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Budget Energy

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Opening Times for Budget Energy

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8am 8pm
Tuesday 8am 8pm
Wednesday 8am 8pm
Thursday 8am 8pm
Friday 8am 8pm
Saturday 9am 4pm
Sunday Closed Closed
Budget Energy
Energy House
Springtown industrial Estate
30-32 Ballinska Road
Derry City
Northern Ireland
BT48 0LY

0844 257 4450

Contact Budget Energy by calling 0844 257 4450. Budget Energy launched in 2011 with hopes of being a cost-effective alternative supplier for customers in Northern Ireland. They supply energy for homes and businesses, including farms. Customers choose the most suitable tariff and pay for the energy that they actually use. Budget Energy has an office in Belfast, but the company is primarily based in Londonderry.

Budget Energy Contact Numbers

Contact Budget Energy using the helplines below from Monday to Saturday.

Phone Number Opening Times
Budget Energy
Customer Services
0844 257 4450 (Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 4pm
(Sun) Closed
Budget Energy
0844 257 4451 (Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 4pm
(Sun) Closed
Budget Energy
0844 257 4452 (Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 4pm
(Sun) Closed
Budget Energy
0844 257 4453 (Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 4pm
(Sun) Closed
Budget Energy
0844 257 4454 (Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 4pm
(Sun) Closed
Budget Energy
0844 257 4455 (Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Sat) 9am – 4pm
(Sun) Closed

Budget Energy Customer Services

Contact Budget Energy by calling their customer services department on 0844 257 4450. If you are not already a customer, then you can call to learn more about the tariffs they offer. You can also call to talk about renewable energy. Budget Energy can arrange installation of solar PV panels. They will even buy back some energy you generate through a Power Purchase Agreement, which you can call to discuss.

Budget Energy Account

Customers can easily top up their meters through their online account on the Budget Energy website. Pay As You Go energy customers can even use a mobile app to top up their credit with their smartphones. If you experience a problem with your Budget Energy account, then call 0844 257 4451. You can get help with top ups or understanding the tariff that you are on. Call with any questions about “Lend Me a Fiver.”

Budget Energy Billing

All customers with Budget Energy, except those with Keypad Meters, should get a quarterly bill. There are lots of ways for customers to pay bills. Some prefer to spread the cost throughout the year by setting up a monthly Direct Debit. Call 0844 257 4452 if you have a problem with a payment, or you would like to swap to a different payment method. Call to dispute incorrect charges or get help if you struggle to pay your bill.

Budget Energy Meters

Without accurate readings from your energy meter, Budget Energy sometimes has to estimate your bills. This is why it is important to make sure that they have accurate readings from your meter. Otherwise, you could be paying too much or too little for your energy usage. Call 0844 257 4453 for guidance on reading your energy meter or to submit a new reading. Customers won’t need to do this for pre-payment meters.

Budget Energy Switching

When you are moving home or decide to switch between energy suppliers, you can discuss your account with Budget Energy by calling 0844 257 4454. The registration process can take up to three weeks when new domestic customers join Budget Energy. Leaving Budget Energy to join a different supplier can also take the same amount of time. Call if there is a problem during the switch or with changing your address.

Budget Energy Complaints

In the first instance of a problem with Budget Energy, phone their customer service team. If they fail to put things right, then call 0844 257 4455 and escalate the issue into a formal complaint. They will look into the cause of your complaint and should provide a respectful, timely, and confidential response. In some cases, the complaint might entitle you to request some compensation from Budget Energy as a goodwill gesture.

Other Ways to Contact Budget Energy

If you are a user of social media, then you can contact Budget Energy through your account on Facebook or Twitter. This is a good way to get Budget Energy to address complaints quickly. If you only want to top up, then you can do so via the mobile app or online. You can contact Budget Energy customer services by e-mail at Or you could write a letter to their head office address to the left.

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