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Expedia contact number – 0843 557 4869

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Opening Times for Expedia

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8.30am 11pm
Tuesday 8.30am 11pm
Wednesday 8.30am 11pm
Thursday 8.30am 11pm
Friday 8.30am 11pm
Saturday 8.30am 11pm
Sunday 8.30am 11pm
Angel Building
407 St John Street
  • Business Name: Expedia
  • Head Office Number: 0843 557 4869
  • Opening Times: 8.30am-11pm
  • Head Office Address: Expedia, Angel Building, 407 St John Street, London, EC1V 4EX.
  • Website:

Expedia is one of the largest online travel booking companies and is there to cater for your travelling needs by booking flights, hotels, city breaks, car hire and more.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or need some travel inspiration, Expedia is on hand to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. Expedia is operated by Expedia, Inc., the world’s largest online travel company. is the largest online travel provider for the UK. You can use the site to build your own holiday package, book flights for more than 450 airlines, choose from more than 321,000 accommodation properties, book car hire from top rental companies, book train tickets and find cheap deals.

Expedia contact number

Expedia Contact Numbers

Expedia Number
Expedia 0843 557 4869
Expedia Head Office 0844 453 0252
Expedia Complaints 0844 248 1839
Expedia Travel Deals 0843 557 4869
Expedia City Breaks 0844 826 0637
Last Minute Deals 0844 248 1838
Expedia+ 0844 248 1854

Expedia Head Office 0844 453 0252

The Expedia Head Office will be able to serve your questions regarding bookings you’ve made onsite or those you’d like to do too. If you have specific questions about a booking that’s maybe changed price since you last looked, or the times on a flight have changed since you have booked, the head office contact number will be able to help you with these queries.

You can phone this customer service number to speak to the Expedia representatives regarding flights, hotels, car hire, trains, loyalty programmes and more. The advisor will be able to help if you’d like to make changes to your booking, any cancellation queries you might have and details about refunds or deposits you may have paid when you made your initial booking.

Expedia complaints 0844 248 1839

If you’d like to complain about the services you have experienced whilst using the Expedia website, or about a trip that you’ve booked through Expedia, then there is a dedicated number to use, 0844 248 1839.

If you’d like to complain before your trip or whilst you’re in the middle of it, use the number above to speak to the dedicated customer service team.

If your travel experience did not meet your expectations and you’d like to file a complaint after the trip then Expedia ask that you email them with your complaint. Contact them at with the subject line ‘Post-Trip Complaint’. Expedia should reply to your email in around 48 hours with a case ID number, you should use this number when contacting Expedia to ensure your complaint is dealt with efficiently.

When you email Expedia with your post-trip complaint, they ask that you provide the following information, including your itinerary number, travel dates, contact details and the details of your complaint.

You could also write a letter with your complaint, use the following address to send it to.

Expedia Customer Relations Department, P.O. Box 70720, EC1P1GW

Expedia travel deals 0843 557 4869

Expedia is an excellent online travel booking website that allows you to book hotels, flights or a combination of the two. Use the number 0843 557 4869 to get in contact with them regarding the latest travel deals they are offering and find out whether you could save money on your next adventure.

You can find a range of holidays or destinations to visit and see the best prices available when it comes to booking your trip. You can narrow your search to specific dates, your chosen destination and the preferred airport for travel.

If you book your trip through Expedia but then find there is a problem with the dates, flight or hotel when you receive the confirmation email you are best phoning the telephone number above to get this information sorted quickly. You might phone this number if you’d like to make changes to the booking you’ve made or cancel it if need be. This is the quickest way to ensure your booking is correct and how you’d like it to be.

Expedia city breaks 0844 826 0637

Expedia also offers the chance to book city breaks through their site, you could also use the number 0844 826 0637 to speak to a dedicated service team regarding these as well.

Expedia’s dedicated city breaks page offers you a range of current deals for cities all over the world, whether it’s a trip to New York, Barcelona or Paris. This particular page offers great discounts and the best prices, so ensure you check this page to make sure you get the best trip for your money.

Speaking to the customer service team for Expedia City Breaks they will be able to give you advice on the best cities to travel to at certain times of the year, and advise on what’s going on in particular city’s at the time you’re planning to travel, whether you’re looking for some city sun, Christmas markets, or relaxing exploration.

Last minute deals with Expedia 0844 248 1838

Ensure you get the best experience with your money with last minute deals with Expedia. You can use the number 0844 248 1838 to find out the best last minute flights, last minute hotels, last minute holidays and last minute packages. The customer service contact will be able to help you if you have very specific dates for your last minute trip, such as if you’ve booked specific time off work, or if you’re looking for a specific destination and want the best price available.

These last minute offers are guaranteed to get you the best price on your next trip.

Expedia+ 0844 248 1854

Expedia+ is an exclusive member-only experience if you’d like to speak to the customer service team about joining then contact them on the number 0844 248 1854.

If you join the Expedia + Rewards program you will earn points on hotels, flights, packages, activities, and car hire purchased through Expedia. Not only that, but you’ll also earn bonus points if you have elite status.

Not only will you earn points on the purchases you make, but being a part of the Expedia+ Rewards program you will also receive exclusive member-only deals and bonus offers as you shop. This could save you, even more, money on the trips you take.

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