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Liverpool City Council Contact Number – 0844 249 1198

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Liverpool City Council

Day Opens Closes
Monday 09.00 18.00
Tuesday 09.00 18.00
Wednesday 09.00 18.00
Thursday 09.00 18.00
Friday 09.00 18.00
Saturday 09.00 18.00
Sunday 09.00 18.00
Liverpool City Council
Liverpool City Hall
  • Opening Times: 9am-6pm
  • Head Office Address: Liverpool City Hall

Liverpool City Council is the regional council responsible for the day-to-day governing and small government of the north-western English city of Liverpool, “The Jewel of the North.”
As the city council for such a diverse metropolitan area, Liverpool City Council must strike a delicate balance between the demands of Westminster and the demands of the local people and local logistics. Between administering jobseekers’ allowance, doling out purple bins, collecting the rubbish, funding the fire service and shoving both hands up to the elbow into your pockets for council tax, the council has a lot on their plate, and even more to do once that’s taken care of – large cities don’t run themselves!
As a result, you may need to call the council if you are in any way affected by their work and need to get in touch.


Liverpool City Council Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Liverpool City Council Customer Services 0844 249 1198
Liverpool City Council Head Office 0844 249 1899
Liverpool City Council Deliveries 0844 249 2115
Liverpool City Council Events 0844 249 2117

Liverpool City Council Contact – 0844 249 1198

If you are a citizen within the municipal boundaries of Liverpool city council’s jurisdiction, you may find yourself calling the customer contact line for any number of reasons. Liverpool City Council is responsible for maintaining a huge number of services and facilities within the city, and as one of the largest population centres in the north of England, and therefore in Northern Europe, this leads to a lot of groundwork.

Responsible first for the successful running of the city of Liverpool, once the second city of the Empire, the port city which connected the United Kingdom of Great Britain to its bloodied and resistant accomplice, Ireland, and then later the industrial hub of Victoria and George, the Liverpool City Council is the first defence of democracy at the city level.

Tasked with keeping the city working and making it into a great place to live, Liverpool City Council is responsible for providing Government benefits, such as they are, to those who need them; with keeping the trains running on time (or, it was, until they were privatised); with collecting waste and refuse, keeping the sewage system functional and clean, keeping the city habitable and not full of waste, toxic or otherwise; with collecting council tax and feeding itself; and with connecting Liverpool to the broader sphere of Government in the UK.

Liverpool City Council is, for many, a symbol of Big Government, an endlessly frustrating force of bureaucracy which exists only to overpromise and under-deliver, a grasping entity of a thousand hands, all of which are in your pockets looking for your wallet, and an incompetent, woeful trouble of which they would rather be liberated. For others it is a much more sunny vision – a harmonious collective whose interest is, first and foremost, the people of this great city; people fighting to do their best by their friends and neighbours in tough times, simple men and women who love the city more than they love themselves, and who will do an often unpleasant and stressful job to make sure the city they love keeps going, against all the odds. The plucky, hard-hitting underdogs in Brexit Britain.

Which side of the council you see depends partially on your own political disposition, and partially on your own interactions with them, which can range from the harmonious to the downright frustrating. No matter your experience, if you need to get in touch with Liverpool City Council for whatever reason – good or bad, complaint or compliment, rain or shine – you can do so by calling the Liverpool City Council contact number listed above, which is available from 9am to 6pm, from Monday to Friday, and on reduced hours at the weekends. The people working on the other end of the lines will be delighted to hear another human voice, and will be happy to help you work through whatever reason you have for calling – whether you’re simply calling to answer a question or to report a problem to the council; or simply looking for more information in advance of applying for a job, applying for benefits, or applying to have a coveted purple bin.

Liverpool City Council Head Office – 0844 249 1899

The head office for Liverpool City Council is the historic central spire of that gleaming, coastal gem; Liverpool City Hall.

Home to thousands of years of council mayors, and the beating heart of the city’s government throughout hundreds of years, across civil war, strife and trouble, disaster, plague, Blitz and recession. It stands like a lighthouse, its shining clock face holding back the night, shining out over the blackness of the sea in a beacon to the cold, the hungry, the huddled masses. Here, it says, you are home. Its message is simple and warm: here is the heart of Liverpool.

As it is a city hall, it defies postcode – like all governmental and municipal buildings, it operates outside of the framework of civilian infrastructure. Simply posting a letter to “Liverpool City Hall, Liverpool, UK” should get the job done – after all, where does the wellspring of post flow from if not from the seat of all bureaucracies, the town council government of the United Kingdom?

The Parliament of the UK is the cradle of democracy, as English exceptionalists who have never heard of Greece or Rome love to claim, and in a similar vein, the town parliaments that ape them at the municipal level are the cradle of bureaucracy. Indeed, if you look, you will find that many of the trademarks of modern civilisation were developed in the UK – cradled here, as it were.

From this head office, Liverpool City Council is free to work across the city, coordinating waste removal and delineating the lines upon which the purple bins stop and the wool bins begin. It can work with whatever pittance is sent to it by Westminster to afford to continue running Liverpool’s award-winning healthcare, it’s police force, which keeps the peace and ensures that Liverpool remains a great place to live, and its fire service, which keeps the peace and makes sure that Liverpool remains a great, unburnt, non-Mordor-looking place to live.

The city council is also responsible for the collection of Council Tax, by which measure it feeds itself and keeps its wheels suitably greased, and which is, itself, a huge hassle – with debtors, no-shows, non-paying service personnel and draft dodgers to contend with, as well as collection agencies, door-kickers, sharks and bounty hunters to employ to ensure such non-payment does not become the norm among the famously frugal people of the North.

On top of all this, Liverpool City Council must also distribute jobseeker’s allowance to those of its population who are unemployed, those people who are on Government benefits, and those of the population who need assistance along the lines of disability living allowance or other Government benefits.

With so much on their plate, it’s clear that the council in Liverpool City are busy people – but they are never too busy to listen to their constituents. It isn’t a customer service department since participation is mandatory, but it is a contact centre, and it can definitely help with many issues you may be having. To get in touch, simply call the number listed above, or post a letter to Liverpool City Hall, informing them of your problem or asking your question. The public relations and service reps on the other end of the line will be happy to help you with whatever issue you are having, or answer any question you might have.

Liverpool City Council Complaints – 0844 249 2115

If you need to make a complaint against Liverpool City Council, you can do so by calling the numbers listed on this page. Your reasons for complaining may include, but will certainly not be limited to:

  • Problems paying your council tax
  • No collection of bins or waste disposal in your area
  • Problems with your benefits
  • Issues with jobseekers’ allowance provisions
  • Problems with traffic works
  • An unexpected cutoff of your benefits
  • Having bailiffs come to forcibly take your things as the result of a council mistake concerning council tax which you have been in to a walk-in centre 4 times about and which you have been assured, every time, is resolved, only for – lo! And behold – the bailiffs to turn up ready to auction your belongings anyway two weeks later.
  • Inadequate funding for a regeneration effort
  • Mismanagement of the postal services

This is not an exhaustive list, of course. You may find any number of reasons to complain about the council – thousands, even, perhaps millions if you are really innovative in your work. As a result, if you feel like you have a legitimate grievance towards Liverpool city council, you can address that grievance by calling the Liverpool City Council contact phone number listed on this page, available between the hours of 9am and 6pm, from Monday to Friday, or go into your local walk-in centre, which can be found online, to talk to a worker in person. Please note, however, that if you walk in, it is possible that the work done will be misplaced, illegible, or otherwise useless to help you – it may be the safer option to call the city hall directly, cutting out the dozens or hundreds of middlemen who would otherwise be needlessly included in the process. The Liverpool City Council complaints line is listed above: this number will carry you directly to the head office of Liverpool City Council and remove the unnecessary steps, making sure your complaint is heard by the right people. Whatever your reason for complaining, you can be sure you’re being heard with the Liverpool City Council complaints number.

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I me starting university in September at the moment I am on E.S.A. at the moment .I get housing benefit along with a payment I make for a portion of council tax .Can you tell me how much rent i would have to pay also if i will have to pay any council tax .My housing is new leaf housing can you help me please with this info


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