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Knowhow Customer Contact Number – 0844 248 2775

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Opening Times for Knowhow

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 8pm
Tuesday 8am 8pm
Wednesday 8am 8pm
Thursday 8am 8pm
Friday 8am 8pm
Saturday 9am 6pm
Sunday 10am 5pm
DSG Retail Limited
1 Portal Way
W3 6RS
  • Business Name: Knowhow
  • Phone Number: 0844 248 2775
  • Opening Times: 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday
  • Head Office Address: DSG Retail Limited, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS.
  • Website:


Knowhow Customer Contact Number - 0844 248 2775

All contact information for Knowhow can be found here

Knowhow Contact Numbers

Knowhow Numbers
Head Office 0844 248 2775
Services 0844 248 2776
Knowledge Bank 0844 248 2774
Track it 0844 248 2771
Knowhow Cloud 0844 248 2773
Business Services 0844 248 2769

Knowhow Head Office Opening Hours

Knowhow Opening Hours
Head Office 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday

Knowhow Head Office Address

Knowhow Address
Head Office DSG Retail Limited, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS.

Knowhow – 0844 248 2775

Knowhow is the new face of service and support for your technology that helps you to enjoy your new technological products for years. Knowhow can be found at Currys and PC World where they will be happy to help you deliver and install your new TV, washing machine or fridge freezer. The Knowhow team has knowledge on all kinds of technology like kitchen appliances, computers, music players or gadgets. Their team consists of 500 on-the-road technicians that will visit you at home, 1,400 experts in their UK contact centre, 1,000 engineers in their art repair lab fixing TVs, laptops and game consoles and 700 installers fitting new washing machines, satellite dishes, dishwashers and cookers. Not only do they deliver and install, they also set up your products, offer support in anything you might need help with, and repair & protect any products you buy through them.

If there is anything you might like to know about Knowhow you can call any of the numbers on this page to be put in touch with someone who can help you.

Services – 0844 248 2776

There are a range of services available with Knowhow that can come in useful for anyone who might need help with their recently bought technology. The delivery and installation service is for those who require their technology delivered to their home, where a member of the Knowhow team will personally bring the order to your home and make sure it is properly installed and ready for use. There is also the chance to request for the Knowhow team to help you set up your purchase, as sometimes setting up technology can be long and confusing and so this way you will have an expert at hand to help you figure out how to make sure your new product is ready for you to use as soon as possible. Their support services can ensure that you get the most out of your product and are always at hand to answer any questions you might have about your technology. You can call a member of the team at any time and you can be sure that there will be someone available ready to help you in any way that you might need. Knowhow’s repair and protect service ensures that your products will be protected should any damage occur to them, and that there will always be a member of the Knowhow team ready to help repair any damage that might have happened to the product. With this, you can be safe in knowing that your purchases will be safe in any events and that Knowhow is always ready to protect your purchases.

If there is anything else that you would like to know about the Knowhow services then you can call 0844 248 2776 where there will be a member of the Knowhow team ready to answer all of your queries.

Knowledge Bank – 0844 248 2774

Knowhow’s knowledge bank offers a wide variety of guides, tutorials, tips and hints from Knowhow’s experts that will help you in a variety of situations. Whether you need help with your computers and computing, or TV, gaming or home entertainment the Knowhow team will have plenty of information to help you understand the systems and show you how to use them to your advantage. Their photography, domestic appliances and computing peripherals options as well as their audio/mobile/sat nav options on their site allows you to check their knowledge on the products they offer help with and means that any products that you may have to use frequently on your own can be used easily by you with minimum struggle. This also applies to their kitchen appliances and health and beauty options as it shows that they have a wide range of products that they are ready to offer their knowledge on and can easily help you with anything you might need help with. Also, their product support section sets out all of the selections that you might be specifically looking for help with and you can see what kind of support Knowhow offers to you.

If you need to know more about Knowhow’s knowledge bank then you can call 0844 248 2774 where someone will be ready to help you however they can.

Track it – 0844 248 2771

The Knowhow tracking system allows you to track a variety of their services. If you’re waiting for an order to be delivered you can visit their website and enter your 10-digit reference number that begins with 74 into their search bar and it will let you know where the product you’re looking for is at that current moment. This reference number can also be useful for those waiting for an installation as it will show how far away the person who will be delivering and installing your product is from where you are waiting. If you’re waiting for a repair your reference number will only have six digits instead and will also show you how far away the person who is repairing your product is. This system is useful for those who are waiting for a member of the Knowhow team to arrive but are working on a schedule, as they can be sure of how long the service will take and how long they will have to wait until the member of the Knowhow team they’re waiting for will be.

If you wish to know more about the Knowhow tracking system you can call 0844 248 2771 and any questions you might have will be answered.

Knowhow Cloud – 0844 248 2773

Knowhow have their own cloud service that is available to anyone who sets up an account with them. Here all of your files are kept safe, which is good for any work or personal files that you might need to keep safe and yet accessible while you’re on the go. By saving files to the cloud it means that they are protected by Knowhow’s servers but at the same time you can log in and use the files anywhere and at any time. Overall this system makes keeping private files easier and more reliable as while they are in the cloud they can be protected whereas if you were to save files on your computer or laptop and the device was to break all of your files would be gone.]

If you would like to know anything else about the Knowhow Cloud then you should call 0844 248 2773 where someone can let you know anything you might be wanting to know.

Business Services – 0844 248 2769

As well as offering services to the general public, Knowhow also offer specific services for businesses that can be useful for anyone looking for products or help with running their business. Knowhow offer on site installation to anyone who might be installing new technology like computers or laptops to their business, where the Knowhow team will be happy to install and set up your products for you and ensure that your system will be up and running as quickly as possible for you. Their business cloud ensures that all of your information is kept safe within your businesses cloud which can help to keep any information that you may need to keep safe and inaccessible to anyone who isn’t in your business packed away. Knowhow offers advanced solutions to any problems that you may run into while running your businesses technology and are ready to offer help as quickly as possible to anyone who may need help or guidance in specific areas. They also offer a website builder which means that your business can be quickly and safely brought online, which can offer you a whole range of new possibilities.

If you want to know more about Knowhow’s business services then call 0844 248 2769 where someone will help you however they can.

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