Eon Emergency Contact Number

0843 658 6888

If you are a customer of Eon energy and you are looking for assistance regarding an issue or any other query, call Customer Service Guru to be transferred to the Eon emergency number.

Why would I need to call the Eon telephone number? eon emergency call out number

  • If your boiler has broke down.
  • If you suspect that there has been a gas leak.
  • If your electricity has gone off.

Eon emergency services

Eon is an energy supplier in the UK. If you are experiencing some sort of emergency regarding your Eon supply, don’t worry, call us to be transferred to Eon customer services who can call out an engineer to help you.

If you are an Eon customer, you may experience some problems from time to time. Your boiler may break down, causing your central heating to go off. You may suspect that there has been a leak in your gas supply. You may experience a power cut. If you are unlucky enough to do so, you should not panic. You should simply call the Eon emergency team and they will send out an engineer to fix the problem as soon as possible. You can call the Eon contact number whenever you need to.

Eon Services

Eon is a huge provider in energy solutions for both the home and the business.EON contact number

It’s home products include:

  • Eon Energy Plan variable tariffs
  • Eon Energy Fixed tariffs (both 1 and 2 years)
  • Age UK Fixed tariff (specially designed for customers aged 60 and over)
  • Energy Saving Tool kits
  • Eon Green Deal (get a loan for the costs of energy saving improvements)
  • Various energy saving home improvements
  • Warm home discount.

For businesses, Eon also provides:

  • Business electricity and gas plans to suit your needs
  • Flexible products for both small-to-medium and large energy users
  • Fixed tariffs
  • Energy Saving Tool Kits
  • Access to the Consultant and Broker Interface (CaBi), so you can have a live view of all of your Eon customer accounts.

About Eon

Eon is a European holding company which owns one of the world’s largest investor utility-electric service providers. The name ‘Eon’ comes from the Greek word Aeon which means ‘eternity’. The company operates in over 30 countries and serves over 25 million customers across the business. The company came into existence in 2000 through the merger of energy companies VEBA and VIAG. In the UK, Eon acquired Powergen in 2002. The company continued to expand in countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Russia, acquiring several other companies as it went. The current Eon headquarters are in Dusseldorf, Germany. To find out more about Eon in the UK, visit the website.

Eon Cuts Prices Of Gas By 3.5%
February 23rd, 2015

The German-owned E.On have cut the cost of their standard gas price by 3.5%, which worked out as £24 off the average annual household gas bill. As it stands, the company is responsible for supplying gas and electricity to 4.5 million homes across the UK.

The chief executive of E.On UK, Tony Cocker, said “We are the first supplier to reflect through our standard tariff the overall drop in wholesale gas prices.”

Firms are under a lot of pressure to cut their prices, due to the fall in wholesale energy costs. E. On has said that they have passed on all the savings they could from the fall in wholesale prices, due to the fact that it has brought much of its energy in advance, in order to protect itself from the volatile changes in prices.

Mr Cocker added “While oil prices have slumped, the gas price has remained volatile – some days up, some days down – and many of the other non-energy costs that we don’t control but make up a customer’s bill have increased and are set to increase further.”

Scottish Power Cuts Prices Of Standard Tariff

January 14th 2014

Scottish Power has recently announced cuts to its standard fixed-rate tariffs, following government changes to green levies on fuel bills.

The energy provider is one of the fourth major companies to make cuts to its rates, so far along with British Gas and Scottish Southern Electric (SSE). Unlike Scottish Power however, these providers are reducing rates for all of their customers, no matter what their tariff.

Scottish Power has claimed it will be reducing its standard rate tariffs by 3.3%, amounting to a reduction of £54 a year from January 31.

However, it is still not quite enough to offset the expense incurred by the 8.6% price rise that the company announced in December 2013.

The new price changes come as a result of government changes regarding green levies, designed to lower fuel bills in the UK. SSE has said it will cut its prices by 4% from April onwards, but has not yet revealed details.

Meanwhile, EDF, E.On and Scottish Power have only applied reductions on their standard or variable rates, whilst Npower continues to ‘review’ its prices after increasing them by a whopping 10.4% in 2013.

Energy companies are being called upon by the likes of price comparison site MoneySuperMarket.com to cut prices for all of their customers, no matter what their tariff.

Customer Service Guru is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Eon. The direct contact number for Eon can be found in the public domain or on their official website.