How to Cancel an o2 Contract

Sometimes there is nothing harder in the world than when you start a contract with a phone company, only to find you’re unhappy with the service for whatever reason and would like to cancel your contract. Phone companies will sometimes try any kind of tactics to keep you with their company, which can make it hard to get what you want when they’re desperate to keep you on. With this in mind, it is best to research the best way to find how to cancel your contract in the way that you want to, in preparation for the act.

When you’re with o2 there are several ways that you can begin a contract with them, including o2 Refresh as well as many other tariffs, so it is important to make sure you know

How to Cancel an o2 Contract

what you’re doing relating to your specific contract as they may require different steps to be taken to cancel the contract. As well as this, there is the opportunity for there to be several situations in which you will have to cancel your contract in different ways, for example, if you are still within your contact, if you want to cancel your contract but keep the number you got with the contract, or if you are ready to cancel your contract without keeping anything from it.

All of these situations have been covered below so if there is anything you are unsure about regarding cancelling your contract with o2 then be sure to check the guide below and we’re sure you’ll receive all the help that you might need!


Still within contract

You can cancel your contract with o2 at any time, but if you choose to do it while you’re still in contract then you will be charged unless you are in an initial cooling off period. Depending on what kind of contract you have with them there may be different charges regarding your cancellation.

If you are an o2 Refresh customer then you will just be charged for whatever the remaining balance on your phone bill is. You can view this in myo2 and plan ahead for your cancellation costs beforehand if you need to.

Any other tariff that you might be contracted to will make the fee no more than your line rental multiplied by however many months you have remaining on your contract. This is also a fee that you can work out before you cancel your account, giving you the chance to prepare for the costs, and the fee will decrease the longer you stick to your contract.

To cancel your contract while you are still within it, you will need to call 0844 453 0127, as o2 need to ensure that you will pay your termination fees immediately, whether you have an o2 refresh contract or any other tariff. Usually, o2 will require for you to pay this termination fee before they act on your request, as it helps them to cover themselves in case you try not to pay the ETF on your last bill from them. It is advised to also follow up your phone call with a recorded delivery letter so that you can be certain that your request is acted on.

How to Cancel an o2 Contract

My o2 is the best place to find all of the details about your contract that you might need to know before cancelling.

You want to cancel but keep your number

If you have decided that you would like to cancel your contract with o2 but you would also like to keep your current phone number then you will need a PAC code from o2. It’s easiest to get this by calling 0844 453 0127 and following the instructions they offer for when you are thinking of leaving o2. From here you can tell a member of the team that you want to leave but you wish to have a PAC code so that you can keep your number.

There is a chance that they will try to persuade you to stay with o2 but if you stay persistent about leaving then they will issue you a PAC eventually. However, if you have an ETF or a phone plan that you still have to pay for then you may need to pay this before they issue the PAC for you.

When you have received your PAC code it must be used within 30 days or it will expire and you will have to call o2 and request a new one. To use your PAC code all you have to do is give the PAC code to your new network and the port will be completed within a day or two. Once you have used your PAC code your service with o2 will be terminated immediately and your final bill will be generated, so it is best to make sure you use your PAC after the expiration of your 30-day notice. If you use your PAC before the end of this period then you might find a charge on your bill in lieu of notice for the remainder of your notice period.

How to Cancel an o2 Contract

Searching the help and support page for information on how to cancel your contract can also be helpful – here you can start a live chat with a member of the o2 team.

You don’t want to keep your number

If you want to leave your contract and aren’t bothered about keeping your number then you can easily cancel your contract either by calling 0844 453 0127 and following the procedure that shows you’re thinking about leaving o2, and then, to be safe, send a letter by recorded delivery to

Telefónica UK Limited
Correspondence Department
PO BOX 694
SO23 5AP

to inform them of your intention to cancel their services. This way is easiest and means that you can be sure that your request will go through.

Other ways to cancel your contract

You also have the opportunity to cancel your contract via live chat with an o2 team member on the o2 website. They may try and persuade you to stay but if you remain persistent then you can sort your contract termination easily this way. Live chat is the best option for you if you are looking to get a PAC code from o2 to help you keep your phone number, otherwise, it may just be easier to call them on 0844 453 0127 to cancel. After you have used the live chat feature it may also be wise to send a letter to confirm that you have cancelled your contract with o2.

If you are hoping to write a letter to cancel your contract with o2 then that is perfectly possible, but it is best if you choose to send your letter by recorded delivery so you can be sure to know when your letter has been received so that you can be sure to monitor how long after reception of your letter your contract was cancelled. When you write your letter then you can date it as the day that you sent it/originally called to cancel your account so that you can be sure they will be aware of how long they have left to cancel your account by. You should include your account number and mobile number as the only personal details you will need to give for your contract cancellation. Within the letter, you should state that you are providing your 30 days notice of termination and that you would like to receive written confirmation of their willingness to begin the termination of your contract per your request. If you post this letter through recorded delivery then you should receive the ability to track the letter and note the time the letter was signed for, and from here you should give them 30 days for your service to be terminated within.

Best times to cancel

If your contract is running out then the best possible time for you to deactivate your account is 30 days before your contract ends. If you wait until the final day before your contract is up then you will be charged for an extra month as it takes 30 days for your account to be deactivated and your final bill to be issued. You can find out when your contract is due to end by checking your paper bill or your myo2 account. On myo2 you have to go to ‘view my bill’ then click ‘my devices’ and then ‘allowances’, where your contract renewal date will be displayed on the Tariff panel. However, if you’re an o2 Refresh customer then you will have to monitor when your device payments stop, and that will be your cut-off date.

Alternatively, if you started your mobile contract after 23rd January 2014 and you have noticed that o2 have raised their prices unexpectedly, you can cancel your contract for free within 30 days, thanks to a ruling that was put in place by Ofcom as a way to protect consumer’s against mid-contract price hikes which were seen as unfair. This excludes annual rises that are in line with the retail price index.

If you’ve only just started your contract with o2 and have decided that the service isn’t for you and you would like to cancel, o2 provide a 14-day ‘change of mind’ period which allows you to cancel your contract without facing penalty and you don’t need to give a reason for leaving. This period begins from either when you signed up to o2 or when you received your SIM or handset – it depends on which happened last.