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0844 826 0541

Quote Me Happy is an online company which provides home and car insurance to customers in the United Kingdom. It is a part of Aviva, one of the UK’s most popular and successful insurance provides. It is the only insurer in the UK to operate solely online, allowing customers to quickly access their policy details and documents with just a few clicks of a button. Here are some of the reasons you might need the Quote Me Happy customer service number:

When would I need the Quote Me Happy Customer Service Number?

  • Your car insurance cover
  • Making a claim on your car insurance
  • Arranging additional cover
  • Cancelling your policy
  • Setting up home insurance

Frequently asked questions:

What other ways can I contact Quote Me Happy?
Who does Quote Me Happy car insurance cover?
What is covered by the car insurance policy from Quote Me Happy?
Is extra cover available for car insurance?
How do Quote Me Happy claims work after a vehicle accident?
Who can get home insurance from Quote Me Happy?
What is covered under home insurance?
What extra cover is available for my home?
How do I make a claim if property has been robbed, damaged or lost?
What mobile apps are offered by Quote Me Happy?

What other ways can I contact Quote Me Happy?

As well as calling Quote me Happy you can also contact them via email at team@quotemehappy.com, via their website or via post at their head office address: Quote Me Happy, Pitheavlis, Perth, Scotland, PH2 0NH.

Who does Quote Me Happy car insurance cover?

Quote Me Happy prides themselves on only insuring careful drivers who are over the age of 21 and under the age of 75. They also will not cover vans or cars that have any modifications, in a bid to keep their premiums as low as possible. Similarly, no one with more than one claim or more than two minor convictions in the last five years can apply.

Their low premiums are built around the idea that you shouldn’t have to pay to cover other motorists who aren’t as careful as you.

Quote Me Happy car insurance is ideally suited to those who want a simple, reliable and low-cost policy. Their comprehensive policies give peace of mind for those who take it out by giving cover for accidental damage to your vehicle, loss or theft of it, a new replacement car and a courtesy car, meaning that you will always be on the road, even if your car is written off.

Quote me happy insurance services

What is covered by the car insurance policy from Quote Me Happy?

The insurance policy will cover the following things:

  • Accidental damage
  • Glass repair or replacement
  • Third party cover for other vehicles
  • Fire damage
  • Audio equipment
  • Provision of a courtesy car
  • New car replacement
  • Loss of theft of a car
  • Cover for driving in Europe
  • 24 hour support in an emergency
  • Personal accidents

These are all aspects of cover that we have found to be absolutely irreplaceable when it comes to staying protected on the road. While many other aspects of car insurance (detailed below) can tailor more to the wants of car ownership, the standard package really works with the needs, the things that a car owner cannot do without, and the things that will stand up for them in the event of an accident on the road.

Car insurance from quote me happy

Is extra cover available for car insurance?

You will have the option of taking out extra additional cover that includes:

  • Hire Car
  • Legal expenses
  • Breakdown cover from RAC
  • Keycare
  • Increased personal accident cover

If you have three or more years worth of no claims discount, you will also have the option to protect it. Any of these add ons can be taken out when making your online application at quotemehappy.com.

Quote me happy phone number

How do Quote Me Happy claims work after a vehicle accident?

If you find yourself needing to make a claim after an accident, there is no need to worry about dealing with Quote Me Happy. You just have to inform them and they will get things sorted out for you if you are found to have a valid claim. You can do this by ringing them on 0844 826 0541 or using their iPhone app, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quote Me Happy will also send someone to your destination to repair your damage if necessary. A damaged window, sunroof or windscreen can be repaired (£10 excess) or replaced (£75 excess). They will endeavour to get you, or any friends and family members who are covered by Quote Me Happy, home safe and sound too, so you won’t need to worry about being stranded at the side of the road while your car is towed away, or even about your car being out of commission for too long – we’ll always try to get you back on the road as quickly as we can, to avoid any further disruption to your day.

quote me happy car insurance

Who can get home insurance from Quote Me Happy?

Quote Me Happy provides insurance to the following kinds of homeowners:

  • Has a good claim history
  • Owns a standard construction home (brick, stone, etc.)
  • Has less than 6 adults or children in the home
  • Owns a property that isn’t for let
  • Has less than 6 bedrooms
  • Owns a property in the United Kingdom
  • Has less than £100,000 of contents
  • Costs less than £500,000 to rebuild the house

Quote me happy home insurance happy couple

What is covered under home insurance?

Home Insurance from Quote Me Happy lets you pick the cover that is best suited to your needs. For example, if you find that you don’t need things like garden cover or personal belongings insurance, you don’t have to pay for it. They offer 3 different levels of cover as well as having the chance of adding further options to tailor your cover to suit your circumstances and needs. The three levels of cover are known as “Good”, “Better” and “Best”.

Most things that are covered ubiquitously by Quote Me Happy include: Replacement locks, valuables, money in your home, and theft of contents from garages and outbuildings. Depending on your level of insurance policy you will be covered for more or less amounts of money. These are all things that our team have found to be absolutely necessary to maintaining cover, no matter what your circumstances, while many other policies build on top of them.

Quote me happy home insurance policy

What extra cover is available for my home?

If you find yourself needing additional cover, such as legal, extra accidental damage or home emergency, these can be added on, allowing you to get the perfect combination of cover for your needs. Everyone’s home insurance needs and wants are different, and often cookie-cutter insurance policies don’t quite do the job. When it comes to your home and property, peace of mind is a valuable asset like no other, so allow us to help you find any additional cover you need to feel like your home and property are being adequately taken care of.

If you find yourself in a situation when you need to make a claim on your home insurance or your property has been lost, damaged or stolen from you, you just need to inform the insurer by calling the Quote Me Happy phone number and they will get everything sorted out for you, if you have a valid claim.

quote me happy phone number call centre

How do I make a claim if property has been robbed, damaged or lost?

Quote Me Happy has a 24 hour claim line. You can phone the Quote Me Happy customer service team on 0843 320 9663 to get in touch with the team, and they will begin to organise necessary repairs or replacements as quickly as they can. Getting you back on your feet after a claim is a major goal for our customer service teams, so they’ll spring into action immediately to help you recover. While the phone line is the fastest and most reliable way to contact the team, it is also possible to contact Quote Me Happy by email, letter or via social media. These methods have been detailed elsewhere on this page, so we won’t recount them here.

Quote me happy phone number

Mobile apps offered by Quote Me Happy

Quote Me Happy Offers two apps for Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads and an app for Android phones.

The “My Account” app is available for both Android and Apple devices and makes it easier to view and access your vital policy information while you are on the move or whenever you find that it is most convenient for you.

The MyClaims app is only available for Apple devices and can be used when you find yourself in a situation were you need to make a claim. The smart app provides an essential help guide to take you through the process of making a claim and ensures that you have collected all the information you may need to go ahead with placing your claim. This means you can make a claim in any circumstances and any conditions – so long as your iPhone or iPad is working, it won’t matter whether you’re standing by your car at the the side of the road, weathering a power-outage, or anything else: call the Quote me Happy phone number for help.

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March 11th, 2016

Quote Me Happy is leaving customers less than pleased this month after announcing that there has been a data breach on their site.

Claiming to have “recently” lost “a small number” of details pertaining to its customers, the company is reported by The Register as saying that the missing details include “vehicle registration, email address, mobile number, landline number and address.”

The email informing customers of the breach also included the notice that a number of customers were “were able to view personal information of another customer when accessing the ‘My account’ section of the Quotemehappy.com website.” It is currently believed that the breach is the result of a caching error.

According to Quotemehappy company director Owen Morris, “no sensitive personal data (e.g. bank or card details) has been accessed or disclosed” and included that customers are now being offered 12 months of coverage against identity theft from insurance firm Noddle, free of charge as compensation.

A spokesman from Aviva, Quotemehappy’s parent company, said that “Quotemehappy.com has identified an incident where a small percentage of customers were able to see another customer’s contact details, such as name, address and telephone number, when they logged into their account. However, these details could not be changed and no sensitive, personal or financial, information could be viewed or accessed. The issue has now been fully resolved and we have contacted all impacted customers to explain the situation and have notified the FCA and the ICO.”

When contacted for a response, an ICO spokesman said that they are “aware of an incident at Aviva and are taking action.”

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