Sky Cancellation Customer Phone Number

0844 826 8012

Companies rarely make it easy for you to cancel your contracts with them and Sky were no exception, however following recent pressure they have now decided to make the cancellation process much easier, all you have to do is call the cancellation line above and one of their advisers will process your cancellation for you.

Useful Sky Numbers:

SKYPhone Numbers
Sky Head Office0844 826 8012
Cancellations0844 826 8012
Complaints0844 826 8012

Why Might I Use The Sky Cancellation Helpline?

The phone number to cancel Sky is at your disposal for any number of reasons. These could include any of the following:

  • You are unhappy with the television, broadband or phone services
  • A Sky package is too expensive
  • You have found a better offer elsewhere
  • You no longer use their service

You can also use this number to speak to the Sky Customer Service team for help with:

  • Technical support regarding your Sky products and services.
  • To query a bill or pay an outstanding bill.
  • To change your address.
  • Reporting a problem with your service, such as a loss in TV reception or poor broadband connection.
  • To switch broadband providers.
  • To get technical help and advice on managing your connection.

Sky Cancellation Opening Hours

DepartmentOpening Hours
Cancellations8.30am-11.30pm, 7 days a week

Sky Head Office Address

DepartmentHead Office
Sky Head OfficeGrant Way, Isleworth TW7 5QD

You can also contact Sky on their website, via email or via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

More Information About The Sky Customer Cancellation Service

Opening Hours
The Sky customer service helpline is available from 7am until 11pm 7 days a week.

Sky offers a variety of packages including television, telephone and broadband internet. These can also come as one complete bundle. If you wish to cancel one or all of these services for any reason, you can contact Sky’s team who are trained specifically to deal with such requests. There are several ways that you can go about it: the ‘Cancel Sky’ phone number, which is the quickest and most immediate option, or you could send an e-mail or letter to the team, but this will take significantly longer to process.Sky customer service contact number

The subscription will be cancelled within at least a month of your cancellation request. If you are on a contract and wish to cut it off before the end of the contract, there may be an extra fee involved.

If you are looking to get a free upgrade from Sky threatening cancellation then this is the number to use. However be careful as Sky only have a limited number of upgrades
they can give out to people who are threatening to cancel so you may end up with no upgrade and a cancelled account. You can cancel your cancellation
within three months of your request if this does happen though. If you are looking to cancel your subscription you may realise that cancelling your Sky subscription is routinely quite a difficult thing to do for many customers as Sky seem to do everything in their power to make it very tough to leave them. If you are finding that you are having great difficulty terminating your contract then it is worth reading the article we put together which details exactly how to go about getting your Sky subscription terminated, you can read it here.

Cancel Sky TV

A minimum of 31 days is required to cancel your Sky TV subscription. You will usually have full access to TV services until midnight on the final day of your notice period. Sky do bill customers a month in advance, so you might still be billed for the full month ahead, but your account will correct itself and you will be refunded for any payments made after cancellation. If you are within your cancellation period and you wish to keep the subscription, you can use the interactive function on your Sky remote to do this; simply select My Account and follow the instructions on the screen. You can also use the contact number on this page to speak to an advisor about staying on as a Sky customer.

Leaving Sky

If you have been a Sky customer within the last 12 months and you wish to re-subscribe, it’s really easy to do so. You’ll also get exciting exclusive offers if you are a recent customer, making it even more enticing to go back to Sky. You can view the exclusive offers by logging into the Sky website using your former Sky ID.

About Sky

Sky is a British satellite broadcasting, telephone and broadband company headquartered in London, England. Its full name is British Sky Broadcasting Group plc. It was formed in November 1990 with the merging of Sky Television and BSkyB. It is currently the largest paid-for TV broadcaster with over 10 million subscribers. It offers a variety of sports and entertainment channels as well as its own video on demand service Sky Go.


Which Sky Channels are 3D?

Sky no longer specifically has a 3D channel; this closed down in 2013. If you have a 3D capable TV, you will still be able to access 3D content such as movies on the conventional channels – the Sky TV directory will show whether they will be shown in 2D or 3D so you won’t be rudely surprised when you start watching!

Which Sky package includes Eurosport? Sky eurosport

Some customers have been reporting concerns that sports bundles do not include Eurosport. This is because Eurosport is actually included as part of the Variety bundle. If you are concerned about Eurosport being included in your Sky package, you can either specifically target it with the variety bundle or add it to your sports bundle as an aftermarket extra – a customer add-on that the customer service aces on the other end of the Sky customer service phone number can arrange for you.

What Sky channel is Game of Thrones on?

Game of Thrones can be found on Sky Atlantic, which has the exclusive rights to show HBO shows in the UK. For the first episode of season 6, it was simulcast with HBO in the USA, so UK based fans could watch it at 2am.

How Sky Multiroom works:

You can watch a different Sky channel on each TV in your house at the same time, using Sky Multiroom. It costs £12 extra per month. Please note that the limit on recording shows or films is still the same, even with multiroom – you can’t record twice as many things at the same time despite being able to watch them all at the same time on different TV screens.

What Sky Sports channel is WWE on?

The WWE Wrestling can usually be found on Sky Sports 5. During large-scale events like Wrestlemania, you can find entire channels dedicated to WWE wrestling coverage, which will be showing the matches and commentary all day. These channels are part of the Sky Sports package and adapt themselves regularly to the largest sporting events currently ongoing.

How can I cancel Sky without calling?

Cancelling Sky without phoning is a particularly common request, and unfortunately not one that has a satisfactory answer. The Sky cancellation phone lines are notoriously difficult to navigate, and staffed with customer service reps who will attempt to retain you as a customer rather than simply registering your wish to leave. While this can be a good thing when you’re bluffing for a better deal, if you actually want to cancel, it’s a nightmare. Cancelling Sky without calling them would avoid this, but the cancellation system is set up so you must call in to cancel, making your dream of finding out how to cancel Sky without phoning stay a dream. If you want to cancel Sky, you can go directly through to their cancellations department by calling the Sky Cancellation Phone Number, 0844 826 0685.

How can I cancel my direct debit for Sky?

If you are wondering how to cancel a direct debit with Sky, it’s the same as any other cancellation – you simply need to access your bank account, find your direct debits, and cancel the one going to Sky. However, please do not do this except as part of a last resort, and if you are willing to undergo legal action. You signed a contract with Sky to provide services in exchange for your subscription fee, and early termination will likely be in violation of the terms of your contract.

If you successfully cancelled your contract with Sky, but they didn’t cancel the direct debit, by all means remove the direct debit. If you did not successfully cancel your contract, do not cancel the direct debit unless you are willing to undergo legal action over breach of contract. As part of an ongoing battle with Sky, you may be prepared to do this, but we cannot recommend it.

What happens if I cancel Sky multiroom?

If you cancel your Sky multiroom package, you will be notified of a date when the package will expire and stop working – which is usually 31 days, as that is the standard notice period adopted by Sky on all cancellations. Until that date, you’re free to keep watching in as many rooms as your multiroom deal extends to. Once the date passes, your main Sky box – the one installed originally, or designated as such when the multiroom package was being installed, will continue functioning normally, while the secondary rooms will be deactivated and no longer function. Sky also bills customers for the month in advance, so if you cancel your subscription too close to the billing date, you may still be billed the £12 for multiroom for the upcoming month. You will, however, be refunded any extra charges as your account corrects itself. This may take a week or two – if you’ve waited and you haven’t been refunded the subscription fee yet, you can call the Sky customer care line on 0844 826 0685 and report the problem. The customer care team on the other side of the line should be able to resolve the issue for you without trouble.

What channels will still be available if I cancel Sky?

Since Sky is a TGV broadcaster first and foremost, it will provide the vast majority of your TV channels. If you cancel Sky, unless you have another TV broadcast provider already there, you will be restricted to the terrestrial TV channels BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel Four and Channel 5.

Arranging to replace Sky with another TV provider like BT TV, Virgin Media TV or replacing your providers entirely with web streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and their rapidly-expanding companions will allow you to avoid TV channels altogether and instead just watch the shows, films and broadcasts that interest you.

How to cancel a Sky Engineer visit

If you’ve arranged a visit from a Sky Engineer and that visit is no longer required, if you’ve realised you need ot reschedule or if the problem resolved itself, you can cancel by calling the Sky customer services phone number and talking to the staff on the other end of the line. This line is always open and is available on 0844 826 8666Simply give them the details of the appointment, tell them that you want to cancel it, and ask for confirmation as an email or a letter when it has been cancelled. That way, you’ll know the engineer won’t be turning up unexpectedly due to crossed wires!

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