CSA UK Contact Number

0844 248 2560

Sorting out Child Support Allowance can be complicated. So call the CSA contact number today for help going through any of the application or appeal processes or simply phone for a basic enquiry.

Why Should I Use The CSA Telephone Number?csa contact number

  • Apply for child maintenance
  • Appeal a decision
  • Queries about current child maintenance
  • Switch to a different kind of child maintenance
  • General information about CSA

What Can The UK CSA Do For You?

The CSA, abbreviated from Child Support Agency, manages the child maintenance schemes introduced in 1993 and 2003. This is a periodic payment made by a parent to support the child following the break-up of a marriage or partnership. The CSA contact line can be called by either the parent with or parent without day-to-day care of the child to apply. The CSA should be used when parents cannot reach an agreement between themselves.

The CSA (also known as the child maintenance service) will help you find where the other parent lives if you don’t know where they are, will help you come to an agreement over payments and will decide how much payment should be made. They will make sure that the parent who doesn’t have day to day care of the child is the one who pays the maintenance and will then pass these payments onto the other parent. They will review payments against changes in the parents circumstances every year and will take action if payments aren’t made to ensure that they are.

In Scotland, a child can also make the application if they are over the age of 12. The legal definition of ‘child’ applied by the CSA is someone under 16, between 16 and 20 and still in full-time non-advanced education, and between 16 and 20 registered with a government-approved training course. There are two types of child support that the CSA can provide: a statutory arrangement or a more flexible family-based arrangement. Use the CSA contact number to talk to a professional adviser who can discuss which is best suited for you. It can also be used to appeal a decision. You will need your National Insurance Number when you call.

What hours is the CSA phone number available?

The CSA helpline is open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. The line is closed on Sundays .

What Is The CSA?

The Child Support Agency is an arm of the Department For Work And Pensions responsible for implementing the Child Support Act of 1991. The CSA was launched in April 1993 and relies on a complex formula of 108 pieces of information to process each case. It determines such things as the amount required for a child’s support and the non-resident parent’s annual income. There are offices in Plymouth, Belfast, Dudley, Birkenhead, Hastings and Falkirk.

Child Support Agency Replaced: What is the Child Maintenance Service?

September 4th 2014

Controversial changes which have the power to affect almost two million children stemming from ‘broken families’. The changes have been developed with the aim of discouraging families from using the government system to arrange maintenance payments- instead doing it privately. By making their own arrangements, non-resident parents would avoid paying an extra 20% on top and parents with care (who receive the money) would escape a 4 per cent charge on the maintenance.

It is estimated that there are 2.5 million separated families with children in the UK. Around 1.4 million of these do not use the system provided by the government, instead making their own arrangements, going through the courts or just cutting off contact.

The new system aims to encourage independence from parents. The old CSA is in the process of being phased out. The person responsible for the scheme is Lib Dem Steve Webb, who was behind the incredibly successful pensions’ auto-enrolment movement.

Some of the changes in the new Child Maintenance Service include free online accounts that work in a similar way to a bank account. They show payments made, amounts due and other basic information. The non resident parent’s income will be picked up automatically meaning that HMRC can calculate the necessary rate of pay within days, rather than weeks, which was the case with the CSA. The income data will be updated automatically every year to save the NRP updating individually. Data appears to show that many of the receiving parents have seen a rise in payments as a result of the automatic information.

Throughout the country, the CMS is running 17 pilot schemes to help parents come to agreements themselves. Some of these include a scheme for teenage parents in the midlands, and ‘parenting apart’ classes in Wales. The results of the programmes will be evaluated after two years to see which works best.

cmed_home_bubbles However, the CMS is being criticised as some receiving parents may miss a few weeks income whilst the changes occur and they will also have to pay a £20 fee whilst the calculations are being made. This fee is waived for those who have been a victim of domestic violence. The calculation is being encouraged as it means that current claimants could be entitled to more. Not only that but disappointed receiving parents who have had their case closed previously may be entitled to a payment under the new calculations.

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