NatWest Telephone Banking Contact Number

0844 826 0447

Banking couldn’t be more helpful than with NatWest phone banking. With one quick call, all your financial needs can be met. To use Natwest’s telephone banking service you will need your Natwest PIN and password available.natwest telephone banking contact number

Why Call NatWest Telephone Banking?

  • Check your balance
  • Make payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Order cheque books

Why Contact NatWest Customer Services For Banking Help?

NatWest Telephone Banking is a quick and easy way to manage your finances on the go. Open 24 hours a day, it allows registered NatWest customers to check their balance and any recent transactions with one easy phone call. You can also request to make a payment between your accounts or to a third party. This means you never have to be worried about making an urgent or unexpected payment. For security reasons, customers will need to have their unique number and NatWest telephone banking pin in hand to access the service.

How To Use The Telephone Banking System

When you have called the Natwest telephone number for banking you will be presented with a menu of options to choose from.

If you want information on your bank balance and recent transcations, wish to make payments or transfer funds, need to order a bank statement or cheque or require assistance from a customer service executive then please press one.

If you require information on loans and overdrafts or specific charges on your account then please press two.

Or if you require help with new Natwest banking services or products, if you need to enquire about your account and are not currently registered for online banking or if you with to register for online banking the please press three.

What does Natwest do?

Natwest is a fully rounded modern bank, able to assist you with any financial issues yu may have and to provide for your banking needs however and whenever you need them. These services include, but are not limited to:

Current accounts

NatWest offers four main types of current account: a standard account for no monthly fee; a Select Silver account that for £10 a month also allows you access to new music, film previews and deals on European travel; a Select Platinum account that for £16 a month gives you free travel, car and mobile insurance; and a Student account for those in university.


Customers with a NatWest current account can borrow between £1000 and £25000 with fixed monthly payments. Car loans and home improvement loans are also available. If you’re considering a loan of any kind, call the NatWest customer service phone number provided and ask them about it – they can help you take out a loan or answer any questions you might have!

Credit Cards

There are seven different types of credit cards available from NatWest, each with their own purpose: whether you’re in a low-income job, a high earner or a student, NatWest bank customer service will be able to determine which option is best for you. To ask them about credit cards – you guessed it – call them!


There are three insurance policies that NatWest offers: Home insurance that comes with a 24-hour phone line in case of emergency; car insurance which offers a nine-year no-claims discount and £1000 in car cover such as Sat Navs, stereos, etc; and life insurance that will cover you if you die or are critically injured.


NatWest offers mortgages for the first time you are buying a home. Existing customers should call the NatWest telephone number if they are moving home, need to borrow more, or change their details.

Alternative ways to contact Natwest

The easiest way to get hold of the NatWest Customer Service team is to call them on the number shown above – 0844 826 0447and you’ll be connect to a member of the bank’s head office staff. If calling in is inconvenient, impractical or impossible, you can also reach Natwest via a number of alternative contact methods. They’re on Facebook and Twitter, and their website sports a live-chat app that allows you to have text-based conversations with them in real time. Alternately, you can write them a letter (banks love being written letters) and send it to their head office address, which we have listed below.

Twitter: @natwest_help
Facebook: /natwest

Or write them at

135 Bishopsgate,

NatWest Cuts Perks For Customers With Select Silver Account

July 1st 2014

NatWest has irked its customers yet again by making a series of further changes to its Select Silver paid-for customer current account, which it says is down to a ‘lack of interest’ in the product.

The Select Silver current account originally held a host of benefits and perks for customers. These included a Lovefilm account subscription – priced at £5.99 a month – and ten free HMVDigital music downloads a month, which would normally cost £10.

However, the bank has decided to axe these extras, replacing them instead with less-coveted, lower-priced benefits.

Instead of a Lovefilm or Amazon Prime subscription, customers will instead be offered a Tastecard membership, which allows them to enjoy two for one meals (or 50 percent off) at a number of restaurants across the UK. The new Select Silver account will also offer 25% cashback when customers book tickets for concerts, sports events and theatre shows through the account’s new booking service.

NatWest has also axed the ID fraud protection that was given to customers who opened the Select Silver account – one of the main perks that drew customers towards the account.

Although the monetary value of this service is not known, it has been calculated that Select Silver customers will be losing £81 worth of perks because of the new changes. Amazon’s Lovefilm was worth £71 a year – increasing to £95 when it became Amazon Prime Instant earlier this year. The HMVDigital downloads are priced at 99p each, of which customers were entitled to ten.

These newest changes are not the first time NatWest has fiddled with the current account, which costs customers £10 a month to keep open. In early 2013, the bank increased the cost of the account from £8 to £10, and later started charging a £6 a month unarranged overdraft fee when customers went overdrawn by £10 or over.

The account also has an annual interest of 19.89 percent, and its interest-fee buffer for overdrafts was recently cut from £100 to just £10.

NatWest Introduces Multiple Income Cap On Loans

June 26, 2014

NatWest has introduced another safeguard measure to its large-amount loans and placed a cap of 4 x income to loans above Natwest phone number£500,000.

The bank recently announced the new rule in what is considered by experts to be u-turn decision. NatWest said earlier this month that it would not be following the actions of Lloyds Bank, which had introduced the same income multiple cap last month on the basis that wages were not keeping up with the rising house prices in London.

However, NatWest Intermediary Solutions (the bank’s loan division) has issued a cap on income multiples of 4 x income, where loans are over £500,000. These types of loans will also come with a maximum of 30 years, starting from June 6.

The move by both banks is said to be an antidote to the increasing “inflationary pressures” being seen in London, which has affected standards of living and the housing market. According to a spokesman from NatWest Intermediary Solutions, the new rule will help provide a further safeguard against customers borrowing large amounts that they may not be able to repay.

The cap is intended to make repaying the loan more affordable and will reduce loan-to-values for larger loans. It is more specifically targeting to customers at the upper end of the London market, which has seen the most inflationary pressure, experts say.

The new measures will be in addition to the existing safeguards already in place when granting customers a loan, such as the standard affordability assessment. Mortgages from RBS Intermediary Partners have already been subjected to the new cap since the beginning of June, and it will reach NatWest and RBS mortgages for direct customers by the end of the month.

Fears that London’s housing market is ‘overheating’ have emerged since figures from NatWest showed house prices had risen by 18 percent – twice the rate recorded in the whole of the UK.

Experts believe the decisions of NatWest and Lloyds bank to cap income multiples will encourage other banks to follow suit.

NatWest Telephone Banking Used to Defraud Couple out of £19,000

February 23rd 2016

Natwest was embroiled in yet another controversy after its tyelephone banking service was used to defraud a retired couple out of almost £19,000 of savings. The fraudsters, who initially gained access to Mrs. Diane Sims’ internet banking, then moved funds from her cash ISA to the current account shared by her and her husband, Douglas, before calling him and impersonating bank personel.

Mrs Sims was not informed the cash had been transferred, so when the criminals pretended to be bank staff and provided some detailed knowledge of the Sims’ accounts and transactions, they were able to convince Mr Sims that the money had been wrongly credited to him. Mr Sims then transferred the cash out of their accounts into the scammer’s Halifax account, and they disappeared.

The security breach would be bad enough on its own, but Natwest then took four weeks to get in touch with Halifax and request the return of the funds, and ultimately wound up paying the Simses £250 compensation for the extraordinary wait.

Another customer last year lost over £100,000 in a similar scheme, again after being contacted via Natwest telephone banking and warned of an imminent cyberattack. The caller asked that she transfer her savings to another account to avoid the attack, and then promptly vanished with the money. As before, Natwest suffered through various mistakes, mismanagement and incompetence while trying to correct the issue, before finally paying out £16,000 in compensation for their trouble.

Concerning the Simses’ case, a NatWest spokesman said: “We are very sorry to hear that our customers were the victim of a scam.

“We will continue to support any police investigation for this case. We do not proactively notify our customers when money is transferred between their own accounts.

“We never ask their customers to pay money away from their accounts. However we do act on payment instructions that are requested and authenticated by our customers online, in branch or over the phone, as was the case with this customer’s transfer to the Halifax account.”

When questioned on the bank’s security policies, the spokesman added: “The NatWest online banking system requires a customer to login with their customer number, partial PIN and partial password. In addition to use of PIN and password, we have a number of layered security controls in place to protect customers while they bank online with us.

“An example of this is: when undertaking a higher risk activity such as making payment to a new beneficiary, customer needs to use their card, the card PIN and a card reader, which works on the principle of something you have in your possession (your debit or online banking card) and something you know (your debit card PIN).”

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