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Easyjet Contact Number – 0844 453 0232

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Easyjet

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 6pm
Tuesday 9am 6pm
Wednesday 9am 6pm
Thursday 9am 6pm
Friday 9am 6pm
Saturday 9am 6pm
Sunday 9am 6pm
London Luton Airport
Easyjet is an extremely popular budget airline based in the United Kingdom, operating flight routes all over the world. Particularly popular for intra-European flights, EasyJet offers a cost-effective approach to flights which are still a more executive option than the lowest possible price airlines, like Ryanair. For example, with Easyjet, customers get a seat included in the price of their flight, and can go to the toilet during the flight for no additional charge. Easyjet flights are also ATOL protected, unlike the cheapest possible budget airlines, so if the company should go into liquidation while you are in a foreign country, you’ll be able to get home. Despite these downright luxuriant frills, Easyjet is still an extremely effective budget airline.

Easyjet Phone Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0844 453 0232 9am-5pm
Head Office 0844 826 8025 9am-5pm
Complaints 0843 557 4342 9am-5pm
Sales and Deals 0844 453 0232 9am-5pm

Easyjet Customer Service Contact – 0844 453 0232

Easyjet customer services are based in a series of distributed contact nerve centres around the world. Each of these “contact zones” ministers to the communities which it is most naturally connected to, and which it can serve most appropriately. For example, if you were calling from anywhere in the United Kingdom (as most Easyjet customers may be) then you will be connected to a call centre in Ajmer-Merwara, India.

These contact “nerve centres” are all connected to the intricate mainframe computers seen throughout Easyjet’s communications network, allowing the staff there access to any internal Easyjet files that they may need to help you on your way, and any database information that will help them resolve a customer issue satisfactorily. You may be calling for any number of reasons, but with the ability to download the relevant information in a heartbeat, like Neo learning kung-fu in the Matrix, the staff of the Easyjet customer services departments will be able to answer in kind.

Connected by mainframe and wire to the Easyjet head offices in London Luton Airport, these customer service departments are also only a thrush’s blink away from transferring you to a corporate higher up, bigwig, overseer or commandant, who can take more complete control of any specialist case you may bring before them. For example, if you need a flight to be rearranged, or you’re making a specific complaint, or requesting technical information such as the critical stress fracture points of the wing or the code configuration of the cockpit security door, and the customer service attendant to whom you are speaking cannot satisfactorily answer or resolve your problem or query, then they can simply transfer you to an available middle manager, upper-food-chain executive or corporate cat, who will have the specialist expertise, authority and contacts to resolve your issue or answer your question easily. Unless, of course, you are asking about the door code thing or the plane wing thing, in which case these executives will simply report you to the intelligence agency of your choice.

For the vast majority of customer service requests, problems and issues, you can call the Easyjet customer service line at any time you like, and a trained customer service agent will pick up on the other end, provided of course that you call within the line’s opening times. A call outside of opening times may still connect, but you may be forced to communicate with a robot instead of a human, and unless the singularity has occurred since time of publication, that option may be demonstrably inferior to speaking to a human operative. If the singularity has occurred, feel free to disregard the last point.

EasyJet Head Office – 0844 826 8025

The EasyJet Head Office is found in the place where all airline head offices should be found, and yet where so few actually put down their roots and transition from flighty airborne dandelion seed to solidly-rooted dandelion. I am talking, of course, about the airport.

In this case, the Easyjet head office is found in the mother of all British Airports, London Luton Airport, established in 1848 and previously known as The City of London Aeronautical Skyport. Luton has, of course, since been eclipsed in size, aeroplane output and transition volume, technological prowess and terminal number by the likes of London Gatwick, Liverpool John Lennon and Knock Airport, but the spirit of the place lives on. Around London Luton there is a palpable sense of possibility, a chance that here, of all places, the sky really is the limit. Perhaps a great hangover from the first days of airships and biplanes that launched from Luton, this sense of adventure and intrepid air of possibility and excitement is the exact reason that Easyjet has set up shop there. That joi de vivre is exactly their raison d’être, the je ne sais quoi that defines them as an airline.

From their base in Luton, the Easyjet head office are able to take a surprisingly hands-on approach to the management of their multibillion-dollar airline, in a move that would be a catastrophic overreach for anyone other than the slick business minds of Easyjet, working hard all day every day at Luton airport. By being based in Luton, the Easyjet head office is able to act surprisingly like a traditional office, interfacing with customers where necessary to make sure the customers have an excellent experience, providing support and generally being helpful.

Within the head office at Easyjet are a range of customer services and departments, and customer service departments. These departments are, as specified earlier in this article, close to the head office, allowing an exceptional range of motion across both departments. The head office is able to expertly and effortlessly monitor the work of the customer service department, reassuring them and comforting them in times of trouble, providing direction and authority, and the customer service department is, in turn, able to get in touch with the head office for esoteric or specialist information, or situations requiring additional authority or gravitas. Exceptional cases can be sent to the head office, and exceptional problems brought before them, to face arbiting and judgement.

If you need to be put in contact with the Easyjet head office, you can call them on the phone number shown on this page.

EasyJet Complaints – 0843 557 4342

As a world-class budget airline, with flights all over the world and routes that criss-cross the planet like a ball of yarn or a spider web, Easyjet ferries millions of passengers on millions of flights every year. Dedicated to providing a great service at a competitive price, Easyjet operates a robust service, but the simple law of averages states that their luck is bound to run out eventually: when you provide a service to 12 million people, some of them will need to register a complaint, no matter how excellent that service is as a general rule.

Easyjet is unfortunately no exception, and there are many factors both within and without their control that can lead to a potential complaints call.

For example, for factors controllable by Easyjet itself, which nevertheless may fail and result in a complaint being registered, there are the likes of the online check-in service, the baggage pricing, the ground team’s handling of luggage and freight, the service provided by flight staff, and other factors.

Outside their control there may be ticket price increases, delays or cancellations, and other issues that may occur on the other side of the world and due to entirely atmospheric or ambient reasons, causing trouble to Easyjet customers entirely disconnected to the actual event.

The reasons that you might find yourself needing to call the Easyjet complaints hotline are tallied and summed up in the itemised list found above, which aims to express the possible example reasons for a call. The list above is not at all exhaustive, by any stretch of the imagination – the reasons why you may need to register a complaint on the Easyjet complaints contact number are infinite, and uniquely connected to you. Only the customer can decide when the time is right to lodge a complaint, after all – it’s their experience. With that in mind, please feel free to comment with possible new reasons for a complaint; and if you feel you need to complain for reasons unconnected to this list, or those that have not been included, don’t hesitate!You can call the EasyJet contact number immediately.

EasyJet Sales and Deals – 0844 453 0232

Easyjet consistently offer a range of deals on their flights, living up to their reputation as a top-tier budget airline company with many frequent deals and rewards schemes.

The most famous deal offered by Easyjet is the Easyjet Pluscard, a sort of VIP opt-in service for Easyjet customers which offers a range of exciting benefits and opportunities to them and acts as a loyalty card of sorts to help them accumulate bonuses. These benefits include faster check-in times and express boarding.

Other deals include Speedy Boarding, with which a customer can board a plane preferentially, and deals with car rental companies like Expedia, to provide Easyjet ticket holders with easily accessible, low-cost car rental when they need it most!

As for sales, Easyjet are constantly adapting to the changing prices of the global aeronautical landscape, which mean that their most cost-effective flights are changing every day. Today’s absolute steal of a bargain could be tomorrow’s high-price premium rate rip-off, and vice versa! They also frequently offer sales on flights and inclusive packages designed to make holidays and business trips cheaper and more enjoyable for all their passengers, offering specific destinations, flight packages, upgrades or flights at reduced prices, or offering customers the chance to enjoy limited edition upgrades and perks for a reduced price. Reduced prices on particular destinations are especially popular, and you can subscribe to notifications for these sales by email or text message to make sure you never miss one!

EasyJet Speak to a Person – 0844 453 0232

When trying to contact someone at a big company such as EasyJet it’s difficult when you get caught in the loop of automated messages and switchboards. If you want to speak to a human and not a robot you can call 0844 453 0232 and someone will be able to answer your call and talk you through a problem or answer any questions you have about EasyJet’s services.

EasyJet Social Media


Twitter: @easyjet

Instagram: @easyjet

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