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Opening Times for Thameslink

Day Opens Closes
Monday 7am 10pm
Tuesday 7am 10pm
Wednesday 7am 10pm
Thursday 7am 10pm
Friday 7am 10pm
Saturday 7am 10pm
Sunday 7am 10pm
Govia Thameslink Railway
PO Box 10240
LE65 9EB

0844 257 4566

Contact Thameslink on 0844 257 4566 to speak with the Thameslink customer services department. The network is a 24-hour train route with 115 stations. Govia Thameslink Railway operates the trains, which run through central London. Thameslink connects Bedford, Cambridge, Luton, and Peterborough to London as well as Brighton, Horsham, and Sevenoaks. The ongoing Thameslink Programme is a project to upgrade it.

Thameslink Contact Numbers

Contact Thameslink on any day of the week by ringing the following numbers.

Phone Number Opening Times
Customer Services
0844 257 4566 (Mon – Fri) 7am – 10pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 10pm
Thameslink Tickets
0844 257 4568 (Mon – Fri) 7am – 10pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 10pm
Thameslink Key Smartcard
0844 257 4569 (Mon – Fri) 7am – 10pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 10pm
Thameslink Lost Property
0844 257 4570 (Mon – Fri) 7am – 10pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 10pm
Thameslink Compensation
0844 257 4571 (Mon – Fri) 7am – 10pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 10pm
Thameslink Complaints
0844 257 4572 (Mon – Fri) 7am – 10pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 10pm

Thameslink Customer Services

Contact Thameslink by calling 0844 257 4566 to connect to customer services. They can answer queries about their train services and help you to plan a journey. Enquire about accessibility for wheelchairs, bikes, or prams. Or enquire about station locations, opening hours, and facilities. This includes their toilets, ticket office, and parking. Call to check train times and disruptions or to find out how to appeal against penalties.

Thameslink Tickets

To get help with buying a ticket to travel on the Thameslink, call 0844 257 4568. Find out more about the types of tickets available, including season tickets. Or find out more about how to get discounts on tickets, from Off-Peak fares to Student Connect. If you end up not using a ticket, you can claim a refund. However, they will charge a fee of £10. Call to enquire about the Money Back Guarantee when you are buying tickets.

Thameslink Key Smartcard

The Key Smartcard makes it easier to buy and renew tickets when you frequently travel via Thameslink. It is free to register, but call 0844 257 4569 if you need help with getting a Key Smartcard. Call if you lose it and they will block the card and send you a replacement with your tickets still on it. You can enquire about adding KeyGo to your Smartcard if it will benefit you, or how Auto Delay Repay works when you have one.

Thameslink Lost Property

If you leave any of your belongings on a Thameslink train or at a station, you should contact them to see if their lost property department can find the forgotten item. Call 0844 257 4570 to find out how to submit a lost property form. You will need to provide details such as a description of the item and times and dates of travel. For mobile phones, you must provide the IMEI number. They will contact you if they find the item.

Thameslink Compensation

There is a Delay Repay scheme in place so that you can claim compensation if your service is more than 15 minutes late. You can claim compensation for cancellations and delays unless they result from planned engineering works. Call 0844 257 4571 for assistance with a compensation claim and receiving a refund. You must provide evidence of the journey such as a ticket or receipt and apply for compensation in writing.

Thameslink Complaints

You should speak to the staff at the station or onboard the train at the time if something is a cause for complaint. Complain about faults as soon as possible so that Thameslink can fix them. This might be a problem with a station or train service, from mistreatment by staff to the quality of facilities. Complain by calling Thameslink on 0844 257 4572 if using their services has an unexpectedly negative impact on you.

Other Ways to Contact Thameslink

Thameslink offers updates and general support 24/7 from their Twitter page. If you would rather contact Thameslink privately, or your issue is more complicated, then you could send an e-mail instead. The e-mail address is They aim to respond within 5 working days, but this may take longer. Alternatively, you might choose to write a letter to Thameslink at their address on the left.

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