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Opening Times for Creation

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8.30am 8pm
Tuesday 8.30am 8pm
Wednesday 8.30am 8pm
Thursday 8.30am 8pm
Friday 8.30am 8pm
Saturday 9am 6pm
Sunday 10am 4pm
Creation Customer Enquiries
Chadwick House
Blenheim Court
B25 9ER

0843 178 5691

Phone the Creation customer service line on 0843 178 5691 where they can answer your questions regarding credit cards, loans, protection, PPI and more.

Creation Customer Service Contact Numbers

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0843 178 5691
(Mon – Fri) 8.30am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 6pm (Sun) 10am – 4pm
Make a payment
0843 178 5692
(Mon – Fri) 8.30am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 6pm (Sun) 10am – 4pm
0843 178 5693
(Mon – Fri) 8.30am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 6pm (Sun) 10am – 4pm
Loans 0843 178 5694
(Mon – Fri) 8.30am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 6pm (Sun) 10am – 4pm
Insurance 0843 178 5695
(Mon – Fri) 8.30am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 6pm (Sun) 10am – 4pm
Credit Cards 0843 178 5696
(Mon – Fri) 8.30am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 6pm (Sun) 10am – 4pm

Customer services

Contact the Creation customer services team on the number 0843 178 5691 to speak to them regarding any matters of their loans, credit cards, your finance agreements and more.

Phone the number above to find out the terms of your finance agreement with Creation and see whether it’s possible to make changes to this agreement if you do need to.

You can also use this number to report lost or stolen cards, it’s important that you phone straight away so if there is any spending made on these cards it won’t be attributed to you.

If you’d like to make a complaint about the level of service you received from Creation you can also phone the number above. Creation takes customer complaints very seriously and will aim to get it resolved in a time efficient manner.

Make a payment

Phone the number to make a payment on account you hold with Creation on the number 0843 178 5692. When you phone this number you can phone to check the current balance on your account, the minimum payment which is due and when it is due by. If you so wish you can then use another debit card to make a payment, for which you will need your account number when you make the call. It can take up to three working days for your account to be updated when you make a payment on the phone so make sure you leave enough time before your due date.

If you’d prefer to pay another way when you phone this number above they will explain the different options available to you.


If you think you were sold PPI by Creation when you have taken out a loan or credit card previously you can phone the number 0843 178 5693 to find out. When you phone this number you’ll have to provide some personal details, such as when you started the loan or credit card, and they’ll be able to let you know if you’re owed any money.

It’s important to remember that the deadline for PPI refunds has been set, at August 29 2019, so ensure you have this done before then.

Your claim for a PPI refund can take up to eight weeks, so be mindful of this if you are waiting to hear back.


Enquire about personal loans available from Creation when you phone the number 0843 178 5694. Here they will be able to guide you through the process whether you’re consolidating existing debts, want to improve your home or upgrade your car. When you phone the number above you can find out if you’re eligible for a loan, how much money you could possibly get from your loan and how much you’ll be expected to pay back.

If you currently have a loan with Creation and need to speak to them about this you can also use the number above. You can phone this number to make changes to account, make an extra payment if you so wish, change the debit card you currently pay with, or find out if you can reduce the amount you pay back each month.


To discuss the insurance that can be offered through Creation you can phone the number 0843 178 5695. Here they will be able to run through the car warranty and pet insurance that can be purchased through them, explaining the cover you’ll receive and when you provide personal details how much you’re likely to pay.

If you already have protection from Creation you can also use this number to make changes to your account if you so need to, cancel your insurance or extend it for a further year if needed. You will need your account details when you phone for any of these reasons, so the customer service advisor can access your account quickly.

Credit Card

If you would like to inquire about Credit Cards with Creation you can phone the number 0843 178 5696. When you phone this number they can run through the credit cards available, the typical APR, credit limits etc and find out if you’re eligible to apply for it. With a number of different card options available, you might be best sharing information on what you’re looking for the credit card to help with, this way they can determine the best card for you.

If you have previously applied for a credit card and are waiting for it to come in the post, you can use this number above to find out how long it will take. To activate your Creation credit card you can also use the number above to do this.

If you’re planning to use your credit card abroad, you can phone this number to let Creation know and ensure that your card won’t be declined when you travel abroad and make big purchases.

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