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Rightmove Plus Customer Service Contact Number

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Opening Times for Rightmove Plus

Day Opens Closes
Rightmove Plus
4th Floor
33 Soho Square
  • Business Name: Rightmove Plus
  • Customer Services Number: 0844 248 2539
  • Opening Times: 9am-7pm
  • Head Office Address:  4th Floor, 33 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QU, United Kingdom
  • Website:
 Rightmove Plus is a clever tool for Estate Agents and other property professionals. The tool displays hundreds and thousands of properties and the estate agents are then listed on the Rightmove website, so Rightmove effectively sells advertisement to these agencies. Rightmove Plus is an online house valuation calculator that can be used easily by Estate Agents – you need to have a login to be able to use it and it cannot be used directly by individuals, only by those working for agencies. There are guides online to explain how to use it and it is definitely worth considering if you own a letting agency as it can make for some very effective sales.
Rightmove Plus Connection Numerals Operating Times
Account 0844 248 2539 24/7
Buy 0844 248 2542 9am-7pm
Rent 0844 248 2543 24/7
Location Tool 0844 248 2544 24/7
Customer Service Complaints 0844 248 2545 24/7

Account – 0844 248 2539

When you are buying a property, the choice that is available out there, and the different types of properties and price ranges can be a little overwhelming and the Rightmove account helps you to save any properties that you might come across, so that you can review them at a later date and not forget what you have looked at. To log into your account, you will need your email address and a password of your choice. If you have forgotten your log in details and need to recover them, please call the account number listed above. The account not only saves your search history and allows you to mark your favourite properties, it also means that you can be alerted to hot property news and the latest deals from the Rightmove community. Your property alerts will be customised to what is within your budget and the location that you are looking for – it can be easy to miss things when you are searching alone. If you do receive property alerts but no longer wish to know about the best deals and offers then you can switch the alerts off at any time. If you have noticed any unusual activity on your account (such as saved properties that you don’t recognise) then please report it to the account number as soon as possible. When you create an account with Rightmove, you are confirming that you agree to their terms of use so please make sure you have read everything before doing so. Registering with Rightmove could not be easier, simply visit the website and select to register. You will be redirected to a page that allows you to enter your details and confirm your password. Your account will then be created. If you have a certain saved property alert and want to alter it because your circumstances have changed, you can do so by heading to ‘my Rightmove’ and change the location and criteria of your saved search if you wish to. You can either opt to save it as a new search or overwrite an existing search. You can also remove saved searches simply by clicking ‘delete’.

Buy – 0844 248 2542

Rightmove realise that buying and selling homes can be a stressful experience and so they have aimed to make their website as simple and as convenient to use as possible. The ‘buy’ section on the homepage allows you to view properties that are for sale, brand new homes that are for sale, as well as enquire about mortgages. There are all kinds of different ways that you can search for a property using the Rightmove website and these include browsing by the map of England, London, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales or you can draw out your own search tool for as far and wide or as small an area as you’d like, using the Rightmove draw tool. You can even look for a property that is connected to a particular tube line or network if you are planning on living in the London area. There are also handy tools available on the Rightmove website to help you search, such as the school checker and the affordability calculator to ensure you’re not viewing houses that are not within your price range. You can also calculate monthly mortgage payments. If you are looking to become an investor and are interested in buying to let then you can also get handy tips and advice from the Rightmove website and the monthly investor newsletter. On a monthly basis, you will receive information that can help you to stay on top of market trends and never miss a property investment opportunity. Each letter is personalised to the investor and includes information about staying on top ou the property market in your chosen area. Information you will have access to includes average sold and rental prices in your area and rental trends tracker reports. Getting your personalised newsletter involves a simple process again of registering online, creating an account and then filling out your investor’s profile. If you are having any trouble using this feature, you can call the contact number above and someone will help you get started. If you find that your newsletter is personalised wrongly, please alert someone at the helpline.

Rent – 0844 248 2543

If you want help in renting safely and sensibly, Rightmove will list some of the best properties for you to view, in your chosen area. Whether you are looking for property to rent as a professional or you are looking for student accommodation, Rightmove lists the best of the best. If you are new to renting, or even if you would just like a bit of help and advice there is a handy guide available on the Rightmove website which will inform you of the advantages of renting, how to rent both privately and through an estate agent, what to look for when you are viewing properties and a list of important things to do before you move out of your old place and into your new one. The guide is extremely handy and contains a lot of information but if you have any specific questions regarding renting you can call the number above and ask away. Rightmove has a team of professionals that are happy to help. If you are pushed for time and can’t commit to sitting down and looking through hundreds of available rentals, why not download the Rightmove app and you can scroll through properties whilst on the go! This is available at the app store and you can learn how to use it on the Rightmove website.

Location Tool – 0844 248 2544

The ‘where can I live’ section of the Right Move website is a handy map that allows you to discover new areas if you are looking for inspiration when it comes to location. To use the property locator tool, you will need to enter your sign in details, so you will need to have already registered for an account. Once you are all set up, Rightmove will filter through over 30, 000 houses and properties to find ones that suit you and your circumstances. If you already know exactly where you would like to live then you might not find any need for this tool but it is certainly useful if you are looking in a few different areas because it will allow you to see the benefits of each one. The location tool will take into consideration things like school catchment areas and tube stops if this is the sort of thing that will affect your search. Of course, you can tailor it to your particular needs. Call the number above if you are having any trouble using it as it is designed to help you. It can be found on the Rightmove website.

Customer Service Complaints – 0844 248 2545

If you have a complaint to make to Rightmove, you can call the number above during the opening times shown in the table at the top of the page. You may have a complaint about Rightmove’s customer service whilst you are undergoing the search process or you may have moved into a property advertised by Rightmove to find it is not what you expected and is definitely below the standard that you paid for. If you are renting a property, you might have a complaint to make about the landlord or about something in the property that is broken or hasn’t been fixed. You might even have a dispute about payments. Whatever the reason, you should call the complaints number above with any grievances and Rightmove will do their best to help you sort it out so that your experience buying or renting a property is as hassle free as possible.




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