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Sky Cancellation Number – 0844 826 8666

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Sky

Day Opens Closes
Monday 7am 11pm
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Sky Business
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Out of all the subscription-based companies in the world, it could be said with some certainty that none of them want their customers to leave, forfeiting their subscriptions and taking their money and their support with them. However, while all of these companies may engage in a little harmless tomfoolery every once in a while to persuade customers to hang around, few go as far as Sky, the telecoms and broadcasting giant sometimes known more for its occasionally unacceptable customer retention tactics than it is for its programming and broadcasts.

That is to say, some companies work to prevent customers from leaving, and some work to make leaving into enough of an ordeal that the customer can’t follow through or will be demoralised enough to stop trying. For a time, it may have been unclear to outside observers as to which camp Sky belonged; but after phenomenal corrective pressure from Ofcom, and a complete journalistic investigation by the investigative journalists of The Telegraph, one of Britain’s foremost centre-right leaning newspaper establishments, which investigated the obstructive habits of the company, the Sky itself has been brought to heel.

With a reworked cancellation process, made significantly more solvent and navigable by good use of open pathways and the removal of pitfalls and barriers, it’s a simple matter of calling the Sky Cancellation number – which is here listed as  0844 826 8012  and reporting your desire to cancel to a customer service agent there. Once that is complete, you’ll be transferred to Retentions, and while, in the past, they would obstruct, run around, avoid, place traps and problems in your path, distract, evade and bamboozle, they will now simply try reasonably hard but not inhumanly hard to prevent you from leaving.

After a bit of back-and-forth, a pantomime designed to fulfil their loyalties and oaths without causing disaster, you will be able to disconnect from Sky. Don’t be discouraged by their initial reluctance! They are simply pressure-testing your commitment to leaving. If your heart is pure and your intentions are noble, and you stand unflinching before them, you will be rewarded with No Longer Being Subscribed to Sky.

Sky Cancellation Connection Numbers (and Other Sky Connection Numbers)

Department Contact Number
Sky Cancellation 0844 826 8666
Sky Head Office 0844 826 8012
Sky Complaints Line 0844 249 2653
Sky Accounts Management Number 0844 249 2654
Sky Programming Contact Number 0844 249 2655
Sky Customer Contact Number 0844 249 2656
Sky Customer Services 0844 249 2657

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Sky departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Sky Cancellation – 0844 826 8666

In the past, the Sky cancellation line was a difficult cookie to crack, with seemingly endless pitfalls for a customer who wanted to unsubscribe from Sky and live their own lives free of its programming and broadcasting ways. Indeed, their pernicious trickery was so abundant, so repetitious and so intense that Ofcom, the communications watchdog for the UK and surrounding countries, were forced to intervene. In addition to this, a full investigation was carried out by the intrepid corporate journalists at The Telegraph, the UK’s premier telegraph-themed newspaper, which concluded that Sky’s obstructive cancellation practices were indeed obstructive, and were less involved with cancellation than they were with retention at any cost. All this palaver was not for nothing, and Sky have since updated their cancellation policy to make it more accessible and available to the masses, with decreased emphasis on capturing and frustrating customers, and more emphasis placed on allowing customers to leave of their own free will whenever they choose to do so, taking their subscriptions and their money with them.

If you need to cancel your Sky subscription, then, you no longer need to worry about being met with an immovable wall of obstruction and delay; nor with a morass of distraction and diversion -instead, if you call the Sky Cancellation Phone Number, listed on this page as 0844 826 8666, then you will be put through to the Sky staff most able to help you with your problems.

Of course, they will first attempt to retain you as a customer, transferring you to the Retentions department, who will then attempt to resolve the issues which have lead to your cancellation. This may not be in an attempt to keep you as a customer – despite the name, the Retentions Department may simply be collecting information so that the company as a whole may learn from their inability to retain you and adapt to help retain other customers. In short, the retentions department may be attempting to retain you, or they may be attempting to learn from you to retain others; but in either case, it may be worth your time to listen to them and see what they can do for you. In some cases, they will be able to mitigate or completely offset the issues which have lead to your desire for cancellation, making it unnecessary to complete the cancellation; completing their duty to you as a retentions team. In other cases, they will fail to rectifiy the issues you have suffered, losing you as a customer but learning for the future; completing their duty to mankind’s constant search for knowledge and meaning.

If you want to Cancel Sky, call 0844 826 8666 any time between the hours of 7am (that is, 7 in the morning or 7 hours after midnight) and 11pm (that is, 11 at night or 1 hour before midnight).

Sky Head Office – 0844 826 8012

For some problems, simply calling a customer service line won’t do; and for some cancellations, just phoning and cancelling won’t cancel hard enough for what you need. You need to send a message. You need to be heard by the bigwigs up top, the guys in charge, the corporate executives and experts who wouldn’t bat an eye at a normal cancellation. No, you want to cancel Sky, and you want to do it big. Well, my friend, you’re in luck: you’re about to discover the secret to being heard by the head office for Sky, and that secret is this: phone the head office of Sky and talk to them.

Well, you must be thinking, how can such a thing be possible for one, such as yourself, who does not know the telephone number for the head office at Sky? You could always try random telephone numbers until you got the right one and were connected to the Sky Head Office, but by current estimates you would need to systematically phone 844,826,8013 numbers before you got the right one, assuming you began by phoning “0000000000” and progressing in linear fashion from there. That’s almost 8458 million phone numbers, or 8.4 billion numbers, with the technique of linear progression being one of the most popular for cracking of codes and deciphering of unknown numbers. With 8 and a half billion numbers to call, it would take approximately a million years for you to reach the right number, so some other method of divination must be employed before you can successfully decipher the code. The trick is to know the number already, or to discover it somehow without having to experiment and uncover it for yourself from nothing.

Now we’re getting somewhere! All you need to do is find out where the number is hidden, and you can call it and reach the Sky head office!

You could, at this point, begin putting coloured pins in a map of the world, staking out the homes of call centre professionals or interrogating suspects who may know The Number, but we’ll save you the time.

The number is 0844 826 8012.

Now that you know that, you can get in touch with the Sky head office by using a telephone.

The Sky head office is also useful if you are having trouble with your cancellation, or you want to register a complaint about the cancellation process. You may also wish to call the Sky head office to ask to speak to the manager, or to brandish Ofcom again.

Sky Complaints Line – 0844 249 2653

If you need to make a complaint against Sky, as some people have in the past, then you may find it helpful to call the above number and be connected directly to the Sky complaints department. Working closely with the retentions department, the complaints department at Sky doesn’t exist just to satisfy the honour of enraged customers, but to better the company as a whole, acting as a sensory and diagnostic unit for the corporation as a whole. Your complaint may spur a change in policy that will result in an overhaul of Sky’s policy on some matters, or you may be offered free goodies and other compensation as recompense for your issues.

Sky Accounts Management Number – 0844 249 2654

You don’t necessarily want to cancel your Sky subscription, you just want to manage it a little. Maybe you’re looking to change some details, or alter the agreement. Maybe you want to change the subscription you have to include different channels, different arrangements, or an update to your details reflecting a change of name, of address, or of species.

In order to do all of that, you’ll need access to some sort of accounts management service, and luckily for you, that exact service is available – all you need to do is call the Sky head office on the number listed above, and you will be connected to the accounts management department for Sky. From there, you’ll be able to change your details or settings without having to actually unsubscribe. Easy!

Sky Programming Contact Number – 0844 249 2655

If you want to discuss programming with the team at Sky, you can do so by calling the Programming Contact Number found above. You may wish to do this for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • A programme was on at a time which you consider to be unacceptable or indecent
  • You were offended by a programme’s nudity
  • You were offended by a programme’s violence
  • You were offended by a programme’s blasphemy
  • You were offended by a programme’s libel against the memory of the dead
  • You were offended by a programme’s subtextual urgings for you to commit treason
  • You were offended by a programme’s lack of nudity, violence or other horrors
  • You have a fantastic idea for a TV show that Sky could air
  • You have a pitch to make concerning Sky programming
  • You want to know whether Sky is going to pick up Game of Thrones any time soon

Sky Customer Service Number – 0844 249 2656

Knowing Sky, you may need to call them for any reason during your subscription period. These reasons may have to do with programming, accounts, cancellation, billing, coverage, or any other aspect of Sky customership. Most of these are covered by alternative specialist numbers elsewhere on this page, but if you feel that your query or problem doesn’t fit in anywhere else, then you can call the number above for general customer services.

Popular Questions About Cancelling Sky

Why might I call the Sky Cancellation Helpline?

Your reasons to cancel your Sky subscription, a service that, up until now, was worthy of your money, are yours, and are a sigil of your sovereign right as a human being to make your own decisions; unless you are some sort of convicted prisoner or a member of some form of restrictive religious or philosophical order, that choice should be sacred to you, and should never be impugned upon. Therefore, you have the right to choose between broadcasters, or even to choose not to watch TV at all, to the immense shock of the general public – in the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, perhaps not so mad a plan as it once was. In fact, this choice of who to patronise with your wallet in hand, or who not to patronise, is the very basis of free market capitalism, and, with it, western political values: the Free Market will decide; The People will Vote With Their Wallets.

If you want to Vote With Your Wallet and contribute to Capitalism, you can do so by unsubscribing to any service which you don’t feel deserves your money, and if you feel that Sky no longer qualifies as “deserving of your money,” then you can unsubscribe by calling the Sky Cancellation Helpline found on this page, thereby bettering your life by the exercise of your free will and helping Sky to adapt to the new conditions of public attitude via your small “vote”, here expressed by the removal of your subscription. No matter what Sky subscription you are currently subscribed to, you can enjoy an excellent unsubscribing experience, or a positively riveting cancellation extravaganza, by calling the Sky cancellation number listed on this page.

If you find yourself less than impressed with the audio-visual experiences offered by Sky in the form of its television packages, or you think that the broadband is not up to scratch and you wish to disconnect yourself, or you can’t stand the Sky telephone experience any more and you want to hang up on them; it’s all possible. Perhaps you are tired of the tedium and need to make a change; perhaps your package is too pricey for your tastes or too rich for your blood, so to speak, and you need to cut the cord before too much more is lost and you are ruined and left a pauper; you may have found superior services or a better agreement with an opponent or competitor of Sky; or you may simply no longer wish to use Sky services, having grown out of their use. Regardless, you are leaving for reasons, and those reasons are causing you to leave.

Those reasons may include:

  • Looking for support or troubleshooting for Sky products or software
  • Paying a bill or lodging an enquiry concerning a bill
  • Making changes to your details, including your name and place of residence
  • Reporting an issue with Sky service or coverage
  • Informing Sky that you are switching broadband providers
  • And that’s not all! The sky is the limit!

What’s Sky anyway?

Sky is a broadcasting and telecoms company with its power base in England, and its tendrils stretched across the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Beginning as a satellite-based broadcaster under the name “British Sky Broadcasting plc.”, the company quikcly realised that the sky is not actually divided along country borders, and therefore they didn’t need to just be British Sky plc. – they could reach for the metaphorical sky, take inspiration from the literal sky and rework their corporate Sky into something much greater and much more global.

Thus, SKY was born.

Can I pretend I want to cancel to get a better deal out of Sky?

You can, and the numbers listed on this page are the numbers to call. Pretending that you want to cancel in order to get a better deal is a common tactic, and one that is well-known across the world of savvy-telecoms-subscription gurus, but this prevalence is a double-edged sword. Sky have only a set number of freebies to give out to customers who threaten to leave, and if you don’t get in there before someone else, it is entirely possible that they will simply process your cancellation as normal, leaving you without the Sky subscription that you actually did still want, despite your ill-conceived deception.

However, if this should occur, stranding you on a satellite-TV-free desert island in desperate need of some water, you could always step down another level and cancel your cancellation. Since Sky are optimised for customer retention (to put it simply), you are able to cancel your cancellation even after it has been processed, up to ninety days after you made the original cancellation request!

So you can always come back to Sky with your metaphorical tail between your metaphorical legs and hope that you won’t talk to the same customer service representative this time.

Sky Cancellation Social Media

Sky Cancellation Facebook:

Sky Cancellation Twitter:

Sky Cancellation Online Chat:

Sky Cancellation Email:

Additional Sky Cancellation Info

The Sky experience includes a large number of services in subscription form, which include television services, internet connectivity via broadband, and telephone services or telecommunications coverage. These services can be bought individually or subscribed to in a package which includes them in any combination you should so desire. Cancellation of any one of these services was once considered to be an ordeal of Sisyphean proportions, but is now simply much more manageable and normal, in line with Ofcom regulations. In order to make the most of your cancellation experience, you should call the Sky cancellation number on 0844 826 8666 (number of the beast entirely coincidental) and speak to a member of Sky cancellation staff about your wish to unsubscribe. This phone line is by far the fastest and most effective way to do away with your Sky subscription, allowing you maximum control over the course of the correspondence, the ability to intercede on your own behalf as often as you feel you need to, and the ability to respond to problems as they occur, knocking them down as they pop up like obstructive phone-line whack-a-mole.

If you were to try the same method with emails or letters, you may eventually manage to negotiate the pitfalls and other bothers, but you would be many weeks older and many weeks poorer by the time it actually took effect, due to the slow nature of emails and letters and the readily-ignored nature of any beeping inbox or pile of letters. Phenomenal that in this day and age, such a thing can still be a problem to those cancelling Sky, but that is the world in which we live.

Due to Sky’s lenient stance on those who wish to come back into the fold, there is a 31-day notice period for those who are leaving the company to change their minds and cancel their cancellation, in a Terry-Pratchett-esque display of going down a rabbit hole of offshoots – can one cancel the cancellation of their cancellation? Is there a notice period for cancelling that? I digress – this cancellation period means that you won’t lose access to Sky services until after your last payment leaves you account – which will be the next payment scheduled to be made, and from now, the last. If you are desperate to be free before that point, you may have to suffer through an early cancellation fee or some other form of contract-voiding extraneous payment.

Alternative ways to contact Sky

By far the simplest and most direct way to contact Sky is via their manifold contact numbers, listed on this page at several key junctions. These numbers will connect you directly to the Sky customer service teams and Sky Cancellation Line, who can help you cancel Sky or carry out any number of other functions quickly and easily. However, it may not be possible, convenient or permissible to contact Sky via telephone (for example if you live in an Amish community or one in an area too remote for telephone communications). In these cases, you may wish to send a physical letter to Sky, at the following address.

Sky Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

As specified above, you can also get in touch with Sky via the miracle of electronic communications. Having moved out of the underground and encroached from the periphery that they occupied in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the information technology boom is now anything but countercultural – the hold of the internet and computers on the new world is complete, so complete that they themselves have built it, ground-up, in their own image.


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