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Gumtree Company Contact Number – 0843 208 2378

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Gumtree

Day Opens Closes
Monday 12pm 12pm
Tuesday 12pm 12pm
Wednesday 12pm 12pm
Thursday 12pm 12pm
Friday 12pm 12pm
Saturday 12pm 12pm
Sunday 12pm 12pm
5 New Street Square
  • Business Name: Gumtree
  • Phone Number: 0843 208 2378
  • Opening Times: 9-6pm Monday to Friday.
  • Head Office Address: Gumtree, 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW
  • Website:
Gumtree Company Contact Number - 0843 208 2378


Any information you may require about contacting Gumtree can be found here.

Gumtree Contact Number

Gumtree Numbers
Head Office 0843 208 2378
Customer Services 0843 208 7679
Complaints 0843 208 7680
Jobs 0843 208 7681
Gumtree for Business 0843 208 7682
 Ads Information 0843 208 7683
 Community 0843 208 7684

Gumtree Head Office Opening Hours

Gumtree Opening Hours
Head Office 9-6pm Monday to Friday.

Gumtree Head Office Address

Gumtree Address
Head Office  Gumtree
5 New Street Square

Gumtree – 0843 208 2378

Gumtree(.com) is a British online classifieds and community website that was founded in March 2000. Anyone can place a classified ad on the site, either for free or paid for, depending on the ad category and the geographical market, making Gumtree one of the top classifieds sites in the UK, Australia, South Africa and Singapore. Almost anything can be advertised on the site, from everyday items that you may have for sale, to rooms and houses available to rent or sell, to job roles being advertised for companies. Most ads are free to post, except for businesses, agents, dealers or landlords, and occasionally sometimes in service posts (but as service posts are up for 60 days rather than 30 it can be worth paying for). It is easy to post an ad on Gumtree and if you do have to pay you will be given a quote at the bottom of the page when you are creating your ad so you can be sure not to have any surprise charges.

Gumtree Ads – 0843 208 7683

There are multiple different kinds of ads you can place on Gumtree, including items for sale, motor parts, property and community events. Each different category provides different rules for posting, including some charging for the ad space.


When searching Gumtree you can find both adverts for motor vehicles for sale along with parts from the motors meaning that those searching for motor ownership can find a good deal online that is in their local area. It also means that car enthusiasts and the like can easily find cars and parts to keep up their hobby for good prices, without having to visit professional shops. In the motors section you can find cars, motorbikes & scooters, vans, campervans & motorhomes, caravans, trucks, plants & tractors, other vehicles, accessories, parts and wanted – meaning that you can also place ads for any motors or motor parts you may be looking for, so that anyone willing to sell can easily find your ad and you can sort a deal quickly and comprehensively.


In the property section on Gumtree you can find property for sale, to rent, to share, to swap, commercial, parking & garage, international, holiday rentals and property wanted. Here you can find property for the situation you are searching for, for both commercial and residential properties. You can search specifically for property for whatever ownership situation you are looking for, along with searching for a location, definite bedroom and bathroom amounts and you can choose if you would like to see agency or private sellers. By having the property wanted selection you can place advertisements as someone looking for a specific type of housing situation meaning that anyone who reads your ad and has the ability to offer you what you are looking for can contact you directly.


Gumtree provides a Pets section for people to browse while visiting the site, where people can browse pets for sale, equipment & accessories and missing, lost & found pets. Not only does the site provide the opportunity for people to look for new pets that they would like to buy and accessories for the animals they already have or will be buying, but there is also the opportunity for people to advertise animals that have either been lost and they are looking for, or alternatively those who have found an animal without any means of finding its owner already present can advertise the animal online, which means people can easily find their pets if someone has posted them on the site.


When you visit Gumtree, along with advertising items for sale you can also advertise services for hire. There is a large range of options for service to choose from, including business & office, childcare, clothing, computers & telecoms, entertainment, finance & legal, food & drink, goods suppliers & retailers, health & beauty, motoring, pets, property & maintenance, tradesmen & construction, transport, travel & tourism, tuition & classes and weddings. This option allows people to advertise their services to a wide audience and therefore broaden the people hiring them. This can be especially helpful for freelance workers who may struggle to find work initially before building up a client selection, and also helps people who may be looking to hire people that aren’t necessarily part of a big corporation and may charge lower prices for good service. Ads in the services section stay up for 60 days rather than 30, which means that you can receive double the exposure posting your ad in this section, which makes it worth whatever you have to pay to post your ad.

For Sale

Visiting the ‘For Sale’ section on Gumtree opens a large selection of options available to buy from, including appliances, baby & kids stuff, Christmas decoration, computers & software, health & beauty, house clearance, musical instruments & DJ equipment, phones, mobiles phones & telecoms, tickets, video games & consoles, other goods and swap shop, among other things. With such a wide selection of items, all priced by the sellers themselves, you’re sure to find plenty of deals on whatever it is you’re searching for that you can pick up from a location relatively near to you. Sometimes business sellers advertise items in this section and are therefore charged for their advert, but it is free to post the advert if you are a private seller.


Along with items for sale and service opportunities, Gumtree also allow people to advertise jobs on their site. In a range of categories like hospitality & catering, health & social care, construction, driving & logistics, sales & retail and other options, you can find the perfect job opportunity by searching through their adverts. There can be a range of job opportunities ranging from local businesses to large companies offering roles on the site, and there is also an opportunity to advertise yourself for roles for potential employers to find you. Gumtree charge to post an ad in the jobs section, depending on the type of role you are offering and if it is a small or large business advertising through them.

Community – 0843 208 7684

Community posting in Gumtree differs from other ads as it isn’t specifically offering anything to sell or buy, it simply advertises community events and arrangements that can be discussed. The section holds selections such as artists & theatres, classes, events, gigs & nightlife, groups & associations, lost & found stuff, music, bands & musicians, rideshare & car pooling, skills & language swap, sports teams & partners and travel & travel partners. All of these ads offer experiences that bring people in the Gumtree community together by joining people looking for similar adventures and opportunities together and creating a strong spirit in helping people find events and activities they may enjoy that they hadn’t considered before. Options like rideshare & car pooling create opportunities for people who would never have met beforehand to meet each other as well as becoming environmentally friendly and being mutually beneficient. As many of the people searching through these community opportunities will be searching for people with similar interests to themselves it is a perfect chance to create friendships and bonds in an unlikely and unusual manner.

Gumtree for Business – 0843 208 7682

Gumtree for Business gives advice on how to use Gumtree ads best for your business needs, by explaining the way the site runs, how you can use specific reach to access people you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise and providing information on how to best create an effective ad and letting you know how many are accessing Gumtree at certain times. This part of the site helps Gumtree Company Contact Number - 0843 208 2378businesses to join with Gumtree and provides better opportunities for people to advertise their services, products and jobs in a way that will prove more successful over time. On Gumtree for Business you can access sections that will provide information on the display of ads, more info on classified ads themselves, insights on user personas and other things, and news revolving around Gumtree.

If you have any queries surrounding using Gumtree for your business, you can call 0843 208 7682 where a member of staff will be happy to help you with anything you might need to ask about.

Careers with Gumtree – 0843 208 7681

If you’re looking to start a career with Gumtree you’ll be happy to know you’ll be joining a fun-loving, hard-working team of people who strive to make sure their company works to its fullest potential. With roles in positions like tech, product design and business, you’ll be able to find a position to suit you, especially if you browse through their featured jobs which will highlight to you how much they intend to expand their company by adding brilliant new minds to the process. By visiting the Careers page on Gumtree’s website you can find perks to working with Gumtree, which include things like collaborative entertainment, monthly massages, tech talks, team lunches, Christmas, Halloween & Summer parties and networking opportunities with the eBay Classifieds Group around the globe, showing there is a load of different perks that are sure to catch your eye.

It’s easy to apply for a job with Gumtree, but if you have any questions about your application you can call 0843 208 7681 where someone will be happy to help you.

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