How To Pay Lloyds Credit Card

how to pay lloyds credit card

If you’re looking to make payments on your Lloyds Bank credit card you can do so using multiple methods. We have compiled the methods you can use below to make managing your credit card a little bit easier.

Direct Debit

If you would like to set up a direct debit to pay off your Lloyds Bank credit card every month you can do so by first logging into your online banking account. You then need to decide what type of direct debit you would like to set up to pay off your credit card:

  • Full Payment – this type of payment completely clears your credit card balance
  • Minimum Payment – this payment clears the minimum payment which is show on your monthly statement
  • Fixed Amount/Percentage – this type of payment clears a fixed amount or percentage from your credit card each month (it will always clear at least the minimum payment)

Once you have decided, you need to go to the ‘set up a direct debit’ page and select the ‘pay credit card’ button to start setting up your direct debit, you will be able to follow the onscreen instructions for this.

Pay In Branch

If you would rather pay off your credit card payments in-branch, you can do so by first finding your local Lloyds Bank branch by going to the website ‘Branch Finder’. Once you have found your branch you then need to go to the branch and speak to a representative who will talk you through paying your credit card payments.

Call Lloyds To Pay

You can also call the Lloyds Bank credit card number on 0843 557 4394 to pay credit card payments. You will first be asked some security questions and then some personal and account questions to confirm your identity and your account. Once you have answered these questions you will be able to pay any amount of your credit card balance as well as receive financial advice regarding you credit card.

Pay By Cheque

If you would prefer to pay by cheque you can do so by first writing out a cheque with the amount you would like to pay off your credit card to Lloyds Bank followed by your credit card number. You then need to send the cheque to:

Lloyds Card Services,
PO BOX 109,
S98 1GE.