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Chiquito Customer Services Contact Number – 0843 596 3533

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Opening Times for Chiquito

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9am 11pm
Tuesday 9am 11pm
Wednesday 9am 11pm
Thursday 9am 11pm
Friday 9am 11pm
Saturday 9am 11pm
Sunday 9am 10:30pm
5-7 Marshalsea Road
  • Business Name: Chiquito
  • Phone Number: 0843 596 3533
  • Opening Times: Mon-Sat 9am-11pm, Sun 9am-10:30pm
  • Head Office Address: 5-7 Marshalsea Road, Borough, London, SE1 1EP
  • Website:
Chiquito Customer Services Contact Number - 0843 596 3533

All contact information for Chiquito can be found here.

Chiquito Contact Numbers

Chiquito Numbers
Head Office 0843 596 3533
Customer Services 0843 596 3534
Complaints 0843 596 3535
Jobs 0843 596 3536
Menu and Dietary Requirements 0843 596 3537
Deals 0843 596 3538

Chiquito Head Office Opening Hours

Chiquito Opening Hours
Head Office 24 hours, 7 days a week

Chiquito Head Office Address

Chiquito Address
Head Office 5-7 Marshalsea Road

Chiquito – 0843 596 3533

Chiquito is a UK-based restaurant that specialises in Tex-Mex foods, that was established in 1989. The chain has 68 restaurants across the country and is the UK’s best-known Mexican chain. The restaurants are part of the Restaurant Group.

When you visit their website you will find a range of chances to browse their menus and deals the restaurant is offering. By visiting the ‘My Chiquito’ page you have the chance to browse a variety of deals and opportunities that are available to you through the Chiquito app. With options to find your nearest Chiquito restaurant, displaying their photo booth and cocktail maker features as well as extras like the film club, Chiquito makes sure you’re not missing anything with their app.

With this, they also include all the information you could need on their website, with the chance to browse the menu and see what a Chiquito ‘experience’ is like by looking through the latest news, photos, videos and new restaurants opening around the country. All of this means that by visiting the Chiquito website you can be sure to decide that you want to visit their restaurants and find all of the information about the chain that you need, as well as where you can find your nearest Chiquito restaurant.

Menu and Dietary Requirements – 0843 596 3537

When you visit the Chiquito website you can browse their menus, which are specially designed for each restaurant to give a unique feel to each restaurant that you visit in relation to deals and offers available. Their brunch, lunch and main menus all offer the opportunity to find typical Mexican and American food throughout, along with their drinks menus that offer a range of drinks from cocktails to milkshakes and wine and spirits. They also offer draft and bottled beers as well as soft drinks, making sure that they can provide for all of their guests. Their desserts and hot drinks menu have a wide variety that can appetise anyone into having an extra course with their meal, and the kids and young adults menus are incredibly well thought out to make sure that the meals are tasty and well-sized for growing children.

All of their menus have allergy advice attached to them to ensure that people can eat their meals easily without having to worry about their allergies ruining their meal. They also offer the chance for people to find food that suits their dietary requirements, including vegetarian options on each menu and a gluten free menu for those whose diet requires that they don’t include any gluten in their meals. This can be incredibly inclusive and means that many are left feeling more comfortable when they don’t have to limit what they can eat in a restaurant. Chiquito also has a delivery menu that is designed for meals that can be delivered to customers who live nearby a Chiquito restaurant that is registered with Deliveroo and Uber Eats. This means that you don’t have to leave your house to have your favourite Tex-Mex food, as it can be delivered straight to your house if you live within the delivery range.

If you have any questions about anything that is on the menus for Chiquito then make sure you call the customer services number above to be put in touch with a member of the customer services team who can answer any questions you might have for them.

Deals – 0843 596 3538

Chiquito has a variety of deals that they offer to their customers, depending on if you look out for them or not. Sometimes, deals are offered within the restaurant like their deals on 2 courses for a specific price, while other deals can be found on their app or within their website. They also offer the chance for students to get 25% off their meals every time they visit Chiquito, as they provide the chance for students to download their app and get a voucher for when they visit a Chiquito restaurant.

You can also buy vouchers from Chiquito for those you know who love to visit the restaurant and would love it as a birthday or Christmas gift, as they provide the chance to put up to £100 on a gift voucher card that can last over multiple trips to the restaurant chain. Call the customer services team to find out more information about any deals or vouchers that Chiquito are offering, and you can be sure that the team member you speak to will be happy to let you know anything you’re curious about.

Complaints – 0843 596 3535

If you have recently visited a Chiquito restaurant and have left the experience feeling unhappy with the service you received, then be sure to call the customer services team to let them know how you’re feeling. You may be unhappy with the food you were served or noticed a member of staff performing poorly or acting inappropriately with other members of staff, which are all valid reasons for contacting the customer services team. Chiquito always want to provide the best experience for their customers, and have specially trained all of their employees to make sure that they are acting in a way that will ensure their customers will leave their restaurant feeling satisfied with the transaction, so if you are not feeling this way then the customer services team will definitely want to know about it, to make sure that the problem you faced is dealt with as well as ensuring that future customers will not face the same problems in the future.

Jobs – 0843 596 3536

You may have decided that you would like to apply for a job with Chiquito, and they are definitely ready for you to start working with them as soon as possible. When you visit the Chiquito website you will be greeted with the chance to apply for jobs when you follow through on their jobs page. As Chiquito is a part of The Restaurant Group, you will be led through to a careers page for The Restaurant Group, which will prompt you to click on the Chiquito option of restaurants you can apply for. From here you can browse the latest jobs that they have available within the company, along with reading all about why they think you should join their team. You will be able to browse all of the available vacancies within the company, including places in management, in the kitchen and on the floor. Positions can be full time or part time, and each position will require different expertise that you can bring to the company. To apply for a job you can click on the position you’re interested in and upload your CV to the website to have it considered by the company. If there aren’t any positions currently available for you to apply for then you can make sure that you keep your eye on the website as they constantly update it with new positions to fill, meaning you shouldn’t be waiting long to find a job role that you can fill within the company.

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