Megabus Customer Service

0843 658 6892

Why Might I Need to Call the Megabus Customer Service team?megabus contact

The Megabus customer service number is useful if you require any of the following:

  • Book a journey or change a reservation
  • Resolve a payment issue
  • Report problems with the website or make a complaint

What Does Megabus Do?

Megabus is a low-cost coach operator that takes customers across the UK with 19 routes and 41 destinations. You can book a journey online via the Megabus website or by telephone by calling the Megabus customer service number provided above. It’s also available for use if you have paid for a journey and you are having problems with the payment. For bus services, customers may cancel or change a reservation with a £1 fee. This must be made 24 hours prior to the journey. Those dissatisfied by the Megabus service, furthermore, can make a formal complaint by calling the Megabus phone number. A customer service professional will be able to log your problem and respond as soon as possible.

About Megabus

MegaBus is one of many transport methods provided by Stagecoach in the UK including Magic Bus, Scottish Citylink and the Supertram in Sheffield. It began operating in the UK in August 2003 before branching out to other territories including France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The bus is recognisable for its blue and yellow design featuring its mascot Sid an an advertisement stating that fares begin at £1. Megabus operates in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh and more. In 2011, it introduced overnight services with 24 seats and bunks and in 2013 introduced Plaxton Elite coaches into its fleet.

Megabus has existed for just over 11 years (as of 2014). Officially the company started in August 2003 with the launch of their London to Oxford route. A few weeks later Edinburgh to Glasgow and Perth as well as Glasgow to Dundee routes were added. In march 2004 Mega Bus added a portfolio of longer distance routes which traveled from London to places including, Brighton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Plymouth, Cardiff, Birmingham and more. In the months and years that followed many more longer routes were added and more routes were added within Scotland.

In April 2012, Megabus  started services which ran into Europe, these departed from Birmingham and London and went to Paris or there you could travel from Leicester and London To Brussels and Amsterdam. Since 2012 Mega Bus has continued to expand its European operations and now runs many services which operate exclusively within Europe and neither depart nor arrive in the UK.

Additional Services

Megabus also run the Megatrain service which is a cheap inter city train service which operates on various East Midlands Trains and South West Trains lines. They also offer a Megabusplus service which combines the services of Megabus and Megatrain. For information on any of these services just call the Megabus phone number today.

Opening Hours

The Megabus customer service helpline is open from 7am until 10pm 7 days a week.

Passenger Stabbed On-board London Bound Megabus

April 19th 2016

A Megabus travelling from Royal Wells bus station in Cheltenham, to London was cancelled as a passenger was stabbed on board. The London bound bus was due to leave its station at 4.15 pm, but passengers were suddenly told to disembark as the incident occurred. Police and ambulance then arrived at the scene.

Attacker Found

The un-named victim, 28 was treated immediately at the scene, and then taken to hospital after suffering stab wounds to both his chin and face. He remains in a stable condition in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.  Mulazin Khan, a law student at the University of Gloucester, has been named as the attacker, after originally fleeing the scene on Easter Sunday. He said nothing after appearing in Cheltenham Magistrates court other than confirming his personal details, and he is due to stand trial on 29th April.

Megabus Offers Alternatives During Eurostar Chaos
January 23rd 2015

At the beginning of the week, thousands of Eurostar passengers had to endure up to two nights stranded in the wrong country after around 12,000 of them stuck after a fire in the Eurostar tunnel. Services started up again on Sunday but an unrelated power issue meant that 11 trains had to be cancelled, meaning 8,000 passengers were stuck once again.

In 2009, major disruptions to Eurostar were caused by snow. Following the incident, a report was published investigating how Eurostar could avoid such disruption in future. In the report, it was suggested that Eurostar should provide passengers with the contact details of other firms who carry out routes from London to France, such as British Airways and Megabus, but this did not happen in the case of the tunnel fire. A spokesperson for the company said:

“We do provide information on alternative modes of transport to any customers who need it, whether that’s at the station, over the phone or on social media.”


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