EE Customer Service Contact Number

0844 248 2565

Why Call the EE Customer Service Phone Number?EE Customer Service

  • Upgrading to EE or troubleshooting your phone
  • Reporting your phone lost or stolen
  • Request a PAC code to keep your mobile number when changing network

What Can EE Customer Service Do For Me?

If you’re looking to make the change to EE their customer service team can make the process simple, quick and painless. They will talk you through their plans, help you cancel your current contract or direct you to your nearest EE store if you’d rather do it face to face. If you wish to keep your current number call EE to request a Porting Authorisation Code for you to make this possible.

Call EE if you are an existing customer who is having trouble with your network and need help in the unfortunate event that a device has been lost or stolen. If this has happened EE can block the phone so it cannot be used, set a password for if you retrieve it, and pass along the phone’s IMEI data to the police. EE will also call a parent/friend/partner for you if necessary, and will ring you back if you’re calling from a payphone.

Looking to upgrade your phone?

If you are looking for an upgrade or are wondering if you may be due one call to find out and discuss the phones and contracts which could be available to you. Make sure you have your EE phone number available and if possible your EE account username and password as this will help them find your account information more quickly.

It is often thought that it is against the terms of your contract to unlock a mobile phone. However this is not the case, providing you have been with EE for at least 6 months they will be able to help you unlock your phone (so long as your IMEI number has not been blacklisted), it is important to note though that you must still pay for the rest of your contract even if you do not use the EE SIM card after you have unlocked the phone. Call 0843 596 3075 for further help with this now.Do you want to unlock your EE phone?

EE phone numberWant to setup roaming with EE?

If you are heading off on holiday don’t forget to contact EE and purchase a add on to your data package which will prevent you over spending on your phone while abroad.

Need help setting up a child lock on your phone?

If you have young children who regularly like to play with your phone the EE child lock system is invaluable as it prevents them from accessing inappropriate material. Call EE now on 0843 596 3075 for more information and help in setting this up.

Who are EE?

EE (Everything Everywhere) are a mobile network and internet service provider which was formed in 2010 via a merger between T-Mobile and Orange. Based out of their headquarters in Hatfield, they are the second biggest provider in the country. In the same year the companies merged they announced high definition calling; reached a deal with Vringo to provide unique ringtones; and joined with Barclaycard to provide the UK’s first contactless mobile payment system. EE are also the main sponsor for the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (BAFTAs), a major event watched all over the globe.

EE Among Telecoms Providers Facing Spectrum Use Price Hike
February 20th, 2015

Mobile operators EE, O2, Vodafone and Three face a combined increase in spectrum license fees of £159 million following the decision from Ofcom to review its proposals for new prices.

The initial proposals were put forward in October 2013 to raise the price that providers will pay in response to a request from the Government to reassess the prices for 900MHZ and 1800MHZ spectrums. This price was revised by Ofcom in August 2014 following concerns from operators that the prices put forward were too high, especially given that they have been spending money on 4G networks.

EE will still have to pay the largest amount at £75.6 million, down from the proposed £86.4 million put forward in August 2014.

EE Introduces 50p 'Queue Jumping' Charge for Customer Callers

August 19th 2014

Mobile network EE has introduced a new ‘queue jumping’ service charge that allows its customer callers to get quicker service if they agree to pay 50 pence extra.

The new service, which claims to offer customers the chance to EE-queue-jump-chargeavoid a lengthy wait on the end of a line, has been met with mixed opinion from customers, consumer watchdogs and trading authorities alike. Whilst the service is on one hand initially meant as a service-booster, others argue it is swindling customers by making them pay more for standard service.

Andrew Griffiths, a non-EE customer, said to BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours that he would consider switching if EE were the only company to offer such a service.

However, other customers flocked to Twitter to vent their anger and disapproval.

“As an already paying @EE customer, why should I have to wait longer for help because someone else with no patience can pay to jump the queue?” tweeted @DarrenLeeC.

“I have been a customer of @EE for 10 years now. The call jump system they want to introduce is disgusting, I’ll be off to O2 then,” ranted @curexcomplex.

The main complaints over the proposed service revolve around beliefs that it is largely discriminatory, pricing people out of good service by offering superior treatment to those able to pay for it.

“I thought it was a bad idea for a company to offer to provide what really ought to be a standard level of customer service for a fee,” Andrew Griffiths said.

“It makes you think that perhaps they might not be trying too hard to answer the non-prioritised calls.”

Some experts have also questioned the practicality of the service, regarding whether EE is indeed equipped to handle the unprecedented amount of people that may wish to ‘jump the queue’. The company has said it will not be hiring any extra staff to cope with the potential increase in expectations. However, it says the 50p fee per customer will go towards strengthening its call service.

“EE’S goal is to set the highest customer standard for customer service in the telecoms sector,” a spokesperson said. “To support that ambition we’re investing significantly in our retail stores, contact centres and account management websites and apps.

“We’ve already committed to returning over 1000 roles to the UK from overseas call centres, and have already opened two new UK centres. To contribute to this and other investments in service we have introduced some small charges for certain customer services.”

EE To Offer Voice Calls And Text Service Over Wi-Fi

July 4, 2014

EE has announced it will be offering its customers the option to make voice calls and send text messages via wi-fi connection; a unique service certain to enhance competition among network ee-customer-servicesproviders.

The service means that customers who lack network signal in more secluded or ‘dead-spot’ areas of the country will be able to use their phone to communicate as normal if there is a wi-fi hotspot nearby. It is expected to be rolled out as soon as later this year.

Many customers that live or work in remote or rural areas of the UK are often inhibited from making voice calls and sending text messages until they leave the so-called ‘not-spot’. It is only after they come out of this not-spot that they are usually bombarded with a series of missed calls, voicemails and text messages.

There are many apps available today that help mobile users get around this problem – such as WhatsApp, a wi-fi enabled instant messaging service, and Skype, which lets users make voice and video calls over the web.

However, this is the first time that customers on any mobile phone network will have been able to perform more traditional communication functions using the power of wi-fi alone. EE also claims that the clarity of wi-fi voice calls will be superior to that of the usual network, and much more reliable than using a third-party app.

Of course, there will be some areas of the country that don’t have as great a need for the new service, and so may have to wait a little longer before they have access. EE’s director of network services explained that the voice-over wi-fi will be primarily aimed at areas not currently well served by 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

He said, “I’m confident I run the best mobile network in the UK, but equally I can’t cover everywhere. So part of voice-over-WiFi is prioritising the customer experience.”

EE will be testing as many public wi-fi hotspots as possible over the coming months to ensure that only networks capable of running the service smoothly will be able to offer it.

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