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Budgeting Loan Contact Number

All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone providers access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. This is a call connection service.

Opening Times for Social Fund Budgeting Loan

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 6pm
Tuesday 8am 6pm
Wednesday 8am 6pm
Thursday 8am 6pm
Friday 8am 6pm
Saturday 8am 6pm
Sunday 8am 6pm
Social Fund Budgeting Loan

Budgeting loans help you to pay for essentials like furniture, clothes and moving costs, and you can apply for these when necessary for any number of reasons. You may have found that you’ve been struggling to make ends meet, so you can call up to discuss a small loan that is designed to help you pay for essentials. The budgeting loan service will always be available for you when you need it and is always helpful for those who are eligible to apply for it.

Budgeting Loan Customer Services

If you find yourself needing to call the budgeting loan customer services number then you might need to speak to them about any number of issues. When you call 0843 178 4096 you have the chance to discuss any general enquiries that you might have for the customer services team to learn anything extra that you might like to know about the budgeting loan service. You can also call them if you’re interested in finding out whether you are eligible to apply for a budgeting loan or not, as they will be able to discuss your eligibility with you depending on the circumstances of your income – you can only apply for a budgeting loan if you have been receiving certain benefits for 6 months. When you call the customer services team will be able to take any comments or questions that you have and will try to answer in the most helpful way that they can.

Paying Back Your Loan

You might have decided that you would like to call the Budgeting loan customer services team to discuss the business of repaying your loan to them, which you can easily sort by speaking to a member of the customer services team. From here they will take into consideration your income and your ability to make the repayments, but as the loan is interest-free you should be able to make the repayments easily. You have two years to repay the loan after you have received it, so you should make sure to speak to the customer services team about the best way to repay your loan as quickly and cost-effectively as possible and they will make sure to help you find the best solution for you and your circumstances.

Funeral Services

You may have found that there was an unexpected death in your family and you’ve been left paying for the funeral expenses by yourself. If this is the case, then you can call the budgeting loan customer services team on 0843 557 4584 to discuss the chance for you to apply for a loan to pay for the funeral. Then, when it comes to repayment you can either repay the loan through the money that was left to you by the deceased or out of your own pocket. The loan can be used to pay for any number of funeral costs, though you should check how much of a loan you will be eligible to, and the customer services team will be happy to help you apply for an emergency budgeting loan for the funeral.


If you would like to check your eligibility with the Budgeting loan customer services team then you can call 0843 178 4096 to check if you will be able to apply for a loan with the service, as it all depends on the type of benefits you have been receiving and how long you have been getting them for. You can also ask the customer services team how much your loan will be if you are approved to receive a loan.


You may have had a bad experience regarding your application or service surrounding your Budgeting loan, and therefore might feel like you would like to make a complaint about this to the customer services team. You can do this by calling 0843 557 4587 where a member of the customer services team will listen to your complaint and try their best to rectify the problem with you, as they try to ensure that everyone who uses their service leaves feeling satisfied.

Budgeting Loan Telephone Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0843 178 4096 8am-6pm
Paying back your loan 0844 826 0689 8am-6pm
Funeral Services 0843 557 4584 8am-6pm
Elegibility 0843 178 4096 8am-6pm
Complaints 0843 557 4587 8am-6pm

Other Ways to Contact Budgeting Loan

If you have decided that you would like to apply for your budgeting loan in a way that doesn’t involve speaking to a member of the customer services team over the phone then there are several other ways that you can contact them in regards to your loan. If you would like to apply online then you can use this online application form to fill out your details and check your eligibility as well as apply for the loan itself. You can also fill out the budgeting loan claim form by printing out from here which you can either present into your local Job Centre, or by sending it to this address:

DWP Budgeting Loans,
United Kingdom

where a member of the customer services team will read it and make your application for you.


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