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DWP Customer Services – 0843 178 4210

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for DWP

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 6pm
Tuesday 8am 6pm
Wednesday 8am 6pm
Thursday 8am 6pm
Friday 8am 6pm
Saturday n/a n/a
Sunday n/a n/a
Department for Work and Pensions
Caxton House
Phone Number
Opening Times
DWP Customer Services
0843 178 4210
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
State Pension Helpline
0843 178 4211 (Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
Welfare Helpline
0843 178 4212
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
Budgeting Loans Contact Number
0843 178 4213
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
Child Maintenance 
0843 178 4214
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
0843 178 4215
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm

DWP Customer Services

To contact the DWP about your state pension, about welfare or benefits, or about budgeting loans, call the customer services team on 0843 178 4210. You can also use this number if you would like to speak to a member of staff about your local job centre. If you would like to make a complaint, you can do so by calling the dedicated complaints line on the number in the table at the top of this page.

State Pension Helpline

The state pension is the pension you will receive when you reach state pension age. You can check at which age you will be able to receive the state pension over on the government website.  The state pension is directly related to the amount of money you earn, and will not be merged with universal credit. However, many other welfare options can be merged with the state pension. To find out more, call the state pension helpline on 0843 178 4211.

Welfare Helpline

Universal Credit has replaced many of the benefits and welfare schemes available to those who need them the most. All benefits will have been effectively replaced by the Universal Credit system by the end of 2018, and anyone who would like to speak to a member of HMRC staff in regards to it can call the Welfare Helpline on 0843 178 4212. You can also use this helpline if you would like to know if you are eligible for Universal Credit.

Budgeting Loans Contact Number

If you need funding for a funeral, the budgeting loan can help you put towards the cost of a casket, flowers and more. This payment scheme is given to anyone who is on a low income, or to those who are on the universal credit scheme. The loan given can be anything up to £1500, and to apply you will need to fill in the relevantSF200 form. To find out more about budgeting loans, call the contact line on 0843 178 4213.

Child Maintenance

Child Maintenance is offered by the HMRC in order to fund the everyday living costs of your child when you have separated from the other parent. The maintenance can be agreed between you and the other parent, or a member of the HMRC staff can help you come to an agreement on the child’s behalf. To find out if you’re eligible for child maintenance, or to review your payments, call the child maintenance team on 0843 178 4214.


If you are unhappy with a member of the HMRC team, you can call the complaints line on 0843 178 4215. This line is direct, however, it can become busy. Calling early in the morning can help you speak to a member of staff sooner, which means that your dispute will hopefully be resolved sooner.


Shaun dickens

To whom to may concern, I’ve been playing back money I owe you since last October and I would like to know how much I owe as it is a big chunk of my wages each week. My national insurance number is **** or my mobile is ****. Please could someone contact me on this matter Shaun.


My jobcentre will not issue me with a hardship form and I understands that the DWP has the authority to do under the freedom-of

Susan Stephenson

I waited 20 minutes for someone to answer, I hung up because I didn’t know how much longer I would have to wait, Due to the high volume of calls.


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