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Opening Times for Primark

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 5pm
Tuesday 9am 5pm
Wednesday 9am 5pm
Thursday 9am 5pm
Friday 9am 5pm

0843 178 5110

Get in touch with the Primark customer service team on the number 0843 178 5110 where they can answer your questions about refunds and exchanges, gift cards, complaints, online shopping and more.

Primark Contact Numbers

Contact the Primark customer service departments on the numbers below.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Service
0843 178 5110
(Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
Product issues
0843 178 5112 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
Refunds and exchanges
0843 178 5113 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
Gift cards 0843 178 5114 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
Store queries 0843 178 5115 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
Complaints 0843 178 5116 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
Online shopping 0844 248 2691 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
Primania 0844 826 8388 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm

Customer services

Contact the customer service team for Primark on the number 0843 178 5110 where they can assist you with questions you have about shopping in store with Primark. You can phone this number to find out the nearest store to you, which is particularly helpful if you’re in a new place or area. You can also request the opening hours for your nearest Primark.

Product issues

If you’ve purchased a faulty item from Primark you can phone the number 0843 178 5112 to find out what your rights are and what you need to do. When you phone this number explain the product and the fault that has occurred. Let the advisor know when you purchased the item and what kind of condition it is in currently. You will then either have to take the product back to a store for a full refund or swap it for the same thing or something else.

Refunds and exchanges

To query about the refund and exchanges policy at Primark you can phone the number 0843 178 5113. You can phone this number to speak to the team to find out how long you have to return items for a full refund or exchange them for a different size or something else. When you ring this number you can also find out what will happen if you paid by card, gift card, cash, or split the bill by paying with two different payment methods.

Gift cards

Phone the number 0843 178 5114 to get in touch with Primark regarding gift cards available from the store. You can use this number to find out the limit that can be placed on these cards, as well as check your balance on one and find out how to top it up. If you’re looking to find out if the card expires you can also phone this number above.

Store queries

If you have a question about shopping in Primark and certain stores you can phone the number 0843 178 5115. You can phone this number to find your nearest store and request information about what it stocks in that particular store, as well as details about accessibility.


If you have a complaint to make about the service you received whilst in store at Primark you can phone the number 0843 178 5116. The Primark customer service team will do their best to resolve the matter whilst you’re speaking to them on the phone, but in some cases, this might not be possible and they’ll get back to you at a later date. When phoning with your complaint it’s important that you give lots of details about the problem, so they know all the facts and can sort it adequately.

Online shopping

Phone the number 0844 248 2691 to find out about online shopping at Primark. Although you can’t shop online with Primark, only in store, they still show images of the items. If you’ve seen something that you like online, make sure you have the product number and the customer service team might be able to tell you if it’s going to be available, and when, in your local Primark store.


Get in touch with the team at Primania on the phone number 0844 826 8388. If you’re having trouble logging into your Primania account you can phone this number where the team can figure out what the problem is. You can also use this number to report any users that aren’t abiding by the guidelines, just make sure you get their name correct when reporting them. If you’d like to close your Primania account and have your images removed from the sharing site, you can phone this number above to see about getting this done.

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