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Opening Times for Halifax

Day Opens Closes
Monday 7am 11pm
Tuesday 7am 11pm
Wednesday 7am 11pm
Thursday 7am 11pm
Friday 7am 11pm
Saturday 7am 11pm
Sunday 7am 11pm
Trinity Road
West Yorkshire

0843 557 3774

To get in touch with the Halifax customer service team you can phone the number 0843 557 3774 where they can assist with mortgages, travel insurance, savings, credit cards and more.

Halifax Contact Numbers

Expedia Number
Halifax customer services  0843 557 3774
Mortgage contact 0843 557 5083
Travel insurance 0843 557 3576
Savings and investments 0844 248 1018
Insurance 0844 248 3646
Credit Card 0844 248 3647
Halifax Loans Contact 0843 557 3774

Halifax customer services

The customer service team for Halifax can be contacted on the number 0843 557 3774. You can phone this number to discuss your bank accounts with Halifax, or set up a new one with them. If you’re looking to switch banks to Halifax, ring this number where they can help you set this up.

If you have lost your credit or debit card you can phone the number above to get it cancelled and ensure you don’t lose any money.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your Halifax bank account ring the number above to get them to look into it and find out what steps can be taken to protect yourself.

Halifax Mortgage Contact

Use the contact number 0843 557 5083 to get in touch with Halifax regarding mortgages, you can use this number if you’re looking for a new mortgage, or if you already have one in place with Halifax.

If you are looking for a new mortgage you can use this number to help find out the rates available to you, and get a calculation of how much you could borrow with an idea of the monthly payments you’ll be expected to make. You will need to provide personal information about your earnings when doing this.

Looking to remortgage? Halifax can help by taking the hassle out of it. Find out what extras you could get for free by remortgaging with the bank.

Call the number above if you’d like to switch your mortgage to a new deal, or would like to find out how to borrow more on your mortgage.

Halifax Travel insurance contact number

Get travel insurance in place with Halifax when you call the contact number 0843 557 3576. When you ring this number you can find out information on the policy you can get and how much it will cost you.

If you need to make a claim on your travel insurance you can phone the number above to get this put into action.

You can also purchase travel money through Halifax, to put an order in for a currency ring the number above and explain what you need and how much. The advisor can tell you the rate and what you’ll get in return and put the order in for you to have delivered to your home or picked up from in a Halifax branch near to you.

Savings and investments

Get in touch with Halifax regarding savings and investments on the number 0844 248 1018. When you call this number you can ask for advice on the different investment opportunities and savings accounts available with the bank.

If you already have these in place with Halifax you can use the number above to make any changes or close your accounts if you so wish. If you’d like to switch your savings account you can also use this number to do this, whilst finding the best options that are available to you.

To find out what investment products Halifax offer you can phone the number above, where they can discuss the different options and what they’ll mean for you.


Phone the number 0844 248 3646 to speak to the insurance department for Halifax who can help with home, car, life, business and landlord insurance. You can use this number to get new policies put into place.

If you need to make a claim on the insurance that you have from Halifax you can also phone the number above. Here they’ll be able to process the claim and let you know details of when you’re likely to receive money and more.

Use the number above if you’d like to make changes to your insurance policy, such as the date that the payment comes out of your account, the cover it includes and more.

Credit card

You can phone the number 0844 248 3647 to get through to the Credit Card department for Halifax. When you call this number you can make an application for a new credit card, or discuss anything to do with your current one.

If you already have a Halifax credit card you might need to call this number to activate the card, for balance or money transfers, report fraudulent activity or discuss help with paying back your balance.

If you’re looking to apply for a new Halifax credit card you can also use the number above and the advisor can talk you through the different options available, depending on what you’re planning to use the credit card for.

Halifax Loans Contact

Inquire about personal loans with Halifax by phoning the number 0843 557 3774. You can call this number if do or do not have a Halifax Current Account, it just changes the amount that you can apply for. When you phone this number explain what you’re looking to use the loan for, how much you’re hoping to borrow and the timeframe you’d like to pay it back by. The advisor will go through some questions with you and decide whether you can make an application for the loan depending on what you’ve told them. If you provide enough details the advisor can likely tell you how long you’ll expect to wait for the loan to come through, and the payments you’d be expected to make each month.

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