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Liverpool City Council

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Opening Times for Liverpool City Council

Day Opens Closes
Monday 09.00 18.00
Tuesday 09.00 18.00
Wednesday 09.00 18.00
Thursday 09.00 18.00
Friday 09.00 18.00
Saturday 09.00 18.00
Sunday 09.00 18.00
Liverpool City Council
Liverpool City Hall

Liverpool City Council is the regional council responsible for the day-to-day governing of the north-western English city of Liverpool. As the city council for such a diverse metropolitan area, Liverpool City Council must strike a delicate balance between the demands of Westminster and the demands of the local people and local logistics. As a result, you may need to call the council if you are in any way affected by their work and need to get in touch, to do so call the number to the left.

Liverpool City Council Phone Numbers:

Department Opening Hours
Liverpool City Council Customer Services 9am – 6pm
7 days a week
Liverpool City Council Head Office 9am – 6pm
7 days a week
Liverpool City Council Bin Collections 9am – 6pm
7 days a week
Liverpool City Council Schools 9am – 6pm
7 days a week

Liverpool City Council Customer Services

You may need to call the customer services line for any number of reasons due to Liverpool City Council being responsible for maintaining a huge number of services and facilities within the city. You can get in touch with the Liverpool City Council customer services team to inquire about any council events, school terms dates, Landlord licensing, bin collection dates, council tax, Liverpool Lifestyles, parks, allotments, libraries or archives, planning and building control, crime and emergencies as well as locating your local one-stop shops, you want to report or inquire about pests, pollution and food hygiene, social care or you need to report parking or road issues. If you need to ask about housing, benefits, jobs, training or other things you would like to know more about you can also contact the customer services department by calling the number to the left.


Liverpool City Council Head Office

The Liverpool City Council head office is based inside the city hall and you can get in touch with a member of the head office team to discuss or complain about any issues that have been worrying you about Liverpool or that have been bothering you. These issues could include a rise in crimes or break-ins in your area, teems vandalising your area, a problem you are having with the roads in your area, you feel unsafe when travelling around Liverpool, your bin collection was late or has not been, you’re having issues with your benefits, you need to inquire about your council tax payments or other topics. You can also call the head office to file a complaint about any issues you are having, a member of the team will listen carefully to your issue and take the appropriate action as well as keep you updates with the results of your complaint. To get in touch with a member of the Liverpool City Council head office by dialling the number to the left.

Liverpool City Council Bin Collection

You can get in touch with the Liverpool city council bin collection helpline for a number of reasons including if your bins have not been collected, they were collected late, your bins have been broken or stolen, you would like to buy extra bins, your bins were collected in a way that is not up to your standard such as there being rubbish left on the floor outside of your house, you want to find out the dates of when your different bins will be collected such as waste and recycling, you want to inquire about the Bulky Bob’s services, you want to find out about compost bins, you need to locate your nearest tip, you need to find out what you should be putting in each of your bins or any other issues or questions you are having about your bins. Get in touch with the bin collection helpline by calling the number to the left and talking with a member of the team about any of the issues above.

Liverpool City Council Schools

You can contact the Liverpool City Council schools helpline if you need to inquire about school admissions, school term dates for your children’s school, adult learning courses offered by the council, early years and childcare centres and providers, grants and funding such as free school meals, travel passes or student loans, if you need to inquire about your child’s special educational needs or SEN, you want to know about a school governor in your area or you are interested in the role and would like to apply, you are a newly qualified teacher and you are interested in a school’s induction programme, you want to view pupil records or you need to inquire about education welfare and support regarding school attendance, home schooling or support for ethnic minorities. You can contact the school helpline by dialling the number to the left.


Wayne Freeman

I me starting university in September at the moment I am on E.S.A. at the moment .I get housing benefit along with a payment I make for a portion of council tax .Can you tell me how much rent i would have to pay also if i will have to pay any council tax .My housing is new leaf housing can you help me please with this info

Megan Smith

Advice please please please when I can get to speak to a person about a grant for help with a washing machine desperately trying for a week just kept holding on one stop can’t help just give me the number I have been ringing

Brian Ewan

I have just retired, could you please inform me where the nearest bowling green that is near fazakerley, I tried walton hall park but it was locked up, what is the next one. Many thanks.


i want to make a complaint regarding bin collection I observed my bin(Blue Bin) being emptied on Thursday 31.5.2018. I could see that the bin was not fully emptied of its contents and so did the worker as he actually looked in the bin shrugged his shoulders and left the bin half emptied had I been dressed I would have gone out and complained to him we pay for this service its not free and this workers pay comes from our council tax I would also like to know why they leave the bins in the road and not put them back on to the drive way which is the point of collection I will now monitor the bins from now on and take pictures of bins left in the road or not emptied correctly and post them via social media to bring this to council tax payers attention where perhaps we should not be paying for a service that is not being given correctly.(this is in the L9Fazakerley area)


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