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Openreach Customer Services Contact Number – 0843 658 0817

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Openreach

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 6pm
Tuesday 9am 6pm
Wednesday 9am 6pm
Thursday 9am 6pm
Friday 9am 6pm
Saturday 10am 8pm
Sunday 10am 4pm
123 Judd Street
  • Business Name: Openreach
  • Phone Number:  0843 658 0817
  • Opening Times: 9am-6pm
  • Head Office Address: 123 Judd Street; WC1H 9NP London, United Kingdom
  • Website:
 Openreach was first established in 2006 and is a network that runs all of the pipes and telephone wires that connect nearly all homes and businesses in the UK to the broadband network. It is a subsidiary of BT. Openreach manages BT’s local access network, connecting customers to their local telephone exchange. Their main aim is to keep the nation protected. Openreach work with over 580 communications providers and they also work on their behalf, visiting homes and businesses repairing network connections. You can find their full fibre index on their website. Openreach are currently investing 3 billion in upgrading their network and it is currently one of the biggest and fastest in the world with 26.5 million homes having access to it and over 17, 000 being added each week.
Atlas Editions Numbers
Head Office  0843 658 0817
Solutions  0843 658 0818
Complaints  0843 658 0819
 Products  0843 658 0820
Help and Support  0843 658 0821
Service Information  0843 658 0871

Head Office –  0843 658 0817

The Openreach head office is based in London and is the central location that runs all of its operations and makes all of the important decisions regarding Openreach and its development. If you have any questions regarding how Openreach is run and the plans that are in place for its future, then the head office is available to answer any of these as best they can. If you are in the UK, the chances are high that your communication provider is run by Openreach so if you are experiencing any issues with your network and can’t seem to get the answers you need from your network provider, why not call the Openreach head office and see if the issue can be explained properly to you. If you just have a general interest in how the Openreach network works you can contact their head office for more information. The head office address for Openreach is listed in the table above so you can address any letters you might want to send to Openreach, with this. Useful information for Openreach can be found on the Openreach website, whether you are a communications provider, running a business or simply want to know more about the infrastructure or how to locate the Openreach network. If you have any concerns regarding health and safety or would like to report damage or theft then you can call the Openreach head office with your concerns – the phone like is open during the hours shown above.

Solutions – 0843 658 0818

Whether you are a communications provider or running a home or a business, Openreach will have a solution that works for you. If you are a communications provider, then Openreach’s service-based solutions will help you to give the best possible package to your customers in both their homes and on their business premises and can even help you to improve the service that you offer to your customers and help you to deliver exactly what you promise to them, on time and on budget. The programme that Openreach offers to communications providers includes both engineering solutions and management solutions. Please call the contact number above if you wish to have more information, or visit the Openreach website where you can read about each package in depth. Openreach are in the process of building a superfast broadband network with which they hope to transform Britain’s broadband speeds. At the moment, the Openreach network supports 30 million phone calls per day and so they are definitely a network that can be relied upon. There might be times where you require Openreach to work with you either when you are moving home or simply need the network removing and so the number above is available during these times. Openreach pride themselves on the ability to deliver an agreed network solution when and where you need it. Openreach are completely open to discussing network solutions that work for both you and them and the number shown above is available during the opening hours, to do just that.

Complaints – 0843 658 0819

When it comes to your broadband network, there will be times when it might fail to work as well as it should, or worse, not work at all. If you find that this is the case you can submit a complaint to Openreach so they can work to getting to the bottom of the problem immediately. Openreach understands the serious effects a broken network can have on a business in a matter of hours and they will do everything they can to restore your broadband signal. If you are a communications provider and you find that Openreach is not delivering the service it promises on its website, perhaps some of your customers don’t get enough signal or their fibre connection is not fast enough. Call the number above to complain to Openreach or alternatively, list your concerns in a letter and address it to the head office. If you continue to have issues with Openreach, or if you are building on public, private land and need the network temporarily disabled, Openreach can help you out with this and will reinstall the network when the building work is completed. Visit their website to find out more about doing this. The time it takes to register a complaint will depend entirely on the nature of it and the field that you are complaining in. For example, you might just have a complaint about the Openreach signal in general or you might have a complaint about recent Openreach work that has been completed on your property – both of these complaints will need to be escalated to different departments and one may take longer than the other to be resolved. If you have a complaint about the customer service, in general, you have received from staff at Openreach then please call the number above and give details of instances.

Products  – 0843 658 0820

Depending on your current situation, there are products for everyone when it comes to choosing a network, whether you are running a business, need a great connection in your home or are a communications provider looking to please your customers with an excellent connection. As a communications provider with Openreach, you are allowing yourself to gain access to some of the very latest in communication technology. Whether you require superfast fibre access, service products, ethernet services or optical services, Openreach will ensure they are giving the best for your business. Call the products helpline for further information about what is available to you from the Openreach network. All advisers are extremely friendly and helpful and are committed to finding something that works entirely for you.

Help and Support – 0843 658 0821

There is a vast amount of help and support available to you on the Openreach website such as in-depth ‘how to’ guides which include training and support materials for products and applications and also shows you how to become an Openreach customer if you are a communications provider, as well as showing you Openreach’s portfolio of products, explaining each one in depth. Of course, if you are still struggling and can’t find the solution online or you have a specific issue or question to ask Openreach’s customer service team, the help and support line is available for you to call.

Service Information – 0843 658 0871

If you are an Openreach customer then you will be able to log into the Openreach website to view your own service information. Top log in, you will need a username and a password which will be given to you when you first register the account. If you have forgotten these log in details, there is the option to retrieve them online but if you would prefer to securely access them over the phone with an adviser then call the number above and state exactly where you are calling from. The customer information zone is a state of the art online resource which not only provides tonnes of information it also keeps customers updated on the news and goings on of the Openreach network. It can be accessed using a computer or a wide range of devices such as phones or tablets. If you feel at any point that your security at Openreach has been compromised then call the service information line immediately so that this can be looked into.

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