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All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Sky

Day Opens Closes
Monday 7am 11pm
Tuesday 7am 11pm
Wednesday 7am 11pm
Thursday 7am 11pm
Friday 7am 11pm
Saturday 7am 11pm
Sunday 7am 11pm
Sky Business
Grant Way

0844 826 8666

You can contact the Customer Services by dialling 0844 826 8666 where they can help with payments, your account, as well as Sky Box Office issues.

Speak to a Sky Advisor

Call the number 0844 826 8666 to speak to a Sky advisor straight away. When you call this number you’ll be connected to the customer service team who can assist with any questions you have regarding your package. You can phone this number to make changes to your current package with Sky, or cancel it if you so wish.

Sky Connection Numbers:

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0844 826 8666 7am-11pm
7 days a week
Sky Contact Number UK 0800 0800 151 2747 7am-11pm
7 days a week
Sky Box Office Contact 0844 826 8012 7am-11pm
7 days a week
Complaints Line 0844 249 2653 7am-11pm
7 days a week
Sky Tech Support 0844 249 2654 7am-11pm
7 days a week
Payments 0844 249 2655 7am-11pm
7 days a week
Sky Protect 0844 249 2656 7am-11pm
7 days a week

Sky contact number UK 0800

Avoid charges when calling Sky by using the freephone number 0800 151 2747, where you can speak to an advisor regarding your current package, or find a deal to sign up to Sky.

Sky Customer Services

There are many reasons you may want to contact the Sky customer services department such as discussing different TV, broadband, mobile or talk packages, if you need to cancel your Sky subscription, you want to discuss the programming with Sky such as a programme was on at a time which you consider to be unacceptable or indecent, you were offended by a programme’s nudity, violence, blasphemy, libel against the memory of the dead or you want to know information about a programme such as when it will be aired etc. Get in touch with the customer services department on 0844 826 8666.

Sky Box Office Contact

Phone the number 0844 826 8012 to get through to the customer service team who can help with the Sky Box Office. You might want to phone this number to book the next Sky Box Office Event, where you can add it to your next bill in either standard or HD definition.

If you have booked for a Sky Box Office programme to be watched on your Sky Box, but the programme is not working you can phone the number above to report the problem and get it amended quickly.

Sky Complaints Line

If you need to make a complaint against Sky, then you may find it helpful to call 0844 249 2653 to be directed to the Sky complaints department. The Sky complaints team will listen to your complaint and take appropriate actions, they may offer you some compensation for the issue or bad experience you have had with the company to keep your business. You will need any account information as well as your personal information such as name and date of birth and a thorough description of what the problem is or what happened during the negative experience.

Sky Tech Support

For assistance with your Sky package, you can phone the number 0844 249 2654 where they will be able to provide support for the technology you pay for. When you phone this number the technical support staff will be able to talk you through problems you’re having with your Sky TV, your Sky Broadband or your Sky Mobile. If you explain the issue you’re having, they might be able to help you through with a step by step guide on what to do with your particular problem.

Sky Payments

You can contact the Sky payments department to discuss any payments that have not been able to be processed, you have some outstanding payments on your account, you need to change your billing information or you are due a refund/reimbursement and would like to check up on the payment or inquire about why you have not received it yet. You can get in touch with the Sky payments department by dialling 0844 249 2655 and a member of the team will be able to help you with any issues listed above or any other questions you have about your payment to Sky.

Sky Protect

If you’d like to contact the Sky Protect team you can use the phone number 0844 249 2656. When you call this number they can help you to get Sky Protect put into place for your devices such as your TV, games consoles, as well as your Sky TV products. You can find out what it covers, the cost involved and how you can claim for your Sky Protect.

If you need to make a claim on your Sky Protect you can also phone this number to start this process, there will be a series of questions that you need to answer to get this started.

If you’d like to make changes to your Sky Protect cover or would like to cancel it you can also phone this number to do this.

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