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NatWest Contact Number – 0844 826 8022

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for NatWest

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 6pm
Tuesday 9am 6pm
Wednesday 9am 6pm
Thursday 9am 6pm
Friday 9am 6pm
Saturday 9am 6pm
Sunday 9am 6pm
135 Bishopsgate

 NatWest Contact Number - 0844 453 0259

You can find all information about NatWest bank’s and their policies by calling the NatWest Head Office Contact Number – 0844 453 0259.

NatWest can be contacted for queries surrounding:

  • Finding your nearest NatWest branch.
  • Speaking to HR about NatWest’s recruitment process
  • Speaking to HR if you work for NatWest and have a problem you would like resolving
  • Issuing a complaint about services provided by NatWest, in a NatWest branch or by a NatWest employee

National Westminster Bank, more commonly known as NatWest is a large retail and commercial bank that exists in the United Kingdom. The bank was established by the merger of two banks – the National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank – in 1968. It has been a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group since 2000 and is known as one of the Big Four clearing banks. The bank has a network of almost 1,600 branches as well as 3,400 cash machines spread throughout Great Britain. They also have over 7.5 million personal customers and boast around 850,000 small business accounts, with around 33,300 employees.

NatWest Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Head Office 0844 826 8022
Helpline 0844 453 0259
Complaints 0843 557 4876
Emergency/Fraud 0843 557 3646
Telephone Banking 0843 290 7185

NatWest Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 135 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3UR

NatWest Head Office Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9am-6pm

NatWest Head Office –  0844 826 8022

NatWest is one of the UK’s largest banks and covers multiple different kinds of financial services like credit cards, current accounts, loans, investments, mortgages and insurance. NatWest allows for multiple types of banking within their service, including online and app banking, telephone banking and visiting the NatWest branch local to you. NatWest also offers special services for customers who deal in multiple currencies and a private arm within the bank that is designed specifically to work with wealthy customers.

NatWest has origins tracing back to 1658 when Smith’s Bank in Nottingham was founded, but only began trading as National Westminster Bank in 1970. The bank was a runner-up at the British Bank Awards 2016 for the best business banking provider award.

When visiting NatWest’s website the options are offered for Personal, Private, Business and International banking. Personal and private banking offer ways to bank, products & services – including current accounts, credit cards & loans – and security & support that provides stability to your account and provides chances to report fraud.

Also in personal banking is ‘Life Moments’ which pledges to offer support with your life & family, your home and travel. Each of these sections prepares for the best, like getting married and having a baby, and the worst such as separation and divorce or financial struggles. With this, they also offer tools and guides for your service like salary, budget, loan, overdraft and debt calculators among other things. Each section has its own helping hand, showing NatWest truly try to look after their customers.

Business banking helps companies monitor their money relating to if they’re startups, have an annual turnover up to £2m, have an annual turnover over £2m and if they’re larger businesses that work internationally. The business banking includes current accounts specifically for business, offers small business loans that can reach up to £25,000 or business insurance which ensures protection for your hard work. If you suffer fraud within your business, NatWest has a strong business support centre that can help return your life back to normal. International banking with NatWest offers opportunities for personal and business banking as well as any offshore banking you may need.

NatWest Bank Accounts – 0844 453 0259 

NatWest had multiple different kinds of banking accounts, such as everyday bank accounts, reward bank accounts, graduate bank accounts, student bank accounts, child bank accounts, joint accounts and accounts for non-UK EU residents. If you’re looking for a standard current account, you will want the Select account, which is an account without a monthly fee. NatWest Contact Number - 0844 453 0259From your everyday banking account, you can upgrade to get a reward bank account which offers rewards in 3% for every Direct Debit payment. There is also the option providing a Reward Silver Account that includes options like phone insurance, cash back on items purchases like theatre tickets, European travel insurance, preferential travel money rates, and a Tastecard that offers discounts at thousands of UK restaurants.

There are also options for Reward Platinum and Reward Black accounts, which offer extra rewards like a concierge service, yet it should be acknowledged that the Black account can only be accessed by customers with private banking accounts.

NatWest Ways to Bank – 0844 453 0259

Mobile App

NatWest’s mobile app is available to all customers who have set up online banking and have a UK mobile number. The app was voted ‘Best Banking App’ in the British Bank Awards 2017 and offers the opportunity to check your balance, view your transaction details and pay new people without needing a card reader. There is also the chance to register your travel plans with NatWest to help manage your money while abroad on your phone, and all of this can be accessed by using the fingerprint login option.

Bank Online

NatWest’s online banking service is available to all NatWest customers aged 11+ and allows them to check their balance and statements, make payments/send money, and manage & track their savings.

The online banking service also helps to set up your account for when you’re travelling abroad, which lowers the risk of your cards being blocked when you’re out of the country. There is also the opportunity to manage your account through changing the name of your accounts, replacing lost or stolen cards and updating personal details.

For your online banking, you will need a card-reader, which allows you to make payments, set up or change regular payments and update your details.

With your online banking, you can set up text alerts that will alert you to changes to your account, and allows you to select which alerts you would like to receive in addition to the automatic alerts you’ll receive.

On the Phone/In Branch – 0843 290 7185

When banking in branch there are a number of options available to NatWest customers. There are cash & deposit machines available now for customers who don’t have the time for personal service, and ATM’s available to check your balance, top up your mobile and more. There is also the chance to cash your cheques in the branches as they have started a new process in 2017 which allows cheques to be processed quicker. For rural communities that don’t easily have access to branches, NatWest offers mobile branches to help customers fulfil their banking needs.

NatWest also offers the opportunity to check your balance, make transfers and make payments over the phone. With this service, customers can use an automated telephone service to carry out a range of transactions, with Option 1 allowing self-service automated balance transactions, payments and general banking queries, and Option 2 is for existing customers who would like to extend their overdrafts or apply for a product. Option 3 is for if you are a registered online/telephone banking customer and would like to talk to a UK-based customer adviser, and Option 4 is for if you are a new customer or aren’t registered for telephone/online banking and would like to talk to a UK-based customer adviser.

NatWest Mortgage – 0844 453 0259

When managing a mortgage you might find it is a complex situation to deal with. NatWest always offers a wide selection of mortgages for anyone who could be interested, from people buying their first home to anyone looking to remortgage their home from their existing mortgage provider and use NatWest instead. They also offer the chance for people to start mortgages for while they move home and also for buy to let properties.

If you already have a mortgage with NatWest they offer you the chance to manage your mortgage, switch to a new deal if your current deal isn’t working for you, change your mortgage as you move home and borrow more if you feel it is necessary.

With their mortgages, NatWest offers tools like mortgage calculators and rate fingers and overpayment calculators. This way you can always be sure you are being offered the best possible deal for your mortgage and also allows you to get an agreement in principle on new mortgages.

Popular Questions about NatWest

How to download PDF statement

If you wish to download a PDF version of your statement, visit the online banking site, select statements and click on your account. There you will see an option to ‘view, save and print PDF statements’. From here you choose the time period you want the statement to be from and then click download statement.

When is interest paid?

Depending on what kind of savings account you have, interest is paid on different days. If you have an instant saver or cash ISA account, the interest will be paid on the first business day of each month. However, if you have a first saver account – which is designed for children under 7’s use – interest is extted to be paid on the first business day of January, April, July and October.

How do I start a career with NatWest?

If you want to apply online for a job with NatWest you can click on the careers section of their website, which will lead you to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) careers page, as NatWest is part of the RBS Group along with Ulster Bank and Lombard.

On this page, you can search directly for a role by entering a keyword and a city, town or postcode to find a job near to your location. You can also browse the career options at RBS. Within the organisation, there are chances to work in Functions – those who deliver support, expertise and advice, and help customer-facing colleagues and back office teams, as well as in Technology and RBS International which is headquartered in Jersey and has a presence in Guernsey, Isle of Man and Gibraltar. There are also multiple different roles within the organisation for you to find.

RBS also offer graduate roles and internships, along with apprenticeships, which helps the organisation to integrate a new generation into banking.

When browsing the website you can find sections like ‘Featured jobs’, which advertises jobs the organisation might currently be most interested in expanding. There is also the chance to visit their ‘About Us’ section, which provides information about their businesses and brands, and the opportunity to explore life at RBS by viewing their locations, rewards & benefits, inclusion policies and career development chances.

How to cancel a Direct Debit

If you find yourself needing to cancel a Direct Debit you can do this by visiting NatWest’s Online Banking. If you go to the payments and transfers section, you can select manage Direct Debits and then find the cancel Direct Debit option.

When am I able to extend my overdraft?

If you are over 18 years old and have access to your NatWest current account you can apply to increase the amount of your overdraft at any time. This can be done either online by filling in an application form, or if you visit your nearest NatWest branch and speak to someone there.


Michael Gallagher

26th August 2017
Knock! Knock!
Who’s there ?
Its the bank information hacking service, sharing information with all who ask.
What happened to Cyber.
Old hat.

In answer to your unexpected letters. 19/08/2017..(05/10/2017 added 08/10/20170 slighting tone)

The Government now sharing information with departments in other countries has no security control once the information is given over. UK banks have a very strong code of ethics that attracts investment from all walks of life. (some good, some not so good) Its called integrity, an old, well respected British established commodity. Also with a now ongoing situation, permission granted, where information can be sought from a UK bank account for life. Open bank account. Incredible.

A Russian oligarch!! (or a very rich middle eastern person or any person for that matter) having money invested in a UK bank, being a Russian tax payer, the UK having signed International Agreements to share information, will satisfy a request from the Russian Government for Account Numbers. Gross amount of interest paid with the Balance showing of all accounts, as per letter dated 19/08/17 to myself. Unbelievable.

Every walk of life around the globe bank with the UK from ISIS to Drug Lords to questionable Governments and there cohorts. More money passes through London then any other city in the world.

It is a fact because of British integrity, British privacy, British security, Foreign Government Ministers around the world have UK accounts, includes Irish Government Ministers, make that especially with the questionable practices of the banks in southern Ireland, constantly failing the public interest. There are more Irish people living in the UK then living in Southern Ireland, paying tax in both countries. Both the UK and Southern Ireland are fully aware of an individuals tax payments we have constant questionable means testing. Bank accounts constantly scrutinised for any irregularities, questions asked as to where one thousand €uro’s has gone from an An-post account.

As for myself being a resident of Ireland, receiving UK pension with a minor correction under Irish pensions. I am quite happy to share my bank account information, (being a shared account that I have had for a working life time) with all and sundry, place it on twitter. You are fully aware that it is not going to raise an eyebrow, you have the account transaction history and the wealth displayed, no more then an evening meal out. Tax departments in the UK are fully up to date as whilst employed my tax was PAYE then at 65 my pension accordingly awarded. Same as in Ireland under PPS. Amazing

I don’t believe that Government Ministers also border people, working people, working on both sides of the Irish divide, paying tax in two different countries, will be as co-operative as myself.

I believe this to be a topic of the new Taoiseach, when as a minister starting on a campaign to reduce benefits all forms of benefits to all walks of life in Ireland. The now Taoiseach has done remarkable well, in clawing money back, showing huge savings by conscripting a number of American quangos to operate there brand of money making practices.

ONE HUNDRED years ago unelected people entered into negotiations, not Ireland’s finest hour, the rest is history. One hundred years later, Southern Ireland, BREXIT !!!!

Rhetorical Questions:
What did Southern Ireland trade or interchange to achieve this momentous accomplishment of change within UK banking policy?…………….Border control has taken on a whole new meaning.

Who is “Reponse Payee Grande-Bretagne” with a PO box? Why, if the Bank is sending me the letters, why am I not responding to the Bank as opposed to a third party? Already an open source for information in the public domain!!! Should I respond to third party request?

This opinion is not for the public domain from myself. It is just an opinion/question/query based…..!!

Michael Gallagher

Who is “Reponse Payee Grande-Bretagne” with a PO box? Why, if the Bank is sending me the letters, why am I not responding to the Bank as opposed to a third party? Already an open source for information in the public domain!!! Should I respond to third party request?
This part may be missed of from previous comment

Mr Michael Lyn Prosser

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mail
Subject: Fwd: Urgent. NB03126299 Kristiana Truhomenko.
Date: 12 February 2018 at 12:32:07 GMT
To:, ~ Connect Online

Dear Sir /Madam (
Progress report since email below this one!
I Now have 3 complaints being felt with By Melanie on ext 13628199
Melanie did a good job of sorting the first complaint even though the hourly rate that was compensated was quite frankly a joke.However its not compensation i want ! I want the Nat west to sort out there way of doing things as the whole ongoing processes has been dreadful and the system just does not work.
It would save Nat West many hours of time if you just allow the branches to open these accounts rather than try to do it with an email system and contact system where by every day i ring it goes through to a different person. These people must be taught to say that if they have any problems they will phone the customer back, and then thats the end of it for them, as they do not ring back and know the next time customer rings it will be somebody else’s problem.
Ok now Monday the 12th Feb
As far as i now i still have no internet banking and the switcher team has not switched account from HSBC
Thursday 8th I spoke to a person in the complaints department and was told by them that Melanie was not in and that they would get her to phone me on Friday morning! This did not happen and i rang her again today 12th, She asked many questions about forms etc but she does not have an email address so i can not send her the copies of emails i have sent to your other departments.

How can you have a complaints department where i can not send emails to prove things ????

On Saturday the 9th i had a call from a lady who told me she wold try and sort both internet banking issues and also switcher team issues out for me . She told me that she had my number and if she lost the connection she would ring me back. In her putting me on hold many times she eventually told me to hold while she transferred me to another member of your staff, in this process after about 20mins of waiting i realised that i had been cut off.
I was going out for lunch that day but decided to wait in for bank to call me. Did not happen again!!!!

Please will somebody in authority get this sorted and contact me so i know what is going on.
I am being made to look like a fool to people in my organisation as i keep having to explain why i can not answer there messages re payments.
Michael Prosser

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mike Prosser
Subject: Fwd: Urgent. When will our internet banking start working?
Date: 8 February 2018 at 14:38:19 GMT
To: ~ Connect Online

Dear Sir/Madam
Ref NB03126299 Account Number 59655399 sort 535041 Please can you tell me when our internet banking will be working i was told overnight yesterday 8th Feb (Having been told this for at least 10 days) but this has not happened as yet and again know body has got back to me as promised by phone or email.
We have been told again conflicting information.
Today 5th On phone a person said we needed a form and that they would send it to my email address that day and i would fill it in, but i had to take it into my local branch for them to send it to you some special way!
This was not sent to me so when i went into my local branch the next day (Tuesday 6th) we rang you from there and you email forms to the bank direct where i filled them in, They were read and checked and sent off to you!
Wed 7th I rang you to be told that we did not need to fill in any forms in the first place regarding internet banking and the gentleman could switch us on over night, i was on hold a couple of times while he tried to sort this out but failed as he could not find forms with our signatories on from our Mandate that you have had know 3 times as the first time you sent us the wrong set of forms !We would not have the account open if you did not have them!
I was even told that they may have been deleted by mistake??
Anyway the gentleman said he would sort out and get us switched on over night and if he had any problems whatsoever he would call me. I have had no call or emails at all!
Please will somebody sort.
Ideally both Myself and Simon Smith (the other signatory if i am unavailable.)would like to have internet access to view our account so we know when people have paid in.
We still want hard copy statements!
As explained if needed to speed things up we can just get myself switched on to start with if it posses a problem for you!
I can not see why any of this should be difficult to sort out and would not be if we could do it all at branch.
Please let me know asap as we can not run our account like this.
W Bro Michael Prosser. Treasurer Vaga Lodge 3146


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