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If you are planning to travel with Ryanair, you may need to resolve an issue before you fly. Customer Service Guru can transfer you to the Ryanair telephone number.

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Ryanair is a low cost airline, operating throughout the UK and Europe, which has become notorious over the last few years for it’s poor customer service. If you are planning a journey with Ryanair, you may need to call them to make arrangements. Customer Service Guru can direct you to the Ryanair customer service team. Ryanair is famous for its ‘cheap flights’ ethos, with flights to several destinations throughout Europe such as Spain, Ireland and Germany amongst many others. When you  book with Ryanair, you will often be able to check in online. As a result, you can save time by avoiding the check in desk queue. To check in at the airport you must print off your boarding pass beforehand or face a fee. The implication of the fee is something that the airline has been heavily criticised for in the past. If you are travelling with young children, you can purchase priority boarding which allows you to board the plane first and avoid the queue.

About Ryanair

Ryanair is an Irish low cost airline. It was founded in 1985 and has seen a relatively rapid growth from a small airline operating domestic flights to becoming the pioneer for low-cost flights around Europe. Ryanair’s route network serves around 28 countries in Europe and Morocco. The airline has a fleet of around 300 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts. The headquarters for the airline can be found in the grounds of Dublin Airport, with primary operation basis at Dublin Airport and London Stansted. The airline has over 8000 employees across all levels of the business. To find out more about Ryanair, visit the website.

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Ryanair Launches Mobile Boarding Pass Platform

August 2nd 2014

Ryanair has introduced a new mobile platform for issuing and carrying boarding passes, as part of its strategy to reinvent its brandryanair-mobile-check-in image.

Passengers travelling with Ryanair will now be able to use a dedicated Ryanair app on their smartphone for displaying their boarding passes to the airport staff during check in. A streamlined, mobile-friendly adaptation of the Ryanair website, the app will also enable them to view and make changes to their booking.

This includes allocating seating, adding extra baggage allowances and booking a hotel or car hire.

The boarding pass feature will help passengers minimise the number of travel documents they carry, arriving no less than four hours before their flight’s departure as normal to check in using the virtual pass. The pass will be accessible offline, and one single phone can carry the passes of everybody on one booking.

The only thing that passengers would need to be wary of, however, is ensuring their phone is fully charged in order to display the boarding pass at check-in. Otherwise, they risk being charged the standard fee of £15 for a reprint. The previous fee was £70.

Although the new feature is an exciting one for Ryanair as it strives to enhance its digital presence, the airline was somewhat vague about how and when the facility would be rolled out.

The mobile check-in facility will only be offered at selected airports, and customers must check the list on the Ryanair website to find out which ones. If the service is offered at an airport the passenger happens to be flying to, they may receive an email at ‘some stage in the booking process’ notifying them of its availability.

Ryanair plans on releasing an iPad-optimised version of the app soon, as well as tailored versions for its Spanish and Italian customer bases. It is also considering using push notifications to remind passengers to check in.

Mobile boarding passes is just one in a long series of small changes Ryanair is making, in order to rebrand itself as a more fun, friendlier airline. It has also introduced allocated seating, a second piece of hand luggage per passenger, and several reduced price allowances for children, such as a free 5kg cabin bag, half-price allocated seating and discounted priority boarding.

However, the airline came under criticism earlier this year when it announced in May it was cutting the time allowance for passengers to check in online and print off their boarding pass. Whereas passengers once had 14 days, they now have only seven, otherwise they must pay a £70 fine.

Both customers and commentators remarked that the change was indeed a regressive step, and runs counter to its current marketing campaign.

Ryanair Unveils New TV Ads To Promote New Features

April 23rd, 2014

Ryanair-contactBudget airline Ryanair has launched a trio of new television adverts that boast the most significant changes to its service since it announced it would be taking on a new image.

The adverts are each around 20 seconds long and each promote a new aspect of the Ryanair experience. Whilst one ad shows a man calmly and confidently booking a flight via the new, less cumbersome Ryanair website, another shows the ‘Ford family’ making their way towards their allocated seating, whilst another shows a glamorous woman taking an extra piece of carry-on onto her flight.

The new features are all part of Ryanair’s promise to the public that it will “try harder” to deliver a good service and make traveling with the airline less of a hassle. The promise came last year from CE Michael O’Leary, after a tirade of media criticism and customer complaints challenged the airline’s practice of charging extra for things like carry-on luggage, in-flight snacks and reprinting boarding passes.

However, despite the new features, Ryanair has still yet to address the main concerns that make it a cause for stressed customers. Its checked baggage fees remain among the highest in the world (up to £35 for a 15kg bag), and it continues to charge extortionate rates for spots equipment (£50) and correcting spelling mistakes on tickets (£110).

Ryanair Reveals New Jet Interiors, with Noticeably Less Yellow

January 2nd, 2016

ryanair seats news

Ryanair have revealed a new airliner interior to be rolled out on all of their planes in 2016 – with a distinct lack of vibrant, eye-splitting yellow. The airline have been criticised in the past for their use of very bright yellow seats and decals, which CEO Michael O’Leary admitted were his idea ten years ago. Intended to “keep things very bright”, the yellow seatys certainly did so, but were the focus of customer dissatisfaction and have now been scrapped in favour of the new, more muted scheme.

The new interior seems to feature minimal yellow in one iteration, and no yellow at all in another, but sticks to leather-effect navy seats and smaller decals in both versions. In both instances, the cabin crew will be issued new uniforms to match. The redesign comes as part of Ryanair’s “Always Getting Better” campaign, which seeks to rebrand the company as a more customer-focused entity, and will roll out in the coming weeks.

The redesign will affect all of Ryanair’s active airliners, from Boeing 737s through 800s.

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