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Festival Republic Customer Service Contact Number – 0843 178 4020

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Festival Republic

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 6pm
Tuesday 8am 6pm
Wednesday 8am 6pm
Thursday 8am 6pm
Friday 8am 6pm
Saturday 8am 6pm
Festival Republic
2nd Floor
Regent Arcade House
19-25 Argyll Street
  • Business Name: Festival Republic
  • Phone Number: 0843 178 4020
  • Opening Times: 8am – 6pm
  • Head Office Address: Festival Republic, 2nd Floor, Regent Arcade House, 19-25 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TS
  • Website:
 Festival Republic is a UK music and festival promoter and was founded in 1982. It was originally known as Mean Fiddler Group but moved into festivals in the 1980’s, taking control of one of the UK’s biggest festivals; Reading. In 2007 their focus had shifted over to festivals completely and they became known as the Festival Republic. The Reading and Leeds festivals are still their flagship events but they have begun to run a number of festivals including the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, Wireless Festival in London, EDC in Milton Keynes and Download Festival in Leicester. They were also operators for Glastonbury festival from 2002 to 2012.
Department Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 178 4020 8am – 6pm
 Festival Info  0843 178 4021 8am – 6pm
 News  0843 178 4022 8am – 6pm
 Charity Work  0843 178 4023 8am – 6pm
 Ticket Queries  0843 178 4024 8am – 6pm
 Careers  0843 178 4025 8am – 6pm

Head Office – 0843 178 4020

The Festival Republic head office decides what festivals Festival Republic are going to be in charge of and undertakes the arduous task of organising each event. Obviously, a lot of organisation and careful planning goes into each festival and if you would like any information about how the events are organised or what is set to take place over the course of the year then please get in touch by calling the Festival Republic head office. If you are considering attending any of the festivals that are organised by Festival Republic then you can call the head office for further information about what to expect, the acts that are going to perform, the location and the duration of the festivals and anything else that you might want to know before booking your ticket. For some festivals, tickets are often released on different dates. If you have missed the early sale, you can call the Festival Republic head office and find out when the next stage of ticket sales is so that you can be sure to grab yourself some! Attending a festival is an exciting occasion but of course, the organisers want to ensure utmost safety during your time there. If you want to ask any questions about any of the rules that might be in place for a festival you are attending, or even if you have seen something and would like to report it, you can call the Festival Republic head office and this will be dealt with accordingly. You can visit the Festival Republic website for further information about any upcoming events and festivals as well as find out more about the charity work that Festival Republic do. Festival Republic are also keen to protect the environment and have a strict green policy that can be found on their website. There is a growing movement that sees festival organisers ensuring that festivals are more environmentally friendly than they have been in previous years and Festival Republic proved that they are fully on board with this by signing the 2025 festival pledge. This way, them and other festivals will learn more about how to effectively reduce their carbon emissions. Call the Festival Republic head office if you have any further questions or would like more information about how this works.

Festival Info – 0843 178 4021

On the Festival Republic website, you can find a list of all the festivals that are being organised this year by the company, as well as information about how to go about booking tickets and the dates that the festival is taking place. Festival Republic organises a range of festivals and you only have to browse through the events to find one that is suited to your taste. From rock haven ‘Download’ Festival to the upbeat Lollapalooza in Berlin, there is a diverse choice, taking place both inside and outside of the UK. Another festival that has so far been a success year upon year is the electric picnic festival which presents itself as a ‘circus festival’ and is a truly unique experience. You can read all about it on the Festival Republic website where a link is also included to the festival’s own website where you can book your tickets. If you have any enquiries about ticket prices or festival dates and times, just call the festival info phone number that is provided above and someone will be happy to assist you. Similarly, if you are struggling to book or purchase your tickets using the link provided on the Festival Republic website, you can call the number for any assistance you may require. A brief summary of festival line ups are also available on the festival republic website. Simply click the ‘find out more’ button on the Festival Republic website for further information for a festival of your choice. If you find any of the information on the Festival Republic website to be incorrect please call the festival information line straight away and the error can be looked into and corrected.

News – 0843 178 4022

If you want to keep up with the news from the festival world, you can do so by calling the number above or checking out the company’s latest ventures on the Festival Republic website. Current news can be found in the ‘news category’ and it will keep you updated with everything you need to know if you are a regular gig or festival goer. Current news includes awards that have been won by Festival Republic as well as heightened security information in light of recent events. If you have any questions about what you read on the festival republic website, please call the news helpline, displayed above. The news articles include lineup information for some of your favourite festivals, so keep an eye out if you want to be one of the first to know! Festival Republic will report it on their website as and when they add exciting new acts to this summer’s festivals. You can also check out their social media for this kind of information.

Charity Work – 0843 178 4023

Festival Republic is involved in a number of charity work ventures, raising money and awareness for charitable organisations. Charities that Festival Republic are proudly involved with include ActionAid, Oxfam, and the NSPCC. Festival Republic have been collecting charity donations at their festivals for over 25 years so keep an eye out if you are attending any of the festivals mentioned above! If you want to learn more about any of the charities that Festival Republic work with, you can either give the charity work number a call or click any of the links provided in the charity section of their website. You can also use the Festival Republic website to sign up to their newsletter which will not only keep you updated with their charity work but also any events which you might not be aware of as well offering exclusive offers and discounts to their subscribers. If you have signed up to the newsletter but wish to unsubscribe, you can do this easily by visiting the website.

Ticket Queries – 0843 178 4024

Whilst Festival Republic organise the events, they are not actually responsible for the sale of tickets. This is done by a lot of well-known ticket sites, the main one being Ticketmaster. Of course, if you have purchased a ticket and have questions to ask about it or are worried if it is genuine or not, then you can still call the ticket queries helpline and someone can assist you. There is contact information for Ticketmaster available on the Festival Republic website should you need to get in touch with a ticket query. It might be that your ticket for an event has not arrived and you are growing more and more concerned due to the event being soon, or it might be that you have received tickets from Ticketmaster but they are the wrong ones. You can also call the ticket query line if you have heard that the date of your event has been changed or if you have received an email from your ticket provider to tell you that the event has been cancelled altogether. Ultimately, if you do have a question about tickets the best thing to do is to contact your ticket agent, but if you have no luck getting through or would like to seek a second opinion then Festival Republic will be happy to help.

Careers – 0843 178 4025

You will find all job openings and career information for Festival Republic online on several job board websites. Whether you want to volunteer at a festival or work with the brand behind the scenes, there are plenty of opportunities to suit your skills set and abilities. If you have any questions about any of the roles that you might have seen online you can call the careers number above. If you have applied for a role and have not heard back after two working weeks, again, call the number above and someone can chase up your application.

Festival Republic Social Media:

A great alternative to calling to speak to an advisor is getting in touch with them on social media and Festival Republic are extremely active on all of their accounts, meaning if you have a query or enquiry someone should get back to you within good time. You can reach Festival Republic on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the handle @festivalrepublic. If you want to shoot Festival Republic a quick email, you can reach them by messaging



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