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Opening Times for Ocado

Day Opens Closes
Monday 5.30am 12am
Tuesday 5.30am 12am
Wednesday 5.30am 12am
Thursday 5.30am 12am
Friday 5.30am 12am
Saturday 5.30am 12am
Sunday 5.30am 12am
Buildings One & Two
Trident Place
Mosquito Way
AL10 9UL

0843 208 2354

You can phone the Ocado customer service team on the number 0843 208 2354 where they can help with order queries, deliveries, technical issues and more.

Ocado Contact Numbers

Expedia Number
Customer services 0843 208 2354
Orders and Ocado Smart Pass 0843 208 2355
Late deliveries and wrong items 0843 208 2309
Ocado Reserved 0844 248 2636
Technical issues 0843 208 2309

Customer services

Get in touch with the customer contact number for Ocado on 0843 208 2354 where they can answer questions you have about the brands available through Ocado, placing orders over the phone, checking whether they deliver to your area, payment methods they accept and more.

If you would like to find out where you can use a voucher or coupon code you can ring the number above, as well as phoning to find out why a particular voucher isn’t working for you.

Orders and Ocado Smart Pass

Call the number 0843 208 2355 to discuss orders and the Ocado Delivery Pass with the advisors who can answer any questions you have. When you phone this number you can find out the minimum order that can be placed with Ocado, as well as details on how much delivery costs and the time frame associated with it.

If you would like to find out further details and sign up to the Ocado Smart Pass you can do so by ringing the number above. When you phone this number the advisor can tell you about the different benefits you’ll receive as being a member of the Smart Pass team. If you would like to renew your Smart Pass you can ring the number above to get this done.

You can also call the number above to cancel your Ocado Smart Pass if you so wish.

Late deliveries and wrong items

If you have placed an order with Ocado and your delivery is late you can phone the number 0843 208 2309. When you call you can give your order number and the advisor will be able to track the order and let you know why it’s been delayed and how long it’s likely to be.

If you have received your order but find there are wrong or missing items from it you can phone the number above to get this issue rectified. When you phone you will have to provide information on your order number, the products that are missing or ones that have been switched for something else. The advisor can then help either get the right products to you, or give you a refund on the money.

Ocado Reserved

Discuss the initiative Ocado Reserved when you phone the number 0844 248 2636. When you call this number the advisor can talk you through how you can sign up for this and what it entails. When you ring this number you can ask questions about editing your order before it’s delivered to you each week. If you would like make changes to your delivery slot you can ring this number to get the changes made to you.

If you would like to cancel Ocado Reserved you can phone this number to ensure that you don’t get the standing delivery sent out again.

Technical issues

If you’re having technical issues with Ocado you phone the number 0843 208 2309. When you ring this number the advisor can help with technical problems you’re having with the website, the Ocado app or syncing your Ocado account with the Alexa. You might need to call this number if you’re having trouble logging into your account, or can’t complete an order you’re trying to put through.

If you would like help with Speedy checking, one-click checkout or getting a refund through the app you can phone the number above where they can answer your questions.

Ocado Delivery Charges

To get your shopping delivered by Ocado, you must place an order totalling at least £40.  When it comes to Ocado Delivery Charges, the price varies depending on the day you choose to have your shopping delivered, the time slot you pick and the total amount of the order you place.

If you make an order of less than £75 your delivery charge can vary from £2.99 to £6.99, again this depends on the day of delivery you choose, the time, and the cost of your order.

If you place an order that’s more than £75 it’s likely that you will be offered free delivery.

If you frequently order from Ocado, it might be the best option to sign up for their Smart Pass membership, this means you no longer have to pay for delivery from Ocado. Plus, there are other benefits to signing up too, including 10% discounts on big brands, and getting the first access to all elusive delivery dates.


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