Npower Customer Services Telephone Number

0843 557 4513

Why might I need to call the npower customer services number?

The npower Customer Services team can help you with a range of issues, such as:npower customer services

  • Understanding or paying your monthly bill
  • Upgrading or switching your current tariff
  • Saving energy around the home with any of npower’s energy conservation home features
  • Managing your account online
  • Setting up a direct debit
  • Sending a meter reading or requesting a SmartMeter
  • Updating important information or moving home
  • Requesting a repair or replacement service
  • Making a complaint

What Can npower Do For Me?

npower is one of the UK’s Big Six energy providers, supplying electricity, gas and heating to millions of customers across the country. Its electricity and gas tariffs aim to provide customers with flexibility by offering them options of variable or fixed-term contracts, such as a Price Fix tariff, Price Protector, or Standard Variable.

Through npower, customers can rely on a heated home thanks to its annual Boiler Care service and gas boiler servicing and repair. Choose from two main boiler and central heating tariffs – Boiler Care or Central Heating Care – which both guarantee the care of your boiler or central heating system by a Gas Safe registered npower engineer, should anything ever go wrong.

npower encourages its customers to implement several energy-saving features within their homes, which will help to save them money on their monthly bill and reduce ongoing climate change. Customers can choose to have home insulation fitted, purchase an energy-efficient product such as solar panel windows and PV, or sign up to npower’s Green Deal. For those who meet the eligibility criteria, free energy saving home improvements may be installed in their home on the Green Deal, making it warmer and more energy-efficient and cutting costs along the way. For more information on this, contact npower Customer Services .

Who Are npower?

npower is a leading integrated UK energy company with a flexible portfolio of coal, gas and oil-fired power stations, as well as its own portfolio of co-generation plant. It is part of the RWE Group, which is one of the top five electricity and gas companies in Europe, and hires around 11,501 employees as of 2013.

npower is continually working to reduce its impact on the environment and strives to source its fuel in an ethically sustainable way. As well as promoting the use of renewable energy and offering customers several renewable source energy options and energy conserving products, the company also pays close attention to its environmental footprint through its own Environmental Management System.

Registering a Complaint Against nPower

To make a complaint about npower call the customer service number above and a member of the team will do their best to resolve your problem as soon as possible. If it is not possible to resolve your problem immediately then your complaint can be escalated to the customer relations team. If the customer relations team are unable to reach a satisfactory agreement then you call will be further escalated to the executive complaints team. In the unlikely occurrence that your complaint has still no been dealt with finally the head of customer relations will have a look at your case.

npower Calls For New Independent Body

December 20th 2014

The head of npower is calling for an independent body to scrutinise decisions made by regulators and other stakeholders. They want to create an organisation aside from Ofgem that will examine and make projections for government spending.

Research shows that there is real confusion regarding energy policies, what’s driving costs and the sheer magnitude of what’s involved in moving Britain to a low carbon energy infrastructure. Once an understanding of the current energy market has been established. Mr Massara, the chief executive of npower wants to make sure that consumers know what the real consequences are of the changes in the market.

This comes after npower among other energy companies received immense criticism by customers and Ofgem, and were named the worst company in the UK for delivering poor customer service.

New research by npower suggests that only one in ten consumers trust energy companies, and less than half have faith in Ofgem. So Mr Massara believes that by employing an independent body to give an impartial account of what’s happening, it will slowly help gain the trust of consumers and investors.

npower To Fix All Billing Problems or Risk Ceasing Telesales Activities

July 8, 2014

npower has been told it must resolve all outstanding billing problems or cease its telesales activities altogether, in an ultimatumNpower-customer-services issued by regulator Ofcom.

The energy firm has topped the Which? tables yet again for poor customer service, and has received constant criticism over the way in which it handles the billing of both existing and former customers. After it was revealed last week that npower has yet to resolve billing problems reported by customers six months ago, Ofcom waded in, telling the firm it must resolve all complaints by the end of August 2014, or cease selling its services to new customers.

The consumer watchdog group Which? revealed a new report recently that said 1.7m complaints had been made to the Big Six energy companies in just the first three months of 2014. nPower in particular received 83 complaints for every 1000, taking the lead in a poorly managed market.

npower admitted that late billing was an ongoing problem and that it affected 280,000 customers holding 400,000 accounts.

Responding to the Ofcom enforcements, chief executive Paul Massara said: “We are happy to provide the assurances agreed with Ofgem, with whom we share the same objective of getting out customer service to where it needs to be.”

Energy expert Tom Lyon from price comparison site reported that billing happens to be one of the biggest reasons why customers complain. Just last year, one fifth of households were billed incorrectly by energy provides and companies are said to be taking ‘longer than ever’ to resolve mistakes.

Ed Davey, the UK energy secretary, welcomed the pressure on npower to get its service and its billing systems in order. He said it was “unacceptable” that so many npower customers had not received the service they deserved and “fully supported” Ofcom’s decision.

“Our policy reforms are making it easier and quicker for people to switch energy suppliers, so all companies need to be doing more for their customers,” he said.

The industry regulator said it has been “monitoring npower’s service closely”, and had been increasingly concerned about its slow progress in addressing failings. Not only that – Ofcom said its analysis had also raised “serious concerns” regarding npower’s customer service practices, which would be thoroughly examined in a separate investigation.

If npower fails to have got its outdated billing system in order and resolve all complaints by the end of August, it will be forced to cease all telesales activity until problems had been cleared.

Additionally, npower will be subject to financial penalties or redress payments if it is found to have broken the rules regarding customer service practices.

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