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Opening Times for BT

Day Opens Closes
Monday 7am 10.45pm
Tuesday 7am 10.45pm
Wednesday 7am 10.45pm
Thursday 7am 10.45pm
Friday 7am 10.45pm
Saturday 7am 10.45pm
Sunday 7am 10.45pm
BT plc
Correspondence Centre
DH98 1BT

0843 557 3380

BT is a telecoms company based in the UK, offering broadband, television, landline and mobile phone services. If you are a BT customer or you’d like to chat with a member of the customer service team about becoming one, call the team on 0843 557 3380.

BT Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service 0843 557 3380 7am-10pm: 7 days a week
Personal Customers 0843 557 4592 7am-10pm: 7 days a week
Business Customers 0843 557 4962 7am-10pm: 7 days a week
Retentions 0843 658 0784 7am-10pm: 7 days a week
Complaints 0844 826 0468 7am-10pm: 7 days a week
 BT Report a Fault Contact Number  0843 557 3743  7am-10pm: 7 days a week
 BT Report Nuisance Calls 0843 557 3564  7am-10pm: 7 days a week

How to speak to a person at BT

If you would like to speak to a person at BT to get them to answer your questions quickly you can phone the number 0843 557 3380, when you first call this number you’ll be put through to a switchboard as they try to determine which advisor is best to help you. Then you’ll get through to the next available person who can help with your queries and get and issues fixed as soon as possible.

Customer Service

BT’s customer service department is vast and has lots of members of staff waiting to deal with your query.  The customer service department can answer all of your questions, whether it relates to your bill and account, landline, mobile phone, or broadband. The customer service department is based in several call centres across the UK, and the teams have been highly trained to help you with your query, whether it is something technical or it is related to your account. To contact the BT customer service team, call 0843 557 3380. When you call, you’ll be asked to give a brief reason as to why you are calling so that you can be put through to the customer service team.

Personal Customers

Personal customers are defined by BT as customers who have BT products in their home. This could be broadband, landline, mobile phones or TV.  You might need to contact BT as a personal customer to query a bill on your account, to add another service to your package or to make a complaint. If you’d like to contact BT’s personal customers’ team, you can do so by calling  0843 557 4592. When you call, an automated message will ask you to state why you’re calling, so that you can be transferred to the personal customers’ team.

Business Customers

Business customers may use BT’s services in their workplace or commercial property. If you use a BT landline or BT wifi, you might wish to contact the customer service department regarding your bills, your account or because your business is closing and you would like to terminate the service. To reach the BT Business customer service team, call  0843 557 4962. You can reach the customer service team seven days a week, between the hours of 7am-22.45pm, so if you are working outside hours and you stumble across a problem, you can call whenever you need to.


If you would like to cancel your BT services, or you wish to change your service, you will be put through to the Retentions team. The retentions team are able to offer you last-minute deals to convince you to stay with BT. When you wish to cancel your BT services, the retentions advisor will try to find you an offer or deal which works for you. If you suspect that you might be paying too much for your BT contract or you are just not happy, you can reach the retentions department by calling 0843 658 0784.


Perhaps your broadband is constantly down, or your landline doesn’t work? If you’d like to make a complaint to BT, you can do so by calling the customer service team. BT has a strict complaints process that they must follow, where they must work to come up with a solution that suits both parties. The process is referred to as the BT Code of Practice and it is available to view on the BT website. If you want to make a complaint, please call 0844 826 0468. After dialling, you will hear a message which will ask you to state why you’re calling. If you say ‘I would like to make a complaint’ you will be put through to the BT Complaints department.

BT Report a Fault Contact Number

If you need to report a fault with the BT system you can phone the number 0843 557 3743. When you call this number you can report faults concerning your BT broadband, phone line, TV package or your mobile. Explain the issue you’re having and the customer advisor might be able to look into fixing it whilst you’re on the line, however, if this isn’t possible they’ll book in for someone to come out and look at in your earliest convenience.

BT Report Nuisance Calls

If you would like to report nuisance calls to BT you can phone the number 0843 557 3564. When you call this number the customer advisor will be able to check your call log and see the number that has been calling you, it’s important you have the time and date of the phone for them to be able to narrow down the number. They can then block the number from being able to call your BT landline. There are certain things that can be set up to block nuisance calls coming through, however, in most cases, these will cost you a monthly fee, but speak to the BT advisor about this and find out your best options.

Other Ways to Contact BT

As it is such a big company, there are lots of different ways to contact BT.

You can see common questions on the BT contact us page, and get answers to them.

You can also live chat with a BT agent here.

BT Global Services Address

BT Centre
81 Newgate Street, London
United Kingdom

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