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National Insurance

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Opening Times for National Insurance

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 8pm
Tuesday 8am 8pm
Wednesday 8am 8pm
Thursday 8am 8pm
Friday 8am 8pm
Saturday 8am 4pm
Sunday - -
National Insurance
National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office
HM Revenue and Customs

0844 826 8362

Contact the National Insurance customer services contact number on 0844 826 8362. National Insurance is a payment contribution to the government to help fund state pension, the NHS and other public services.

National Insurance Contact Numbers

Contact National Insurance by calling the numbers below.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0844 826 8362
Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm
Sat 8am – 4pm
Your National
Insurance Number
0843 596 4155
Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm
Sat 8am – 4pm
NI Classes
0843 596 4156
Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm
Sat 8am – 4pm
0843 596 4157
Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm
Sat 8am – 4pm
0843 596 4158
Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm
Sat 8am – 4pm
Change Of Circumstance
0843 596 4159
Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm
Sat 8am – 4pm

National Insurance Customer Services

If you would like to find out more about National Insurance you can call 0844 826 8362. You can inquire about your National Insurance contributions and where they’re being spent, you can inquire about whether you’re paying the correct amount, you can check if you are eligible to not pay NI or if you have any other general questions or issues that the customer services team can help you with.

Your National Insurance Number

You can get in touch about your National Insurance number by calling 0843 596 4155. You can call this number if you would like to know what your National Insurance number is if you have lost it or if you think someone else is using your National Insurance number for fraud.

National Insurance Classes

Call 0843 596 4156 to find out more about the National Insurance classes. Within National Insurance there are different classes that determine not only what you pay but also the benefits viagra sildenafil citrate online that you can get out of it such as a state pension or advanced state pension. You can find out what class you are in and what that means for what you pay and what it goes towards.

National Insurance Payments

You can find out more about the National Insurance payments by calling 0843 596 4157. Whether you would like to know how much you should be paying, you think you’re paying too much or you want to know how to make a payment you can call the contact number to find out. If you are employed and paid through PAYE you should pay NI automatically, this should be set up by your employer, if you are self-employed you can call the contact number to find out how to set up NI payments.

National Insurance for the Self-Employed

If you are self-employed and you would like to find out how to pay your National Insurance contributions or you want to know how much you should pay you can call 0843 596 4158. You can also call this number if you would like some help finding out how to set up National Insurance payments for your employees.

Change of Circumstances

If you have had a change in circumstances such as if you are becoming self-employed, you are no longer self-employed, your wages have changed or your personal information has changed such as name or address you need to inform the government about this to make sure your National Insurance details are correct. You can call to inform of a change in circumstances on 0843 596 4159.

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