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Ryanair: Customer Service Contact Number – 0843 208 1756

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Ryanair

Day Opens Closes
Monday 09.00 17.30
Tuesday 09.00 17.30
Wednesday 09.00 17.30
Thursday 09.00 17.30
Friday 09.00 17.30
Saturday 09.00 17.30
Sunday 09.00 17.30
Ryanair Ltd. Corporate Head Office
Airside Business Park
Co. Dublin
  • Business Name: Ryanair
  • Phone Number: 0844 453 0233
  • Opening Times: 9am-5.30pm
  • Head Office Address: Ryanair Ltd., Corporate Head Office, Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland
  • Website:

Ryanair is an airline in the UK which offers travel to a variety of places around the world. You can find deals on their website, along with information about luggage allowances etc.

Ryanair: Customer Service Contact Number - 0843 208 1756

Ryanair Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0843 208 1756
Head Office 0844 453 0233
Complaints 0843 208 1735

Ryanair Customer Service – 0843 208 1756

Ryanair customer service departments are an elite grade customer service agency, operating out of the Ryanair head office in Swords, Co. Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland. As Ryanair is an all-inclusive budget airline in which the service is designed as an affordable “bare bones” experience, customers must opt in to paying for the other services, so they pay only for what they need.

Ryanair itself believes that this approach makes the company much more adaptable and much more desirable to those who want to save money, but still travel by air. With the ability to pick and choose what they want to buy, and what they want to leave, the argument goes that Ryanair customers can buy exactly what they want to, leave the rest, and therefore control the cost of their flight down to the penny, with no hassle.

However, in practice, this policy sometimes creates problems for customers, who may not realise that a previously free service has become a paid opt-in only service, those who believe they have paid for a service when they haven’t, and those who believe that, when added together, the cost of their individually-charged additional purchases is higher than it would be with a competing airline of comparatively higher ticket price, but no opt-in purchases. As a result, the Ryanair customer service line may be called into action to deal with customers whose problems or grievances only exist due to the “no frills” service policy and business model of Ryanair, as well as the customers who are calling for reasons that would be associated with a conventional airline, such as missed or cancelled flights, delays, booking errors, complaints, and other airline basics.

The Ryanair head office is located in Swords, Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland, and the Ryanair customer services department is located within that office. Therefore, the Ryanair customer services department is also located in Swords, in County Dublin, in the SouthEast of Ireland, in the country known as the Republic of Ireland. From this quintessential Ryanair heartland, the Ryanair customer services department can administer to their kingdom, and can deal with the calls of any Ryanair customers. Operating with reasonable autonomy within the Ryanair head office, the Ryanair Customer Services department is able to adapt flexibly to any customer needs, ensuring the best service they possibly can and working with the customer to reach the resolution that customer needs.

Ryanair Head Office – 0844 453 0233 

Ryanair: Customer Service Contact Number - 0843 208 1756 Located in historic and scenic Swords, County Dublin, in the verdant Republic of Ireland, the Ryanair head office is a nerve centre of communications technology and a bustling hub of activity, where experts from all over the world gather to help keep a record-breaking airline in action.

Millions of travellers rely on the Ryanair head office every year to make sure their flights connect, that they go up in the air, and then down again in the correct location – not one geographical median line higher or lower! The unimaginably complex world of the global wide aeronautical company must be kept turning, the wondrous machines and limitless support systems by which they do their work kept ticking over effortlessly and through a mind-boggling number of moving parts and independent agents. At the Ryanair head office, experts from all walks of life work together, in departments based around the respective spheres of their influence.

Worldly and travelled nomadic peoples populate the section of the head office dedicated to locating new destinations and negotiating the rigorous processes of setting up a regular Ryanair service there. Oil-slicked engineers, spanners in hand, move with purpose from the research and development department to the maintenance and engineering departments, taking the schematics drawn up by R&D’s noodle-necked poindexters with them to help keep Ryanair’s fleet at the top of its game.

The marketing department are also based there, along with the administrative heart of the Ryanair empire – the executives and Chief Officers. Lastly, there is the department in question – the most important department, some would say. The Customer Service Department. It is this incredible interconnectedness that gives the Ryanair customer service team their edge – if any problem is too great for them, they can simply pass it through to the relevant experts, or pass it up to individuals with more authority. Once you’ve contacted them, you’re already on the phone to the head office, after all; it’s a simple matter of transferring you through internally to another department, like the Sales Department, or to a deeper well of knowledge and information, like Archives. With this flexibility, they can answer any question, or solve any problem posed to them. Even if a complaint must be escalated to the Legal department, or a query laid at the feet of the CEO, it can be done due to the phenomenal communicative web which stretches over the entire Ryanair head office, which is found in the Republic of Ireland, very close to the birthplace of the Ryanair founder, Irish man Andrew Ryan.

Reasons to call the Ryanair customer service number – 0843 208 1735

Ryanair is by far the most popular airline travel option when chosen by the people of Europe – over just last year, it processed 90 million customers, flying them all over the world to locations including Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Knock – among many, many more! This year, the company looks set to break yet another record, with hundreds of millions of customers flying with its incredibly cheap, no-frills wings. Of those hundreds of millions, the chances that some will need to call the customer care line for one reason or another approaches the singularity. It is approaching with the certainty and inevitability of the heat death of the Universe. Some people will, by the law of averages, have to call the Ryanair customer service department.

These people – and you may well be included in their number! – will need to call for a huge range of possible reasons, which would be a burden to type and to read; and potentially futile in any case. Attempting to list the reasons for a potential call to the Ryanair customer services department in an exhaustive and complete list would be like trying to put the entire ocean in a pint glass.

These reasons include, but of course are not limited to, booking a flight, changing or cancelling an existing booking, reporting an issue with Ryanair or its services, making enquiries, applying for a job, asking if your bottle of shampoo is likely to make it through security, registering a complaint, getting information about delays or altered times and asking about deals on flights, among many other things!

The Ryanair customer service department is primed to answer any number of customer issues, with specific training and protocol, and the call centre staff plugged in to the Ryanair database at all times like they’re in The Matrix, able at a heartbeat to access the immense flow of information passing through it, extending their consciousnesses into the void and finding, in seconds, the relevant information on any booking, any flight, and any problem that you may need help with.

The following list contains a selection of reasons as to why you may wish to call the Ryanair customer contact line, although as specified before, it is not an exhaustive list – that is a physical and philosophical impossibility. Your reasons to call may include, but will certainly not be restricted to:

  • Gathering information on flight times
  • Enquiring about delays or cancellations
  • Asking about the current conditions at the airport and along the flight lanes
  • Getting help with an online check-in attempt
  • Asking questions about Ryanair connecting flights and accommodation options before embarking on a flight with an overnight stopover
  • To enquire about Ryanair deals
  • To report a problem you have noticed with an aspect of Ryanair
  • To make a change to a booking, or cancel a booking
  • To register a complaint, for whatever reason, against Ryanair
  • To report a suspicious abandoned piece of luggage
  • To report a lost item of luggage

ATOL Protection with Ryanair

ATOL protection is a very particular and very specialised form of insurance, spanning the world and dealing with corporate absolutes the likes of which an ordinary insurance company simply could not. Put into plain parlance, the purpose of ATOL protection is to rescue every single person left stranded in the event that an airline flies them to a faraway location, then collapses, going into liquidation and leaving them stranded.

Since every world airline is in continuous operation, no matter when one collapses, people will be stranded, and in that case, ATOL protection will spring into action – funding the return flights and ensuring that they still fly, getting millions of stranded families back to their homes without major disruption to their lives. Obviously, this insurance policy is vastly beyond the capabilities of a normal insurer, and will take a phenomenal display of corporate power – something the ATOL system is uniquely designed for. In this age of total financial and corporate insecurity, it’s great to know that your family won’t be trapped in the event of yet another multibillion international corporation suddenly popping its metaphorical corporate clogs and shuffling off to whatever hell awaits them when they’re done collapsing. If such a thing were to happen to an airline, the customers stranded would face considerable disruption to their lives, their livelihoods and their families, haemorrhaging cash in a foreign country where last-minute accommodation would need to be arranged, communications and extremely expensive last-minute flights booked.

With ATOL protection on your flight, you’ll be sure to get home at the original time, however, and at no extra cost.

Unless you chose to fly with Ryanair, of course.

With Ryanair, ATOL protection is another one of those “unnecessary extras” that was removed from their “no frills” policy to create a cheaper airline for all. Therefore, with Ryanair, you will not have ATOL protection, and if the company collapses and goes into liquidation while you are on holiday, you could potentially have to get used to being on holiday for a while longer. Maybe get a visa, learn the local language. Make a meaningful contribution to the community. Marry a local, start a family.

That kind of thing.

Ryanair Complaints – 0843 208 1735

If you have flown with Ryanair and had an unpleasant or substandard experience, you may need to complain. No-one enjoys complaining, but it must be looked at as a responsibility of the citizen – with no feedback from customers, a company can never change to offer the best possible service. Therefore, without your complaint, you, future customers, and Ryanair itself, may be completely and unfairly disadvantaged.

Also sometimes when you complain you get refunds or free stuff, so it’s worth doing. Your reasons to complain may be aimed at a service offered, such as the fastpass boarding or booking system used by Ryanair; it may be due to the difficultly of navigating or operating the online interfaces; the price of the flights; the quality of service; conditions on the plane; luggage handling or broken belongings; or the behaviour of individual members of Ryanair staff.

Whatever the reason for your complaint, don’t hesitate – if you feel the need to complain to Ryanair, you can do so on the Ryanair complaints line, listed above.

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