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O2 Arena: Customer Services Contact Number – 0843 317 9563

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for O2 Arena

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 6pm
Tuesday 8am 6pm
Wednesday 8am 6pm
Thursday 8am 6pm
Friday 8am 6pm
Saturday 8am 6pm
Sunday 8am 6pm
O2 Arena
The O2
Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX

Before it was rebranded, the O2 Arena was formerly the Millennium Dome. Never short of controversy, the Millennium Dome was accused of bad planning and poor management. It was closed just one year after its grand opening. After much deliberation, it was decided that the Dome should be redeveloped as an indoor city filled with shops, restaurants and cinemas. It was then leased to Meridian Delta Ltd in 2001 for redevelopment.

Construction work began in 2003 and finished in 2007. Because it was impossible to use cranes inside the structure due to its domed roof, the roof was instead deconstructed and constructed on the ground and later lifted onto the roof so that development could continue inside the structure itself. Seating arrangements throughout the arena are adjustable and can be modified, like the Manchester Arena, to fit in with stylistic choices and the best acoustic for different artists. If some performers at the O2 would like a specific layout within the dome, they can organise to do so; this makes the venue unique in the UK. The Ground surfaces can also be changed as and when necessary. In 2007, the O2 Arena sold over 1,200,000 tickets even though it was only open for seven months of the year. This makes it the world’s third most popular venue for concerts and shows, coming in just behind the Manchester Arena (1,250,000) and Madison Square Garden (1,230,000) in New York.

It was officially renamed The O2 after its sponsorship to the mobile phone company in 2005, and it soon became one of London’s leading attractions.  The arena itself was opened in 2007, and the O2 is an internationally recognised venue selling more tickets than anywhere else in the world. It has featured the 2012 Olympic gymnastics, music acts like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, and The Hunger Games’ movie premiere in 2011.

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
O2 Arena Customer Services 0843 317 9563 8am-6pm
O2 Arena Head Office Helpline 0843 317 9565 8am-6pm
O2 Arena Events and Shows Helpline 0843 317 9566 8am-6pm
O2 Arena Ticket Services 0843 317 9567 8am-6pm
O2 Arena Parking Helpline 0843 317 9568 8am-6pm
O2 Arena Facilities Helpline 0843 557 4563 8am-6pm

O2 Arena Customer Services 0843 317 9563

If you have a query or question regarding The O2 Arena, this number will contact the general customer services team. If you know the department you would like to speak to, you may find the O2 Arena: Customer Services Contact Number - 0843 317 9563numbers below slightly more usefully.

If you are concerned that you have lost something at the O2 Arena, you can call this number above to check if your item or items have been found at the site. If it has, you can arrange a time to pick them up with the team on this line.

If you are calling the O2 because you would like to buy tickets, you may be best calling the O2 Ticket Services helpline below. You will be able to order tickets to events over the phone and find out helpful information regarding shows and events coming to the O2 soon.

O2 Arena Events and Shows Helpline 0843 317 9566

If you would like information on upcoming shows and events at The O2, you can use the number above to find the information. Calling the number will connect you directly to a member of the O2 tickets team, who can help with information regarding specific events and access for the disabled.

On this line, you can also enquire about shows that are not yet on the O2 site, which is great if you want to know about shows before they are announced. You cannot buy tickets on this helpline; however, you can do so on the following Tickets Helpline.

If you would like to host and event or show at the O2, you can also use the O2 Arena Events and Shows Helpline to enquire about prices and dates available. If you are a corporate company, this line might also help you contact a member of the events team who handles corporate events and company hire of the O2 Arena.

O2 Arena Ticket Services 0843 317 9567

For purchasing tickets to events and shows at the O2 Arena in London, you can call the O2 Ticket Services line above. When calling this number, it is handy to have your credit card and other information such as your name and date of birth handy. This is to ensure you nab the tickets you want when calling the helpline, as some tickets can sell out easily.

Calling the O2 to grab the tickets you want can, in some ways, be easier than trying to buy tickets online through the O2 website, or other sites such as Ticketmaster and other such sites. This is because you are directly connected to a member of the box office team who can place your order immediately. Online you may be placed in an online queue when ordering tickets; this is to ensure that everyone has a chance to order their perfect tickets. Calling the box office at the o2 could ensure priority, as tickets are bought much faster over the phone than online.

If you have O2 priority, it may be easier for you to buy through the O2 priority app. O2 priority offers O2 customers the chance to buy tickets to shows before the general sale of tickets on sites such as Ticketmaster and other such sites. When buying O2 Priority tickets, simply log into your O2 Priority account online and follow the simple instructions on the screen about purchasing presale tickets. Usually, you will have to wait in a virtual queue in order to buy one of the predetermined tickets sold by O2. If you do not get the tickets you wanted, you will still get the chance to during the general sale release of other tickets.

O2 Arena Parking Helpline 0843 317 9568

If you are driving to the O2 Arena, you may need to find somewhere to park.

At the Arena itself there is limited parking, and arriving early is advised to grab a parking space if you would like to park at the arena itself. If the official parking at the arena is full by the time you arrive, you may have to find alternate parking spaces near the complex.

Calling the number above will put you through to a Parking staff member responsible for the Parking facilities at the O2. If there is no parking available on site, they will be able to give you directions to safe and secure parking close the O2 Arena site. You can also ring this helpline to enquire about parking prices, and to ask about other means of travelling to the O2 Arena site. In some aspects, it might be simple for you to park elsewhere and head to the O2 Arena on public transport including trains, underground services and buses.

If you are unsure which transport you can use from your location, the staff on the O2 Arena Parking Helpline will be able to help. Alternatively, you can contact the o2 team on their social media profiles, all of which can be found below.

O2 Arena Facilities Helpline 0843 557 4563

To take the crown from the Manchester Evening News arena or Madison Square Garden was no mean feat. However, London’s O2 Arena is now the world’s most popular multi-purpose arena selling 1.9 million tickets a year.

With a capacity of up to 20,000, it has played host to comedians, sports events, and some of the most acclaimed bands in the world (Prince played there for a staggering 21 nights in a row).

The arena is host to a number of facilities including toilets, disabled access areas, food and drink stalls, merchandise stands and much much more.

For different events, the O2 can have a number of different stalls and food stands. Depending on a number of people attending an event, some of the smaller food operating services could be closed. However, there will be more staff placed on the larger stands to keep up with demand.

Equally, in terms of merch and depending on the band or event in question, there may be more than one stand selling merchandise. So don’t fret if you cannot find the item you have seen elsewhere or online, you might be able to find the item you are after elsewhere in the arena. We suggest you take a look around the site and ask a member of staff if there are any other stalls in the arena that you can visit and buy items from. Usually, you will be able to buy alternate or different items in different parts of the venue.

If you have a specific request for when you visit the Arena, you can use this helpline for help and advice from the team as well.

More about the O2 Arena

Previously known as Millennium Dome, and housing a number of art installations and events, the O2 was officially renamed after its sponsorship to the mobile phone company in 2005. It soon became one of London’s leading attractions once the building became an arena for concerts and other amazing events such as movie openings and the like.  The arena itself was opened in 2007 as a music venue, and the O2 is now an internationally recognised venue selling more tickets than anywhere else in the world. Construction work began on the Dome in 2003 and finished in 2007 after a number of complications to do with the roof and angling the structure in order to fit a number of facilities.

You can find The o2 on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. These platforms are great if you need a quick answer on the go, or if you can’t get through to anyone on the helplines above. Tweeting the team at the O2 is great for an almost immediate response, as is sending the team a Facebook message.


Kelly Baker

Six of us attended the 02 arena on Saturday 16th September to see Micky Flanagan. The sound system failed in the 2nd half of the show and we could not hear properly. The sound was bouncing from one speaker to another and the narrative was lost. We spent the whole time missing the jokes and unable to hear the content. We were extremely disappointed as the tickets were a present and we had looked forward to the show since January. How do I put in a formal complaint about this?

Lyssette Young

Going To The 02 Tomorrow To Watch The Basketball Games. My Daughter Has Adhd/Asd I Was Just If I Can Bring My Own Foods For Her As She Has Certain Foods.
Kind Regards
Miss Young

Lisa chittock

My friend and I went to see the gorgeous Neil Diamond and was bloody fantastic, he was so lovely and gentle.
His voice hasn’t changed one bit and sang my favourite jazz singer.

One little problem was the light in the opposite corner to where I was sitting shon right in my eyes.

And Neil didn’t stop for half time and no other band either.

I would defo see him again even though I never see a show twice – well done and thank u – especially the staff were terrific – even though it was £3.50 for a small bottle of water


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