EE Customer Services

0843 557 3560

Why Use EE Customer Service?EE Customer Service

  • Upgrading to EE or troubleshooting your phone
  • Reporting your phone lost or stolen
  • Request a PAC code to keep your mobile number when changing network

What Can EE Customer Service Do For Me?

If you’re looking to make the change to EE their customer service team can make the process simple, quick and painless. They will talk you through their plans, help you cancel your current contract or direct you to your nearest EE store if you’d rather do it face to face. If you wish to keep your current number, EE customer service can also request a Parting Authorisation Code for you to make this possible.

EE customer service can assist existing customers who are having trouble with their network and help in the unfortunate event that a device has been lost or stolen. If this has happened, they can block the phone so it cannot be used, set a password for if you retrieve it, and pass along the phone’s IMEI data to the police. EE will also call a parent/friend/partner for you if necessary, and will ring you back if you’re calling from a payphone.

Who are EE?

EE (Everything Everywhere) are a mobile network and internet service provider which was formed in 2010 via a merger between T-Mobile and Orange. Based out of their headquarters in Hatfield, they are the second biggest provider in the country. In the same year the companies merged they announced high definition calling; reached a deal with Vringo to provide unique ringtones; and joined with Barclaycard to provide the UK’s first contactless mobile payment system. EE are also the main sponsor for the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (BAFTAs), a major event watched all over the globe.

Customer Service Guru is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to EE Customer Service. The direct contact number for EE Customer Service can be found in the public domain or on their official website.