketmaster to book accessible tickets. The whole system is a joke, unless you want to pay them money they are not interested in speaking to you. I will buy my tickets from another company and I suggest others do the same unless you enjoy being given the runaround. Perhaps when their ticket sales fall they will get their act together. Your actions DO count. Do NOT use Ticketmaster!


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