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o2 Customer Service Contact Number – 0844 453 0127

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for o2

Day Opens Closes
Monday 09.00 18.00
Tuesday 09.00 18.00
Wednesday 09.00 18.00
Thursday 09.00 18.00
Friday 09.00 18.00
Saturday 09.00 18.00
Sunday 09.00 18.00
260 Bath Road

If you are looking to contact the o2 customer service team, call 0844 453 0127. This will put you in direct contact with a member of their team, who can assist you with any o2 questions you have.

  • Business Name: o2
  • Phone Number: 0844 453 0127
  • Opening Times: 9am-6pm
  • Head Office Address: 260 Bath Road,
    SL1 4DX,
    United Kingdom
  • Website:

o2 is one of the most popular telecoms companies currently operating in the UK and internationally. As the UK division of the global telecoms juggernaut Telefonica, a Spanish multinational providing a huge range of services throughout Europe and Latin America. With o2, you’ll be able to enjoy a contract which may or may not include a physical phone, plus data, which can extend up into the “unlimited” range, calls and minutes, which can also range from uncovered to unlimited, texts, data, and even the full use of the o2 Priority Moments app, an app made possible by o2’s extensive cross promotions with other companies, offering things like reduced price tickets for events and gigs, lunch deals in a range of shops and cafes, and a whole heap of other offers!

Other o2 Phone Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0844 453 0127 9am-5pm
Head Office 0844 826 8016 9am-5pm
Accounts 0843 557 4967 9am-5pm

O2 Customer Service – 0844 453 0127

The o2 customer service department is based across several countries in order to provide the best possible service for its customers, who are themselves based all over the world. With a mobile network that stretches across the entire Telefonica web, and therefore a significant proportion of the world’s habitable and uninhabitable land mass, Telefonica have customers beyond simply those covered under the o2 umbrella.

The o2 customer service departments are divided by region, allowing any customer who calls to receive service which is appropriate for them and their needs, and within every o2 customer service department is a sub-department of individuals dedicated to unique cases, such as those calling who speak something outside of the standard regional language, those calling with rare or never-before-seen problems, those calling with specific communicational issues, and those calling from other phone companies.

Of course, it isn’t all mobile phones. In today’s increasingly connected world, communications technology cannot exist in a vacuum – and the connective technology even less so. O2 also offers a huge range of other services, from actual mobile phone technology, handsets and accessories, to streaming services, data packages, and use of the famous o2 Priority App. Any of these things may require a call to the o2 customer service phone lines – not even to mention the manifold reasons a customer may have to call the customer service lines due to conventional mobile issues!

The reasons why you may call the o2 customer service lines include, but are absolutely not limited to;

  • Asking about joining o2 as a new customer
  • Taking on a new o2 contract
  • Troubleshooting SIM trouble
  • Troubleshooting issues with your phone hardware
  • Arranging travel or roaming allowances on your o2 contract
  • Applying for o2 Travel Insurance
  • Discussing o2 Broadband and o2 Wifi for your home or business
  • Speaking to an o2 sales executive about which o2 Business option suits your business the best
  • Reporting an issue you have experienced with o2 – whether that be with a service, a product, or a member of staff
  • Troubleshooting a problem with your o2 broadband connection
  • Cancelling or renegotiating your o2 Broadband contract
  • Cancelling or renegotiating your o2 Home Package
  • Enquiring about o2 billing
  • Enquiring about o2 contracts and tariffs
  • Resolving a device issue or software problem
  • Arranging affordable roaming data as part of your contract ahead of a trip abroad
  • Flagging a problem you’ve had with o2 broadband or connectivity
  • Reporting an issue with the o2 website or online facilities
  • Cancelling your contract
  • Negotiating a better deal on your contract
  • Registering a complaint with o2

You will not find that this list is exhaustive, nor is it prescriptive. If you have a reason to call the o2 customer service number, and it isn’t on the list shown above, you shouldn’t hesitate – if you feel you have reason to call the number, call it! Similarly, if you are experiencing something shown on the list above, but you don’t wish to call the o2 customer service number, don’t feel obligated to. Your choices are your own, and no-one should take them away from you, whether they’re about political autonomy and right to self-determination or whether or not to phone a telecoms company’s complaints line.

o2 Head Office – 0844 826 8016

The o2 head office is found in Slough, in Gloucestershire. As o2 is owned abroad by Spanish telecoms conglomerate juggernaut Telefonica, these Slough offices are the o2 global head office – placing o2 in immediate contrast with other major international telecoms companies like 3 or Hoop Mobile, which have secondary “Head” offices is the UK and their primary offices elsewhere – usually in countries like the United States of America (or “USA”), Monaco and the Republic of Ireland.

This head office operates largely independently of the control and interactions of Telefonica, although it is ultimately answerable to its Spanish overlords. With this relatively higher degree of independence, o2 can set its own customer service practices and enforce them among its staff, which it also has the privilege of choosing.

The o2 head offices are located in picturesque Gloucestershire, which you may know from its exceptional quality ciders, famous sunshine and rolling green oak woodlands, as well as its international tech and mobile phone conglomerate headquarters. Simply called “The o2” around those parts, the o2 head offices are a gorgeous compound of buildings, designed in traditional Gloucestershire style and fitting seamlessly into the stunning landscape, with a technological core. That core, of course, is the beating heart of o2, the buzzing nerve centre of o2, the grumbling kidneys of o2 – in short, it’s all the major organs of o2. It’s the head office; where the magic happens.

The o2 head office customer service department is there too, incorporated into the head office. With such a close and direct connection to the O2 head office, the customer service department is able to provide a much greater level of service than would otherwise be possible to its customers. Any issue that is brought to a customer service department which falls outside their normal remit would ordinarily cause a headache for the staff and the customer alike, since it won’t just go away on its own – someone will have to sort it. However, with demands too high for customer service staff to deal with, this unusual issue would persist until a more elite member of the staff could be shipped in or reached by conference call, to engage it on their terms and provide the necessary expertise or corporate heft to make the call and resolve the issue.

However, with o2, this is perfectly sidestepped by their head-office central customer service department. By situating the customer service department within the head office, o2 can make sure that every serious issue is resolved, no matter its circumstances. Without any need to bring in experts, call them from afar or establish patchy connections to them from the other side of the world, the o2 customer service team can get the best minds in the company – or, as they see it, the best minds in the telecommunications industry, world-wide – to work on the issue.

Since those experts, from all possible relevant fields, are already in the headquarters, it’s a simple matter of a clean, quick, one-step phone transfer to patch you through to them, whether they’re legal experts, research and development, technical experts, corporate authorities, even high-ranking executives with the needed authority to make the toughest of calls with absolute certainty.

O2 Complaints – 0843 557 4967

You might find yourself needing to make a complaint to o2 for any one of a huge number of reasons, not all of which will be directly connected to your phone or connectivity. O2, like all modern successful telecoms companies, has adapted itself to have fingers in many pies, spreading itself out into a benevolent contracted force, permeating many aspects of the social sphere.

Therefore your complaints might be about a lack of signal, or the inability to send a text, but they could also be about data connectivity, an excessive or completely unnecessary roaming charge, excessive update SMS notifications, inability to stream, an inadequate level of data provided either as an anomaly or as a feature of your contract, billing issues, unusual account activity, or streaming issues which make the normal use of your telecoms devices unpleasant, inconvenient, or impossible.

There’s also the distinct possibility that you’ll need to call to make a complaint about your contract itself, whether that be due to rising prices or the nature of the contract, which may, after it is signed and with the normal progression of time, fall behind the other contracts available on the market and warrant a justified complaint.

Whatever your reason for complaining, the o2 customer service department will be able to help. With access to all of the information provided by the extensive o2 database system at their fingertips, they can call up any data or information needed to resolve an issue, and with training and support to handle problems themselves, they can neutralise most issues.

Any problem which is too specific or too intense for normal customer service departments will be handled by transfer within the head office, making even the most challenging of complaints into a normal day at the o2 office – since the complaints department is located within the o2 head office, executives of every stripe and agency are only a simple internal transfer away, ready and able to deal with the most extreme customer complaints with expertise and authority. If you have a complaint for o2, whether it concerns your handset, the contract you have taken out with them, abnormal behaviour or non-contractual occurrences, a bad experience in-store or via electronic communications methods with a member of o2 staff, or any other reason you may have to feel that you should complain, you can do this by calling the 02 contact line found above, which is available to take your call every day of the week, 24 hours a day – even through the weekends and at night! So no matter what your issue is, the o2 customer service number is available to help you through it. Feel free to make your complaint whenever you have one – after all, without the feedback provided by customer complaints,  no company can improve and evolve to be better for its customers!

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Robert Harding

Phoned yesterday .The advisor seemed not to be able to help and after I had hung on for some time promised to phone me back in 2 minutes. This did not happen and I am still waiting for my issues to be resolved.


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