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The Lush Customer Service line is open from 8.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 5.00pm on Saturdays and from 10.00am to 4.00pm on Sundays.

How can I contact LUSH?
Why might I need to contact LUSH Customer Services?
What can I buy from LUSH?
What are the alternative ways to contact LUSH?
A brief history of LUSH

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How can I contact LUSH?

Contact Number – 0843 557 5128

The easiest way to get in touch with the customer service team at LUSH is by calling their UK contact number  0843 557 5128. This number is manned between 8.00am and 9.00pm on weekdays, between 9.00am and 5.00pm on Saturdays and between 10.00am and 4.00pm on Sundays, so you can make your call any day of the week, with generous opening hours. Once you’ve been connected you’ll be able to talk to your representative about their products, report a problem, get some information about their stores or events, or go on to speak to specialists like Head Office, Recruitment or other departments. Yu can also get in touch using email, Twitter or Facebook, detailed below.

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Why might I need to contact LUSH Customer Services?

LUSH customer care can help you with a range of queries or concerns you may have, such as:

  • Tracking an order or delivery
  • Reporting an undelivered purchase
  • Locating a particular product or information on product availability
  • Finding your nearest LUSH shop or spa
  • Information on any of LUSH’s exclusive spa treatments, including pricing
  • The sourcing of particular ingredients, or more information about what’s in a product
  • How your LUSH products are made.

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What can I buy from LUSH?

LUSH Cosmetics is one of the UK’s leading producers and distributors of fresh, handmade skincare and beauty products using naturally organic ingredients and minimal packaging. LUSH is dedicated to sustainable, fair trade practices and strives to ensure that all of its products are cruelty-free, vegetarian and made from the freshest natural produce available. In stark contrast to the approach of the beauty industry as a whole, they stand out as champions of eco-friendly and cruelty-free cosmetics, and often work with environmental charities, and animal welfare groups as part fo their commitment to making the world a better place (with better skin and hair).

Besides make up and skincare, the brand also produces bath and shower products like their famous “bath bombs”, haircare products, perfumes, massage bars and essential oils. Every product stocks has been hand made, with organic ingredients, and none of them were tested on animals at any point of their development. On top of this, they won’t buy from any company that uses, funds or commissions animal testing, discouraging it in other companies as they go. Every product is vegetarian, and many are even vegan, meaning you can enjoy a relaxing bubbly bath or a full head of shiny hair absolutely guilt-free!

The company is currently in the process of making every product in stock vegan, and at time of writing 83.3% of their products had achieved this goal! They strive to use recyclable and biodegradable materials everywhere they can, and the wooden aesthetic of their stores fits this theme as even the stores themselves are kept as environmentally friendly as possible!

They run stores all over the UK and can be found on most high streets, and are expanding across the globe with new stors in new countries every year. The company also run a number of health and beauty spas integrated with certain stores, where customers can enjoy dedicated skin and beauty treatments from specially trained LUSH professionals.

For pricing on spa treatments, or to ask a question about any of LUSH’s products or practices, call LUSH Customer Services to speak to a friendly rep!

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What are the alternative ways to contact LUSH?

As well as the telephone contact number, LUSH can be contacted by email, over Twitter or on Facebook, or using traditional post to send a letter to Head Office.

Their Twitter handle is @LushLtd
On Facebook you can find them at FreshLush
And by email, you can send you message to

If you want to send a letter to head office instead, you can use the address

Lush Customer Care

Unit 22-23

Dolphin Quays
Poole Quay
BH15 1HU

United Kingdom

So get writing and send away! They’re lovely folk and will get back to you as fast as possible! Obviously the response speed will vary per medium, with mail being the slowest, and phone being the fastest. Twitter and Facebook will likely get speedy responses as well!

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A brief history of LUSH

LUSH Cosmetics was created in Pool, UK in 1994 by husband and wife team, Mark and Mo Constantine. It adopted its name in 1995 and now has around 830 stores in 51 countries worldwide. In 2012 it rolled out a number of LUSH spas which are integrated into selected LUSH stores around the UK, and enable customers to enjoy specialised spa treatments from dedicated LUSH experts using the company’s self-made products.

LUSH are a strongly political company with strong moral values with regards to animal testing and the environment. It does not buy from companies that carry out, fund or commission any animal testing and is currently striving to make its whole product range vegan (currently 83% is). It also uses minimal packaging for its products and aims to always use fully recyclable or biodegradable materials where possible.

The company is renowned for its excellence in customer service and came out on top in a 2013 customer service survey carried out by Which? last year.

Lush Terrfified for Business after Brexit

July 18th 2016

All-natural cosmetics company Lush is said to be terrified of the economic impact a Brexit is going to have on the popular skincare business. Fears have forced the company to move the production of the majority of their goods to their new production plant in Germany, rather than being produced in the Lush factory in Poole, Dorset and shipping it over. Hilary Jones, a director of Lush has explained that Lush employ a lot of people from the EU in their factories and do not receive the same amount of interest in working in them from UK workers. Leaving the EU will impact massively on the runnings of their business. She says she is relieved that they recently signed a lease on their factory in Germany as they now have a trading bloc established in the EU. Workers in the UK factories are being offered the chance to re-locate to Germany should they wish, as the majority of production will now take place there. As the UK production of the product remains in Poole, availability in UK stores should hopefully not be too affected. 


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