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Latitude Festival Customer Services Number – 0844 248 2389

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Opening Times for Latitude Festival

Day Opens Closes
Monday 10am 6pm
Tuesday 10am 6pm
Wednesday 10am 6pm
Thursday 10am 6pm
Friday 10am 6pm
Saturday - -
Sunday - -
Latitude Festival
Festival Republic, 2nd Floor
Regent Arcade House
19-25 Argyll Street
  • Business Name: Latitude Festival
  • Phone Number: 0844 248 2389
  • Opening Times: Mon-Fri 10-6pm
  • Head Office Address: Festival Republic, 2nd Floor, Regent Arcade House, 19-25 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TS
  • Website:

Information on Latitude Festival can be found on this page

Latitude Festival Contact Numbers

Latitude Festival Numbers
Customer Services 0844 248 2389
Head Office 0844 248 2388
Tickets 0844 248 2387
Line Up 0844 248 2384
Latitude Festival Information 0844 248 2383
Merrchandise Helpline 0844 248 2382

Latitude Festival Customer Services Opening Hours

Latitude Festival Opening Hours
Customer Services  Mon-Fri 10-6pm

Latitude Festival Head Office Address

Latitude Festival Address
Head Office  Festival Republic, 2nd Floor, Regent Arcade House, 19-25 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TS

Latitude Festival – 0844 248 2388

Latitude Festival is usually compared more to festivals in continental Europe due to its range of acts, music and shows. Festival Republic run the festival, as well as both Reading and Leeds Festival.  All information that you might need to find surrounding the Latitude Festival, including their full lineup for this year’s festival, can be found on their website.

Tickets – 0844 248 2387

There are a number of tickets that you can buy for Latitude Festival, depending on the amount of time that you would like to spend at the festival. For their normal tickets, you can purchase one for each day of the festival (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) or one overall Weekend Standard Camping ticket which will get you access to the festival as well as the camping grounds. There is also the opportunity to pay for your tickets in instalments rather than in one go, which applies to weekend tickets and family camping tickets. Family tickets can also range depending on each families needs, so you can buy an average family camping ticket, an accompanied teen weekend ticket for anyone between the ages of 13-15 who must have their ticket bought with an adult ticket. The accompanied teen tickets can also be bought for weekend camping, as well as child tickets for anyone under the age of 16.

There are Latitude Luxury tickets which provide luxury accommodation, private car parks and showers available to anyone who purchases a special ticket for their trip to Latitude Festival. There is also a range of ‘extras’ tickets that you can purchase on the Latitude Festival website for services like lockers, the ‘seat of luxury’ which provides VIP toilets to use at the festival, campervan, caravan and motorhomes tickets, Music Angel unlimited phone charging and Waitrose festival bags.

If you have any questions about booking a ticket for Latitude Festival then you can call 0844 248 2387 to have all of your questions answered.

Line Up – 0844 248 2384

If you’re looking for the line-up for Latitude Festival it is easiest to visit their website where you can find a full line-up of all of the acts that will be performing over the weekend, along with information on which stage/area they will be performing on. You can search for specific acts to check where they will be performing by using the ‘search the line up’ option, or you could choose to view the line-up by filtering it to certain categories or by checking for the artists by a-z. The line-up for the festival is usually confirmed a couple of months before the date of the festival so that people can decide which days they would like to go and which artist they’d like to see in advance and still have enough time to buy tickets before they sell out.

If there is any further information you would like to know about the line-up for Latitude Festival you can call 0844 248 2384 where someone will be happy to help you.

Areas – 0844 248 2389

There is a lot of areas to visit at Latitude Festival, with each providing a different experience aimed at entertaining anyone who visits the area. The main stage at the festival, the Obelisk arena, holds all of the headline acts of the weekend. The BBC Music stage shows the best alternative music from multiple different genres, while the Sunrise arena is set under a canopy of trees and showcases fresh talent. There is also an opportunity to spend Late Nights at the Sunrise arena with sets of DJ’s rounding the night off. The Lake stage displays the most up and coming music in the festival, and the DIY presents the Alcove stage is for new artists just beginning their musical journeys. From here we leave the stereotypical music festival selection of areas as you find yourself at the Music & Film arena or the Comedy area. There is also the Speakeasy which brings together poets, artists and writers for serious discussion. You can also find the theatre stage. New to Latitude Festival is the BBC Music Introducing Stage which introduces musicians from classical, world, jazz, country and folk music backgrounds. The Dance on the Waterfront area showcases amazing dance competitions and the Welcome Trust arena introduces a series of talks. The Cabaret Theatre brings cabaret artists to life, and the Faraway Forest brings surprise after surprise including theatre and dance performances and interactive art installations. This leaves Pandoras Playground with surprise performances and SOLAS which provides some of the best emerging UK & Irish talent from across the musical spectrum.

If there is anything else you’d like to know about the areas at Latitude Festival you can call 0844 248 2389 and all of your questions will be dealt with.

Latitude Festival – 0844 248 2383

The Latitude Festival information page is very important to check before you visit the festival, as there is a whole load of information that could be contained in the page that will be relevant to your journey and experience. There is a lot of essential information on the page to look through, including the festival’s dates and times. There are age restrictions placed on Latitude Festival relating to tickets and areas suitable for guests. Children between ages 0-4 do not need a ticket, and children between 5-12 need to have a child ticket. Teenagers between the ages of 13-15 need an accompanied teen ticket for the site and anyone over 16 must have a standard weekend ticket – but anyone under 18 years old on the site must have a parent or guardian over the age of 18 with them who will be on the site all weekend. Any children under 10 years old must have an adult with them at all times. To apply for a space in the family campsite you must have a child under 16 years old in your group. There will be age restrictions on certain areas in the festival, including areas where you will have to decide whether you believe they are appropriate for children to attend.

There is a list of things you can and cannot bring to Latitude Festival, which will be useful to check before you attend the festival to ensure none of your belongings are confiscated on arrival. The website gives an idea of where the tourist information points will be at the festival, as well as all smoking points. As you will need ID for purchasing alcohol and tobacco on the festival grounds you must provide suitable identification, which is listed on the website along with the chance to reserve a swimming adventure in the lake and an opportunity to buy Music Angel unlimited mobile charging for while you are at the festival.

Along with all of this essential information is the chance to find other information about the festival, for example, details surrounding the tickets and what each one can get you, ideas on how to travel to and from the festival and places to stay if you do not intend to camp at the festival during the weekend. There is also a description on food and drink at the festival so you can be sure on which items you are allowed to bring into the site and which are not permitted. There is also a care and safety information point which will be useful to read to ensure you stay healthy while at the festival, along with information for families and access customers who may need specific treatment when arriving at the festival and should check all of the information available before attending. There is also a chance to read about Latitude Green which is the festival environmental act, the chances to volunteer at the festival and any contact information you may need for the festival.

If there is anything you would like to ask about Latitude Festival you can call 0844 248 2383 and someone will help you as quickly as possible.

Merch – 0844 248 2382

There is a range of merchandise available to purchase from Latitude Festival, with a fresh uptake on the merchandise updated each year. All of the merchandise can be purchased on the Latitude Festival website, with clothing and accessories available including t-shirts with varied designs along with hoodies and tote bags and programmes. The previous year’s merchandise is also available to buy from the website in the flashback section, so if you visited Latitude Festival a year earlier and you would like to buy merchandise for it after you’ve been then you always have an opportunity to access these. At reasonable prices, festival merchandise is a fun way of keeping the memories of your time there alive.

If there is any information you would like to know about the merchandise sold for Latitude Festival then you should call 0844 248 2382.

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