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Opening Times for Noddle

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 5pm
Tuesday 9am 5pm
Wednesday 9am 5pm
Thursday 9am 5pm
Friday 9am 5pm
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed
Callcredit Consumer Ltd
One Park Lane
West Yorkshire

0844 248 2759

If you need advice about your credit score, use the information on this page to contact Noddle. Customer support is available from Monday to Friday. Get in touch so you can get assistance with Noddle services.

  • Business Name: Noddle
  • Customer Services Number: 0844 248 2759
  • Opening Times: 9am – 5pm
  • Head Office Address: Callcredit Consumer Ltd, One Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1EP
  • Website:

About Noddle

Noddle is a free credit report service. It also offers extra services for a fee. A common slogan is “use your Noddle!” (in place of “noodle” as slang for “brain”). Noddle encourages its users to be smarter about credit scores and security. It began as a trial service for 10,000 people in 2011 before officially launching later in the year. Today, over 3 million people use Noddle services. Noddle is the trading name for Callcredit, which is the third largest UK credit reference agency. The leaders Equifax and Experian charge for credit reports.

Noddle Contact Numbers

You can contact Noddle on weekdays using these helpful phone numbers.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0844 248 2759
(Mon – Fri) 9.00am – 5.00pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Credit Reports
0844 248 2761
(Mon – Fri) 9.00am – 5.00pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
0844 248 2762
(Mon – Fri) 9.00am – 5.00pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Credit Cards
0844 248 2763
(Mon – Fri) 9.00am – 5.00pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Noddle Improve
0844 248 2764
(Mon – Fri) 9.00am – 5.00pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Noddle ID Protection
0844 248 2765
(Mon – Fri) 9.00am – 5.00pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed

Customer Services – 0844 248 2759

The number to call for general enquiries and complaints about Noddle is 0844 248 2759. This number will connect you to the Customer Services team at Noddle. They can provide further information about Noddle and all of its services upon request. They can also tell you how to register for or cancel any of them if you choose to do so. If you are an existing Noddle customer and you are not happy with the services, then call to complain. They will try to resolve any issues that you have with Noddle and take all feedback on board.

Credit Reports – 0844 248 2761

The primary service of Noddle is to provide you with a free credit report. Call 0844 248 2761 anytime you have a problem with your credit report. You can view a sample credit report here for guidance. If you still struggle to understand your personal credit report, then call this number. Noddle can talk you through the features of your report. Your new credit report is available every 30 days, but it doesn’t update on the same day each month. It updates 30 days from the last log-in to view it instead. Call if it doesn’t update after this.

Loans – 0844 248 2762

Make sure that all of your details are correct in your Noddle credit report before you use the Noddle Loans Matcher. This tool compares loans from leading providers to see which one is most likely to approve you from your credit score. It is very helpful if you need a loan to help with home, car, holiday, or even wedding costs. Even more importantly, loans can help to consolidate existing debt or build your credit history. Call 0844 248 2762 if you need help using the Loans Matcher tool. Noddle itself does not provide the loans.

Credit Cards – 0844 248 2763

Noddle is not a lender, but it is a credit broker. Once you have your Noddle credit report, use the Noddle credit card matcher. It compares a range of credit cards to find out what you are eligible for based on your credit score. Call 0844 248 2763 for assistance using the credit card matcher. Please note that Noddle cannot provide legal counsel or advise you to apply for any credit card. Noddle can only help you to check your credit score and your eligibility to improve your chances of approval by the lenders within the service.

Noddle Improve – 0844 248 2764

Keeping a good credit score throughout your life is important. It will affect your chances of securing loans in the future. If you plan on having a house with a mortgage, a bad credit rating won’t help you. Sign up for Noddle to access your free credit report, then purchase the Noddle Improve service. For £30, Noddle will help you to improve your credit score over 12 months. Noddle will identify the problematic factors and give advice on boosting your credit score. Call 0844 248 2764 to get some help with Noddle Improve services.

Noddle ID Protection – 0844 248 2765

Cybercrime is a serious threat in the age of the internet. Online shopping can increase the risk of identity fraud, as hackers could get hold of your details. When you sign up for Noddle, you can purchase protective services like Web Watch and Alerts. These are £20 each for a year, or £30 a year for both in a bundle. Call 0844 248 2765 for help with these. The monitoring service flags any misuse of your details and alerts you to any changes in your credit report. This includes if anyone tries to sell your details through the dark web.

Other Ways to Contact Noddle

If you need to challenge an error on your credit report, use the “dispute” button to report it to Noddle. They will get back to you with updates within 28 days. For quick advice or issue reporting, you can get in touch on Facebook or on Twitter. The social media teams are on hand during the same office hours as above. If you prefer e-mail, you can reach Noddle at instead. An alternative option is to write a letter to Noddle at the Callcredit head office address provided. Include your contact details to get a reply.

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